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Social Web, Social Display

JS Social Slider is a special group of bookmarks, which makes your page more attractive. It displays: AJAX CONTACT FORM, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Youtube, Linkedin, Pinterest, Vimeo, Instagram tabs. From now you don't have to pay twice for contact form and social modules!

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Why place JS Social Slider on your site?
- The combination of website with social and entertainment networks
- Additional form of advertising and promotion of the website
- Building a positive image among users
- Attractive appearance, suitable for any graphic design
- Takes little space, does not interfere when using the website

Social networking sites like Facebook, Google + Twitter, or entertaining one’s like YouTube are the power of virtual world. Take advantage of this and combine them with your website.

Using JS Social Slider you can gain new fans, show off your popularity without the need of rebuilding the whole site. You place the bookmarks anywhere and they do not block users only bring benefits.


* Added Instagram Tab
* More icon styles
* Contact form translations
* Added Ajax Contact Form tab
* Added Icon Style Support
* Fixed Twitter API issue.
* Added Vimeo tab
* new icons
* Added Pinterest tab.
* Added Google Plus activity feed
3.3 Added possibility to display last user video In youtube tab. Preparing to add Pinterest tab.
3.2 Added Linkedin tab. Now you can change width, height of the tabs and position of the tabs from the top. Changed icons for style1.
3.1 Some improvements.
3.0 Now you can choose:
- side for displaying the module (left - right)
- open on click or mouse hover
- styles
- a lot more
2.3 Added Google+ Widget instead of Google+ button.
2.2 Some improvements and option to display Facebook stream
2.1 Added Youtube Subscribe widget.
2.0 Added Google+ tab.

Great extension

Posted on 09 April 2014

Extremely easy to use compared to some other methods I used to use on a previous website! Nice job!

superb !

Posted on 07 March 2014

I always use this extension in all my websites. very versatile and easy to use!

Great plugin

Posted on 06 February 2014

Easy too install and configure, and - best of all - it just works. Excellent!

Fast and stable

Posted on 03 February 2014

Makes everything what it promises! The module works perfectly!

Bam! Done!

Posted on 29 January 2014

Installed, configured and working in 5 minutes. Excellent Support and very quick response to questions.


Posted on 27 January 2014

Works quickly and easily. Accommodated overrides without any problems.

Developer was available on chat and was quick and willing to help with customizing to my design!

Great module, thanks, works well, lots of options and simple to use.

Very nice

Posted on 22 January 2014

I tried a number of "social slider" modules with similar options; that either didn't work or were too tricky to figure out. This module does it all and is easy to configure. Thanks.

Facebook Slide Likebox

Facebook Slide Likebox

Free | Social Display | Jakub Skowro?ski
2.5 3
28 reviews
Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are the power of virtual world. Take advantage of this and combine them with your website. Using Facebook Likebox Slider you can gain new fans, show off your popularity without the need of rebuilding the whole site. You place the bookmarks anywhere and they do not block users only bring benefits. Features included Facebook and Twitter display Joomla 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 2.5, 3.0 Compatible All browser working Easy to install and Configure Handle each function dynamic from Admin screen.
JS Facebook Popup

JS Facebook Popup

Paid download | Social Content Locks | Jakub Skowro?ski
2.5 3
6 reviews
With JS Facebook Popup Module you can: More likes = more traffic = more $$$$ Why JS Facebook Popup? - Easy to install and customize: With a simple design, you can install and customize easily. - - The options and captions are clear, easy to understand. - Multiple pages: You can set the Popup in any page that you want - With Module Assignment option of Joomla!. You can: Display On all pages Display No pages Display Only on the pages selected Display On all pages except those selected Or even you can be inserted this module into an article. - Multilingual GUI: Module has been designed to support multiple languages, such as: English, Germany, France, Spanish, Italian. - Let this module helps you in bringing quality traffic from Facebook. And bring real value to your website. Features Locks out all page functionality behind the popup! Custom title of popup – the title text that will appear in the title bar of your pop up. Custom Message of popup – you can insert the text, images or any HTML markup you want to be in the message space (must be all one line if HTML). Custom URL to like – The URL that will be LIKED when the users click on like button. If URL is empty, then URL of current page will be used. Show faces – the user icons will be showed when users click on like button. You can choose Show or Hidden the faces of user in module option. Popup stays fixed in middle of screen as user scrolls Using cookies remember users who already ‘Liked’ the page Easily customize popup with css. Closeable – If choose Yes, close button will be displayed in the top right corner of popup. Users can turn off popup without click like. Timeout – The number of seconds the timer will run for in the bottom right of the pop up before closing. You can also set Timeout equal to 0 to disable the timer completely and require the user to like the page before continuing or press the close button. Delay time – The delay timer can be used to keep the pop up from running for x amount of seconds to allow the users to read the page before the pop up appears. Wait – The number of minutes you would like to wait before each pop up. For example if set to 5, the users will see the pop up every 5 minutes they are on the site. Default is 0 – mean that no wait or pop up shows every page load. Joomla 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 2.5, 3.0 Compatible.
JS Like To Download

