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CMDealAggregator is a deal aggregator component for Joomla!. With CMDealAggregator you can get deals from deal websites or feed providers to your Joomla! website and earn affiliate credits, increase your web traffic.

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Latest version: 1.4.1 Stable

- GPL 2.0/3.0

- Joomla! 2.5.x or 3.x.x.
- PHP 5.3 or newer. cURL and SimpleXML are enabled.
- Feed is XML file (.xml) and XML file which is compressed to GZ file (.gz). JSON (.json) and ZIP (.zip) files are NOT supported.

Additional extensions:
- CMDealAggregator Search: module for searching deals.
- tagcmdealaggregator2: plug-in for ACYMailing's tag system.
- CMDealAggregator More Deals: module for displaying deals.
- CMDealAggregator Category List: list all categories as a menu module.

Main features:

- Deal listing page and deal detail page.
- Search for deal by city, category, social buying site and keyword.
- Share deals via Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and email.
- Browse deal via Google Maps.
- Modules to display deals and categories.

- Manage categories, locations, sites, XML feeds and deals.
- Support XML files (.xml) and XML files which are compressed to GZ file (.gz). Note: JSON (.json) and ZIP (.zip) files are NOT supported.
- Import deals from deal sites just with a single click.
- Import automatically with cron job from server or external third party cron services.
- Support many XML feeds for 1 deal site.
- Ability to edit deal information after they are imported.
- Ability to create deal manually.
- Count how many people have clicked to view deals.

wonderful extention

Posted on 20 March 2015

aggregator module for site

Ease of use

I bought my web site include this extension and surprised how easy to manage even i dont have much experience in Joomla


I would like to emphasis that the support is very fast and professional

Value for money

very good

Magnificent extension

Posted on 17 April 2013

A month ago I bought this extension without doubt been the best purchase I've ever made. Of the few times you get much more than you pay for it. Easy to use and with the required options but the highlight for me is the technical support and they have been working hard to solve the problems and also to make all necessary Parsers so smoothly. You definitely have to say that is the best I've ever purchased. And it certainly can be recommended with the certainty that everyone opine the same.

About 1 month ago I bought the Dealsaggregator and was supprised how easy it was to manage this component. I had some small issues to fit my design and contacted the support. After about 10 minutes i got respons and solved my issue. The component itself are really amazing and I have now with help of the support got my design exactly where I want it. I strongly recommend this component and thank the support and developers for one of the best extensions I have ever bought.



Paid download | Social Buying | CMExtension Team
2.5 3
33 reviews
CMGroupBuying is a Joomla! component which helps you add social buying / group buying feature to your Joomla! website. Current version's main features (version 2.8.0): Front-end: Customers can buy for deals, print free coupons or get free coupon code Menu items lists of deals and free coupons. Menu items for shopping cart, user's orders and coupons, RSS feeds Partner (merchant) area for checking and updating coupon status +1 button for Google+, share deal via Twitter and Facebook Each deal/free coupon has its own background image Insert deal into Joomla! article, ability to design your own template Facebook comment Side module for listing of deals Search for deals Integration with ACYMailing component for a mailing subscription system Integration with sh404sef for friendly URL Integration with Joom!Fish and Falang for multilingual Provide customizable XML structure to connect with deal aggregators Deal map/Category browsing: use Google Maps to browse for deals Multi-option for deal: every deal can have many options (prices) AlphaUserPoints integration: earn points by referring deals, use points to buy deals Support Alipay,'s SIM,'s AIM, Gold (Cardcom), Cash, DineroMail, eWAY's Shared Payments, eWAY's Direct Payments, Faturah, Fortumo (only support Mobile Payments / Premium SMS API), iDEAL (via Mollie), iPay88, Klarna, MercadoPago, MOLPay, PagSeguro, Payfast, Paypal Web Payment Standard, Paypal Pro's Direct Payments, PayU, Payza, PesaPal, Setcom, SystemPay, 2Checkout, VivaPayments JomSocial integration: pre-fill JomSocial profile when checking out, buy deal with JomSocial point, get bonus JomSocial point for referral, post an activity on user's wall after buying deal Integration with Community Builder user profile Free developing new payment gateway Merchant can submit his deals and free coupons by himself Geotargeting (using IP database from MaxMind, IPInfoDB) Joomla Content plug-ins are supported in deal/free coupon detail page Advance payment: buyer only needs to pay to group buying site a small amount of deal price, the rest will be paid to merchant Ability to buy without registration Ability to buy multi deals at the same time Responsive template and layout (mobile friendly) Integration with K2, Akeeba Subscription component Discus comment integration Coupon in HTML and PDF format Back-end: Control layout, email notification and other settings Design coupon by drag-and-drop. Compose mail content Manage categories, locations, partners, deals, orders, coupons Report for deal and partner, export report to Microsoft Excel file Integration with ACYMailing's tag system and auto-newsletter to send daily deal to subscribers Administrators preview the deals, free coupons from merchants before set them published Administrators can modify buyer/coupon receiver info. Resend coupon to receiver.
c m p


