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With the constant evolution of web browsers and mobile devices, Webmasters can no longer guarantee that their website will display well with a particular version. FS Browser Compatibility provide them tools so they can make their site compatible without source code modification.

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--- Features ---
Browser Compatibility FS offers a set of fixes and optimizations you can enable to suit your needs :

:: Enable Internet Explorer Compatibility View ::
Force use of Internet Explorer 7 render engine to solve display problems found with Internet Explorer >= 8.

:: Optimize display for mobile devices ::
Optimize logical dimensions and scale of mobile device browser window.

:: Make Internet compatible with new HTML5 tags ::
Define default styles for HTML5 tags (section, article, nav, aside, header, footer...) not handled by Internet Explorer < 9.

:: Hide Javascript errors ::
Hides JavaScript errors. Handy if your visitors are using old browsers (Internet Explorer 6) to visit your site!

:: Complete and intuitive setup interface ::

:: And much more ! ::
- Transparency PNG fix for Internet Explorer 6
- Enable Google Chrome Frame
- Reset CSS default values
- Disable automatic links on phone numbers (Safari)

...this developer has ceased developing. The download link is available, but there will be no support and no updates.


Posted on 08 July 2013

I did a lot of custom work on my template in FF and everything looked great in chrome and safari, then IE..... it looked Horrible!! I found this and now it looks great again. Good job on this!

it works

Posted on 16 January 2013

If you looking for plugin that can solve the problem of browsers compatibility? you are come to the right place. my website could't be viewed from the old browser IE7 worse in IE6. but this plugin help me. now there is no problema anymore. I dont know about coding etc and I don't how it did worked but now I can also viewed the site from IE6. fantastic . thank you developer for this great plugin

FS Minecraft Authentication

Free | Virtual worlds | Fructisoft
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Implements Minecraft / Mojang identification protocol for Joomla user authentication. Visitors that have a Minecraft / Mojang account can directly login on your website without needing to register. This extension is recommended for Minecraft community webmasters !

FS Browser Compatibility

Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download
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