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Site Management

Derive keywords from your content. Manage the keywords and discard common words like "about", "me", "apply" etc to that great keyword dictionary in the sky.

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You maintain full control over the keywords of your content, no auto generating of keywords that leave often unusable keywords for the search engines to find!



Free | Shopping Cart | Henk von Pickartz
111 reviews
SimpleCaddy 2.0.5 for Joomla 3.3 series. Create your shopping cart easily and quickly, without the need of learning complex rules and shop setups. Simple, but powerful. Use Joomla's standard content to present your products and let SimpleCaddy redirect the money to your PayPal account. Simple to set up, simple to use. All is (joomla) plugin driven, so completely SEF friendly. For developers: SimpleCaddy plugins are easy to create and integrate so you can have the paymenty gateway or shipping solution you dreamed of. New: Downloadable content support: define your product as downloadable and SimpleCaddy makes sure the product has been paid for before anyone can download it. Paypal returns still mark your orders as "Paid". Paypal is delivered as a standard plugin so that other payment methods can be presented on the same page. Taxes can now be defined per destination and are inmplemented as a joomla plugin, all configurable from inside SimpleCaddy. You can set taxes for specific destinations to be different from others. Shipping uses a simple points system. The Joomla standard Extra Fields are used a Custom Fields in SimpleCaddy. So you can use Joomla to gather your necessary info about your clients. Carts can be shown anywhere in your site, with individual css if you like. To overcome the difficulties of multiple configurations and options in your plugin calls, an editor-extension button is also included in the package.
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SimpleCaddy Coupons

Free | Extensions Specific non sorted | Henk von Pickartz
0 reviews
Call them Coupons, Vouchers, Discount codes... this is the plugin for SimpleCaddy that will do it for you.


Free | Site Access | Henk von Pickartz
0 reviews
Block or allow countries to your site based upon their country code. Ideal against spammers if you know their country code. Use this tiny extension if your hosting company does not allow for blocking countries. This is mostly the case if you are on a shared hosting server.

Simple Keywords

Henk von Pickartz
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download
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