JS Like To Download

Paid download | Social Content Locks | Jakub Skowro?ski
2.5 3
2 reviews
JS Like to Download allows you to turn the Like Button into a social media traffic blasting download button. This unique plugin and idea is an all new way to give your users their content, and increase your social traffic ten fold. Features Insert multiple lockers per post / page, can be used anywhere shortcodes work in your site! Cookies keep track of users that already clicked like for each download link. Comes with admin panel to customize the Facebook API Locale and button appearance. Supports ALL Facebook API locales – Just enter whichever one you want to use! Comes with seven themes – red, green, blue, grey, yellow, orange, pink Includes download script sample like the one used in the demo! Includes full documentation and instructions on how to use! Great For… JS Like to Download is great for all kinds of uses! They are endless. Plus to download free design resources like icons, PSD templates, etc. eBook downloads. Video and audio downloads. App downloads. Tutorial downloads. Shareware sites. Wallpaper sites. Literally any kind of content! Activate the plugin: {liketodownloadnumber colorscheme="green" likeurl="http://facebook.com/your_page" downloadurl="http://yourdomain.com/sample.zip"} Options: the most basic for this is: (downloadurl="...") {liketodownload1 downloadurl="http://domain/joomla_black.zip"} Using custom Like Url: (likeurl="...") {liketodownload2 likeurl="http://domain.com" downloadurl="http://facebook.com/your_page"} Using custom Like color: (likecolorscheme="Green/Red/Grey/Blue/Pink/Yellow/Orange") {liketodownload3 likecolorscheme="green" downloadurl="http://domain.com/joomla_black.zip"}
JS Recommendations Bar Widget

JS Recommendations Bar Widget

Free | Social Share | Jakub Skowro?ski
2.5 3
0 reviews
JS Recommendations Bar Widget is a social Joomla! module that helps people find articles based on what their friends like and share from your site. As a person reads an article, a small pop-up surfaces at the bottom of the screen highlighting recommended articles and prompting them to like the page. Recommendations are based on content that friends have explicitly liked and shared in your app or website. Just as how the Like button works now, when a person likes an article using the Recommendations Bar, a story is published back to their timeline and friends’ news feed.
JS Cookie Alert

JS Cookie Alert

Paid download | Cookie Control | Jakub Skowro?ski
2.5 3
0 reviews
Our simply module uses javascript technology to display a banner on the top of the page that your website is using cookies. Essentially the EU Cookie Law is the EU e-Privacy Directive that is set to come into action on 26th May 2012 and what it means is that you have to get your visitors informed consent before placing a cookie on their machine. You can choose the color buttons and easily translate it in any language you want.
JS Facebook Wall

JS Facebook Wall

Paid download | Social Display | Jakub Skowro?ski
2.5 3
0 reviews
JS Facebook Wall is a Joomla! module that will build a timeline or wall style post feed on your website with your Facebook account data (page/profile/group). JS Facebook Wall includes options to show events, likes, photos, and albums. It also includes a Facebook style lightbox to browse photo galleries. And best of all, it has user interactions so photos, posts, and comments can be liked or commented on. Features included Includes Events, Albums, Photos and Likes Mobile Ready Facebook lightbox style for photos Comment and like photos and posts 36 options 6 languages (English, Espanol, Francais, Italiano, Polski, Svenska)

JS Social Slider

Jakub Skowro?ski
Last updated:
Dec 21 2014
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Paid download
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