Paid download | Gifts & Coupons | CMExtension Team
7 reviews
CM Live Deal is a Joomla! extension providing ability to list deals or discount offers. The offer in CM Live Deal is limited-time and real-time offer which is created by site administrator or merchant. Offer can be started or stopped by merchant at any time. User can browse for the deals in his/her city and claim the deals without paying to website. After getting coupon, user can print it or show it to merchant to redeem and receive discount from merchant. Current version: 1.6.1-beta TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS Joomla! 3.x.x: CM Live Deal is NOT compatible with Joomla! 1.x.x or 2.x.x, only Joomla! 3.x.x is supported. Bootstrap 2: CM Live Deal is NOT compatible with Bootstrap 3. Bootstrap 2 is available by default in Joomla! 3.x.x. Bootstrap 2 must be loaded on your site by Joomla! or by your template. FEATURES For merchants: Easy sign-up: User can register for a Joomla! user account and a merchant account at the same time. Easy profile management: Merchants can manage Joomla! profile and merchant profile in the same place. Create unlimited deals. Start and stop deals at any time: Create deals when merchants need traffic and customers, stop deals when merchants satisfy their traffic needs. Know how much their deals attract customers by impression and click values. Manage their coupons. Mark coupons as redeemed. Know if user is a trusted customer (user will come to redeem coupon). Know if user is a return customer. Upload photos of their stores, products,... to promote for their businesses. Integrate with membership component, currently only support Membership Pro. Limit how many deals merchant can create, how many days merchant's deals are available on the site. Limit how many coupons are available for every deal. Have a detail page for displaying merchant info and deal list. For users: Search for deals by keyword, category and city. Get coupon just in few clicks. Ability to get coupon without registration. Manage claimed/captured coupons. Do not need to pay to get coupon, only need to pay directly to merchant, no more asking website owner for refund. Do not need to wait until deal reaches its minimum claim/purchase quantity like traditional "groupon" sites. No daily mail: Users are not bothered by marketing emails every day, they only find deals when they need and come to merchants to redeem instantly. Share deals to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+. For site owners: Create unlimited categories and sub-categories (powered by Joomla!'s Categories component). Easy to manage merchants and cities via Google Maps. Easy to manage the uploaded photos of merchants. Get coordinates by location address or by clicking and moving marker on Google Maps, no need for copy-paste coordinates from Google Maps website. Manually create new coupon. Integration with Jooma!'s Group: charging merchants for subscription/membership for posting deals on website by integrating with third party extensions of Joomla! (eg. Membership Pro, Akeeba Subscription or PayPlans). Responsive website: with the power of Bootstrap, website is responsive and nicely displayed on mobile devices, saving the cost for developing and maintaining iOS and Android applications. Provide coupon in HTML or PDF format. Modules for displaying the lists of categories and cities. Ability to list featured merchants in module. Supported languages: CM Live Deal comes with English by default. The following translations are contributed by CM Live Deal users but not 100% translated: - Spanish (es-ES), translated by ServiApps - Portuguese (pt-PT), translated by Eugênio Telles. Mobile applications Customer Android app is now available for testing. There are 3 other apps in queue for development. Please check for more info.
c m p


