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If you liked the original Metagenerator, you will love Meta Tags Wizard, as it's much more powerful. This is a really useful extension to auto generate meta tags, taking all the information from your articles texts.

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With this plugin you can auto generate keywords from your articles, configuring a blacklist (to never include this keywords) and 5 white lists (to always include this keywords, if they are in your article text); auto generate meta description, configuring its maximum length; add the canonical URL, and other little SEO improvements.

  • Fixed some errors related with the meta description length, the number of keywords and links inside the description.
  • Now, the words are separated with a coma and a space, when they are generated.
  • It can add keywords with apostrophes and dashes.
  • Added 5 levels of priority of goldwords (white lists).
  • Canonical URL automatically generated. (Before, it wasn't 100% automatic).
  • Organized the backend parameters window with a nicer and more useful style.
  • Added auto update function, so you can see from your backend if a new version exists.

I hope you enjoy it!

PS: Meta Tags Wizard is based on the original Metagenerator plugin.

EVO Frontpage

EVO Frontpage

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This module is based on original 'Mini Frontpage'; but EVO is lighter (kilobytes), more powerful, with a nicer style, with errors fixed and with more functions and improvements added. Quick DEMO video: Comparison chart versus original module ('Mini Frontpage') on our website! All Joomla! versions: Joomla! 1.5 | Joomla! 2.5 | Joomla! 3.x EVO frontpage is a powerful module for Joomla that shows articles with thumbnail at side (if you want) with a very nice style. It is fully customizable to configure WHAT and HOW it must be displayed. See description, images, demos and a features comparison chart on our website! Features: See all features here, in an updated list:

Meta Tags Wizard

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Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download
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