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2Bros Twitter Displayer is a twitter widget that no doubt will help you manage your twitter followers on twitter as well maintain customers and clients to your joule site. You can now embed anyone’s Twitter timeline using their usernames only or even better, display twitter tweets based on keywords.

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This joomla module for twitter is among the latest in the market and this makes it compatible with twitters new API and it is guaranteed to work even with any future twitter’s developments. The extension is comprised of two main twitter modes. We have the timeline where the tweets of every single twitter user are displayed. The other one is the twitter search, where one has the option of entering any twitter search query and get results on everything relate to that particular query from twitter website.
2Bros Twitter Displayer has the color option where you can pick several colors for different elements of the twitter module. Also our 2Bros Twitter Displayer will work on all latest joomla versions. 2Bros Twitter Displayer is even more compatible with Joomla 3.x.
Similarly, the templates found in 2Bros Twitter Displayer are designed in a way such that you get the option to deploy the twitter module easily and quickly to your site. The twitter web module helps users to make fast actions even faster without allowing external interference to your twitter account. Displays twitter feeds.
You also get the option to display twitter tweets retweeted or not.
2Bros Twitter Displayer is a Joomla ready module that allows you to display your Tweets (Twitter Feed). So Have this awesome module for joomla twitter and get more social connections to through our twitter feeds display module.


Posted on 20 November 2013

Very easy to use and I love the many options it gives me in customizing my profile

This is an excellent Modulo.

I like it for it's performance.

Thanks for this great Opportunity.

Excellent extension

Posted on 28 October 2013

2Bros Twitter is ideal for displaying Twitter feeds.It's simple and complete extension! Great work guys!

Could be better?

Posted on 09 March 2013

2Bros Twitter lets our visitors know that we’re active on Twitter. It has worked nice so far, but the layout GUI in admin could be improved. Nevertheless, it’s great for displaying Twitter feeds.

2Bros Facebook Like Box

2Bros Facebook Like Box

Free | Social Display | Ted Lowe
4 reviews
Facebook is one of the most highly regarded social media platforms circulating the web. Facebook now reigns supreme in the social networking world, and has become a formidable competitor of Google+. Millions of people actively engage in Facebook every day by utilizing their computers, mobile phones and tablet devices, etc. Many people simultaneously browse Facebook and do their jobs, as well. A FB like box can bestow amazing benefits on any website or blog for the following reasons: 1. FB has been deemed the most effective way to brand a business online because it provides many avenues through which one can increase search visibility. FB also has its very own search engine features. The 2Bros FB Likebox widget has a social plug-in that allows FB page owners to grab easy likes for their own respective website. 2. The 2Bros FB Likebox is recommended for websites and blogs because social media generally has a great impact on web users. When users visit a business website containing such a like box, they can determine which of their friends have already liked this particular company website. This allows a web visitor to determine a website’s reputation, exclusive updates, and widget activities, as well. This feature does not require that an individual visit a web page. 3. This application is one of the best ways to promote a fan page, as it enables people or viewers to like their FB page. FB Fan pages are generally created for business use-most frequently by small businesses, communities, groups, celebrities, or personal interest. You can also construct a web page specifically for your company website, and entice web visitors to like it. 4. You can show your FB activity using our FB like box. 2Bros FB Likebox have two themes where from you can choose your desire one as well. But what is the significance of increasing FB fans or likes? FB pages integrate a variety of different benefits. Many individuals are addicted to FB, and remain logged in throughout the day in order to check for updates. If someone likes your FB fan page, they will receive updates on all of your page activity, enabling you to bolster your popularity. So what you're waiting for? Grab our FB likebox and install this FB likebox on your joomla website and get a sweet FB likebox widget displaying right on your joomla websites module position. Hence, FB Likebox plays a vital role in the social media world.
2Bros Google Plus Badge Displayer

2Bros Google Plus Badge Displayer

Free | Social Display | Ted Lowe
1 review
By utilizing the 2 Bros Google Plus Badge Displayer marker, you can link your website with your Google+ page. Your affiliation with Google+ can help you garner more people on your network, allowing clients to access your page if they leave your site. It can also help you cross-integrate your marketing efforts and social media activities, merging all of your followers and connections into a single, powerful, online social powerhouse. Your Google+ affiliation will play a key role in promoting your profile page to your social circle. Many users of the 2 Bros Google Plus Badge Displayer have reported a 38% increase in clients and devoted site visitors. In order to get the most out of Google+, you must optimize the About area of your page, and select the personalized features that best suit your profile. You can interweave your social network platforms by utilizing the Adwords Social Extensions. In order to fully capitalize on these features and attract more web visitors, be conscious of the brand image you project on your Google+ page, from a business perspective. They also also request their Logbooks, post messages for their customers and partners, and fortify client relations with it. Organizations can optimize their use of Google+ by emphasizing the following areas: 1. Asserting your web authority on Google can grant you significant publicity, with respect to your Google+ profile. 2. By linking your business site with your Google+ profile, you can grant web visitors easier access to your Google+ activity. 3. Creating a Google business page can bolster the number of customers, clients and business associates that one has. 4. A professional photograph and the use of hashtags can further impact a Google+ user. 5. You can enhance online business by joining Google groups relevant to your industry. Although Use our Google+ Badge Displayer on your website and display Google+ Badges on your website Module. 2Bros Google Plus Badge Displayer is very nice and clean Module and We believe you'll surely love it.

2Bros Twitter Displayer

Ted Lowe
Last updated:
Dec 29 2014
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
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