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Here is a quick documentation for this module to help those who could be lost with the Deezer widget:
Once you have created and filled your playlist from your Deezer account (this is needed, except with the webradio mode), click in the "Embed: Embedded player..." (under the Social Bookmarks icons). In the code displayed, locate numbers between pid = and &

  • Get this

For example, in the following portion of code /player?pid=24572038&

the identifier of the playlist is 24572038.

Copy and paste this identifier in the field "Playlist ID". Remember to include your username in the field "Your nickname Deezer", otherwise, Deezer won't play.
Select of course the "Playlist" mode.

For a single track, click the "Share" tab and copy the numbers after "listen-" from the permalink.
For example, the identifier of the track is 4162832.

Copy and paste this number in the field "ID of the track on Deezer" and select the "Single track" mode

For the webradio mode, simply select a radio style in the list "Choose a webradio Deezer" and select the "Webradio" mode.

Don't forget to publish the module.

You can add as many modules "Deezer" as you want.
That's it.

Version 1.0: Creating Module for Joomla 1.0
Version 1.1: Integration of Google Analytics
Version 1.2: Ability to open player in popup
Version 1.3: Migration to Joomla 1.5
Version 2.0: Migration to the new version of the widget Deezer
Version 2.1: Integration of the different sizes available for the widget Deezer
Version 2.2: Integration of the web radios Deezer
Version 2.3: The module becomes multingual
Version 2.4: Single track player added
Version 2.4.1: You can add a link to a content
Version 2.4.2: You can add an image above the player
Version 2.5: Accessibility (WCAG)compliance of the module (Not the player itself). List of radios stations in the module (optional).
Version 2.5.2 : The player is correctly displayed with Chromium/Chrome.
Version 2.5.3 : Adapting for J!2.5. Uodate of the web radios list

In case of problems, you can post here (French and English spoken)
Comments and suggestions are welcome.

Some problems

Posted on 10 July 2012


My Name is jean-Marie (french).

So i Have many problems but first thank you for your extension, it's a good extension.

My problems :

1) The line of the title is too big (width) to be in the "left" section of my template. I must use "smal deezer box" to have a smal title width...

2) The text of the title can't be center on the line in the module

3) It will be good to have a titel-text multilines (automatic with the width of the container).

So i can't use your component on my sites correctly.

Thank you

Owner's reply: Hi Jean-Marie
Thank you for using this module.
Did you tried what I suggested you on the support page at the Joomla France forum?!&p=880485&viewfull=1#post880485

Try to get the result you want from the share feature of Deezer from the Deezer website. If you can get it, then I could update the Deezer module, otherwise, I'm afraid that's not possible because of the fixed sizes of the Deezer player.
Let me know (on the support page at the Joomla France forum)

Deezer advanced

Frédéric Chamsseddine -
Date added:
Dec 03 2009
GPLv2 or later
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