Paid download | Gifts & Coupons | CMExtension Team
2.5 3
1 review
CMCouponListing component gives you ability to setup a coupon listing site, where stores or merchants can register and submit their discount offers like coupon code, coupon image, discount activation link, affiliate link; this helps them promote their trademarks, promote their services and earn more sales. License: GPL 2 or later Requirements: - Joomla! 2.5.x and Joomla! 3.x.x. - PHP 5.2 or newer. Additional extensions: - CMCouponListing Category List module: a module lists all categories. - CMCouponListing Featured Merchants module: a module shows random featured merchants. - CMCouponListing Search module: a module displays a search form. - cmcouponlistingmerchant plug-in: a plug-in for integration with Akeeba Subscription component, a merchant is automatically created in CMCouponListing when user subscribes a subscription in Akeeba Subscription component. Merchant is inactive when subscription expires. - tagcmcouponlising plug-in: a tag plug-in for ACYMailling, this helps you insert many coupons from a specific category into ACYMailing's newsletter automatically. Main features: Front-end: 2 layouts: non-responsive and responsive (Bootstrap 2). Menu item for listing all coupons, coupons in specific categories. Menu item for listing all categories and merchants in them. Menu item for listing all merchants. Menu item for search page. Coupons from featured merchants or featured coupons can be displayed on the top of coupon list. Merchant's management area, where merchant edits profile and manages coupons. Integrate with Akeeba Subscription, only active merchant can access management area, when merchant's subscription expires his/her account is deactivated so he/she can't access this area any more, unless he/she extends the subscription in Akeeba Subscription. Merchant can upload his/her own logo image. Merchant can create, edit and delete his/her own coupons. Registration form for user to sign up as a merchant. Facebook, Twitter and Google+ sharing for coupon and merchant. Coupon detail page. Support Joomla!'s access control. Coupon can be configured to available to a specific user group, this give you ability to deliver special coupons to special users, for example, users who pay for monthly fee to have access to special offers. Merchant registration settings inherit from Users component's settings. Merchant logo upload settings inherit from Media component's settings. User feedback for working coupon and not working coupon. Ask user for how much user saves (for example $50, 10€) and what user purchases if coupon works. Ask user for the reason why coupon doesn't work. User can post comment for coupon. Back-end: Manage category, merchant, coupon. Manage where coupon images and logo images are stored. Enable or disable Facebook, Twitter and Google+ buttons. Enable or disable coupon detail page. Control where users can get offers, in coupon listing page or in coupon detail page. Manage users's votes. Manage users's comments. Ability to setup custom reasons for not working coupons. Ability to setup currencies for asking how much user saves. Please do not post a review for support request or bug report. Please contact us at our website!
c m p


Free | Donations | CMExtension Team
2.5 3
1 review
CM Donation is a free Joomla! component that allows nonprofit organizations to receive one time or recurring donations from people around the world. CM Donation is easy to setup and use. CM Donation provides a simple donation form and many interesting statistics for end-users. If you use Joomla! are a nonprofit organization, are a charity need to receive funding from donors need to support anonymous donations, one time or recurring donations then you can give CM Donation a try. TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS CM Donation is compatible with Joomla! 2.5.x and 3.x.x. CM Donation is NOT compatible with Joomla! 1.x.x. FEATURES Front-end Integration with Joomla! Content: You can easily put donation form and donation statistics into any Joomla! article, Joomla!'s Custom HTML module or any third-party extension which supports Content's Event System. Supports one time and recurring payments (daily, weekly, semimonthly, monthly, annually). Support anonymous donation: donor's name is not displayed in front-end but is still recorded and is only visible to administrators in back-end. Display statistics for Donation quantity that your campaign receive. Total amount donated to your campaign. N latest donations. Top N donors who donate to your campaign by their total contributions. Top N countries which have donors donating to your campaign. Back-end Many configuration options. Export donor list to CSV. Manually create a new donation. Edit existing donations. Report for every campaign. Supported payment methods PayPal Payments Pro (Express Checkout)
c p


Free | User Management | CMExtension Team
0 reviews
CM Avatar is a very simple Joomla! plugin which adds avatar (profile picture) field to Joomla! user profile. As administrator you can configure - where avatar files are stored - maximum file size is allowed to upload - avatar width - what file extensions are allowed to upload Avatar files are resized and convert to JPG image file, then are stored in your defined folder. To display avatar on your website, you need add some PHP code to where you want to display avatar, please see the documentation for more info. We saw many people requested this feature many times on the net, from Joomla! forum, mailing list, StackOveflow, ect... so we decided to develop a plugin for it. We hope this plugin is helpful and save people times in building Joomla website. Download and source code: Documentation: Demo site is not available, please try the plugin by yourself to see how it works, you can check the documentation for some screenshots.


Free | Site Access | CMExtension Team
0 reviews
CM Social Connect is a social authentication component for Joomla! CMS, it gives Joomla! users ability to authenticate via social networks. Come with CM Social Connect component are a login module and some plugins which are required for the component to run. At the present time there are 3 popular social networks supported: Facebook Twitter Google+ CM Social Connect is different to other social authentication Joomla! extensions, it doesn't provide "one-click" registration feature, users still need to choose their usernames, passwords, or provide their emails when signing up, no auto-generated username and no random password. CM Social Connect also has an option to manage connected social networks inside Joomla! standard user profile. If Joomla! standard registration/login and Joomla! standard profile are still important to your site, CM Social Connect could be useful.
c m p


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Apr 14 2015
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Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
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