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Social Profiles, Facebook display, Facebook Share

SW Facebook Display is a Facebook Likebox Joomla Module that will assist you to display your facebook page feeds and fans on your Joomla Website. Obtain the module, install it and get the likebox up on your website.

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SW Facebook Display is a social plug-in that will assist you display you page fans and their activities on your joomla site. This module performs a tremendous job in helping you save time and money since using this module is very easy and it is reliable to give you much better results than any other module. All you have to do is obtain the module, install it and get the likebox up on your website.
This particular module is designed in a way that it provides you with the best performance you could ever get. This is observed in the modules height whereby it contains the most appropriate height to ensure there is proper balance of your Facebook Likebox. Similarly, it will not be stressful in operating fan options. It has wide range of options so that you can be able to change when to display your fans and when no to.
Similarly, with this joomla module, you have the option of when to include streaming or not. You just have to enable streaming for you to show stream and you can as well disable it anytime you want. The beauty displayed by the color scheme is one full of impeccability. You can beautify your module on facebook or color it with colors that depict your company’s theme so that fans can identify and align themselves to the company’s page.
When it comes to the Fanbox header, you have the freedom to hide or display it as you wish. It is the best module where you can have all the freedom to customize your page and site to the fans wishes and likes. Similarly, it has an undeniable great maintainability opportunity thus giving you the best required services. The width is also very important and this module has considered this factor by providing you with an opportunity to control width.
Furthermore, this module is consisted with border color that enables you to ensure better display of your Facebook Likebox. You can also change the language to your preferable one by using the language option. When it comes to display of fans, not only can you opt to show or hide them but you can also opt to show their faces or not. This module will also give you the option to know how many fans are on Facebook Fanpage as well as see the number of likes. Other than that, you can also read all your previous posts any time you feel like it.

Simple and perfect

Posted on 15 September 2014

Perfect facebook module for Joomla. No matter how much time I use it on my project it gives me the best result. Except the module may are missing responsive feature but still a very good free module.


Posted on 12 August 2014

So easy to install and get working! Great instructions with pictures - just couldn't go wrong. Had it working in a few minutes! I am no developer - just a very small business having to do my own webwork... I was on the brink to giving up getting a Wall Feed for my Facebook having looked at several other impossible downloads...

Thank you so much!!!

Just suggest that you in the description of your product point out that it is a live Wall Feed as this is easily missed when browsing a list of downloads. Then more will find it!

I have decided to show up my love on this module. This is really a simple facebook likebox module. Just take two mins to get the facebook likebox up. No complex non-working functionalities. Does what it exactly said. Thanks!

Wonderful Extension

Posted on 29 July 2014

Nice simple and clean module. All up and running just in a minutes. Extremely likely. Thumbs up to the developer for making it really simple so dummy peoples like me can use it easily


Posted on 28 July 2014

This module is excellent. it's very simple. It installs quickly and I can have it up and running in a matter of minutes. I highly prefer this module over others.

I highly recommend this to all, new to intermediate, Joomla users and to anyone wanting a quick easy fix to produce live Facebook feeds.

I recently downloaded this facebook like box extension for Joomla 3.x and found it very simple to use, which is a huge advantage for me. Works exactly as advertised, simple and light. Thanks!

Good to go with!!

Posted on 13 July 2014

Good to go with. Does what it said except it could be responsive. Hope developers will implement it asap as peoples are going responsive now :)

So easy and fast to install and is working directly! Takes less than 5 minutes to have it up and running! Have tried many simular extensions and had problems with them but not with this.

It shows both like us and feed in the same module and can show even faces if one so wishes.

Many thanks!

Excellent Module

Posted on 12 June 2014

With the huge impact that social media has nowadays, this module is worthwhile to have it configured onto your website.An excellent Facebook module with great features.

SW Twitter Display

SW Twitter Display

Free | Social Display | Muhammad Riduan
2.5 3
3 reviews
SW Twitter Display is a Joomla Twitter Module, the easiest way to display a twitter widget on Joomla. It’s modern, it’s responsive and it’s sexy ;) SW Twitter Display is a free widget that no doubt will help you to display Feeds on your website. You can now embed anyone’s Twitter timeline using their usernames only or even better, display tweets based on keywords. SW Twitter Display module has the color option where you can pick several colors for different elements of the module. Similarly, it is also advantageous in that it will work across almost all joomla versions as well as across most browsers. There are options to help you easily customize the position of various module pieces. You also get the option to display tweets you retweeted or not. You can also filter contents like mentions, replies and so on from your stream and this aid in easier accessibility to vital information. Likewise, you have the option to display your profile information or ignore it all the same. You can display as many tweets or as few as you want. Due to customizable languages, it has support for international users. Similarly, this enables support and distributed community translations. This joomla module is better than most others in that it supports mouse driven scroller making it even easier to use. Tweets also load automatically thus you don’t have to keep on refreshing the page. This simple to use and free module is easily downloadable and has no installation problems thus its up to you to get it and start interacting with your customers and blog readers more easily.
SW Tumblr Blog Display

SW Tumblr Blog Display

Free | Social Display | Muhammad Riduan
2.5 3
0 reviews
Tumblr is a popular free blogging platform and you can post anywhere of your blogs and showcase your ideas. This is a micro blogging platform and also a social networking platform. Using SW Tumblr Blog Display you will able to display the list of latest blogs on your website. You can fit this in any module position. Using this module is quite easy but you must have to create API on their Official Website. So everyone your ideas and what you’ve posted on your tumblr blog site. This is very useful for displaying latest blogs from tumblr in your website also each post will be directly link with their actual blog post. You will able to show your blog post on your website only. No mercy with your blogs privacy. By Using our SW Tumblr Blog Display, you will able to show latest blogs on your joomla website. It's compatible with latest Joomla 2.5 && 3.x We've very active forum for any support issues. So hope you will love our this new extension. Don't forget to post review on joomla extensions directory if you found this extension very useful..
SW Pinterest Display

SW Pinterest Display

Free | Social Display | Muhammad Riduan
2.5 3
0 reviews
SW Pinterest Display is Free Pinterest Pins Display Module for Joomla. It works on all latest version of Joomla among with Joomla 2.5 We have active forum support which is always available for any kind of support or issues you may face. This one Module can help you to display Pinterest Profile Pins or Board Pins. Width and Height can be scale able. Will love to hear any feedback or suggestions.

SW Facebook Display

Muhammad Riduan
Last updated:
Dec 19 2014
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download
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