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Almond Structured Articles is a plugin based on Schema.org micro data definition. by using this plugin all of your Joomla! articles will be automatically formatted by schema data structure. Information such as article headline, article's author, creation date, modification date, the name of the editor of the article and category of the article as well as article's main body.

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In the current version of the extension it is also possible to use the button plugin to apply some schema tags manually on your Joomla article by flagging the desired data using plugin wrappers that will automatically be replaced by the correct schema.org tags while displaying the article at the front end.

This form of data structure is applied on your Joomla! articles by using the information provided from within the existing structure of a Joomla! article and is automatically added to all articles except those you exclude from the admin panel of the plugin.

One of the most important benefits of adding micro data structure to your HTML markup would be easing and facilitating the work for bots to crawl your page and to recognize and associate these data to the correct classification by knowing what type of data you are presenting.

As the result of such date association the search engine results appear differently while they include these kinds of articles in the entities. For instance when you search for the related keywords you may see that some extra information along with images appear in those entities , this kind of snippet is called rich snippet rather than common snippet withdrawn from article's meta description in the terminology of SEO.

After installing and enabling this plugin you can control the Meta you want to add as well as the articles which you prefer to keep their common structure by adding their id numbers into exclusion list separated by commas.

Tags which can be added to the articles are:
… Article content …
suggesting that the current data record is a parent item of type: Thing > CreativeWork > Article

meta headline
suggesting the headline property of this article is ……

meta editor
suggesting the name of the editor of this article is ……

meta articleSection
suggesting the category of this article is ……

meta author
suggesting that the author of this article is ……

meta dateModified
meta dateCreated
meta datePublished
All suggesting corresponding dates of the article

suggesting the body part of the article by wrapping the article's main body text in span tags.

supported Manual tags in this version are:

citation : URL, name
content location : description, name, image, address, telephone

Check compatibility with your Jooma before purchase.

This component does not work with all modules, and does not display any data.

It is necessary to check before installation.

Easy & Brilliant.

Posted on 19 October 2013

Easy installation and excellent documentation. Essential tool for serious SEO advantage! Thank you, really appreciate the work you put into this.

Nice extension

Posted on 29 August 2013

A very nice extensions, but..now... waiting for the new update to have the possibility to set rich snippets manually! I know it is in development! Waiting for it... good job!

Almond RSS Scroller

Almond RSS Scroller

Paid download | Articles Display | Hossein Daneshmand
2.5 3
1 review
Almond RSS scroller is a news feed reader or a RSS reader that is able of inputting up to 10 different RSS feeds from different URL s and show them in the form of scrolling slides in which the numbers of RSS feeds to be displayed are controllable . It is also possible to control the number of slides along with the size of display. The slides are rotated vertically and horizontally with a nice transition effect The other useful option is your control over the number of characters of each rss feed to be displayed . You can even choose to title, channel and description be displayed or not Almond RSS Scroller is a module compatible with Joomla 1.7, 2.5 and 3.x that lets you to show any RSS feed in slides using the core Joomla Mootools library so you needn't worry about any incompatibilities. 1- There is an option which you can control the number of total feeds to display from each URL. 2- Also you can define the number of feeds that you want to be displayed in each slide in the module. 3- (At current version)You can choose up to 10 different URLs to read the feeds from. 4, 5, 6- You may control what sort of material you want to be displayed from the feeds, you can choose to display feed's channel, RSS feed's title ,RSS feed's description; any or all of them. 7- You may want to make best use out of your page's space so you can set character limits for each RSS feed to be displayed. 8- There are up to 14 different visual effects that you can apply to the RSS feed slides. 9- control the time you want to stay on each RSS feed slide along with animation speed in milliseconds. 10, 11- the size of the module is fully controllable from the admin panel. 12- Right to Left and Left to Right languages are also supported. You can also add a module class suffix at advanced setting to apply your own style setting to the module. change log from version 1.1 : 1- Now up to 10 URLs supported 2- Improved security and compatibility using CURL instead of fopen url 3- Animation speed parameter added. 4- Custom CSS file added to include your style 5- Minor bugs fixed. change log from version 1.2 : 1- Improved HTTPS compatibility 2- Added Atom feeds compatibility

Almond Structured Articles

Hossein Daneshmand
Last updated:
Jan 25 2015
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download
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