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Site Management

The Link Market's LDMS (Link Directory Management Service) plug-in will manage all the links that have been traded through LinkMarket.com website.

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1. Broken Links will be automatically removed from your directory

2.The links will be added in the correct category as they are on LM site

3.You will not have more than 25 links per page

  1. No more FTP uploads to your server

  2. Multi-Verify Feature if you have multiple link requests in the same category that needs to be verified, we will verify up to 25 of them at the same time

  3. With a Add your Site link if someone wants to trade links with you and they are not LM user we will give them an option to sign up and send you automatic link request

  4. Customize your directory using cascading style sheets

One of my clients uses this backlink service, and of course the Weblinks default joomla extension is not suitable as it does not actually list the proper url for the site.. just a dbase id.

Looking at this plugin I was happy.. till I saw it was only useful for one of their paid (and quite expensive) LDM services. Listing as non-commercial is the truth, but it is useless without the commercial service.

Not a useful extension

Posted on 17 November 2012

There is not real advantage for using this extension. If you click on their website link and read what the service is you'll see the disadvantage. This simply puts a feature to use their services. I would skip this one.

Link Market's LDMS

Link Market Team
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download
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