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XAVideo allows simple and easy video content inserting (youtube, vimeo) on the web site. All settings for youtube (AS3) and vimeo player are supported. For Youtube is enabled creation of unlimited number of playlists, also allowing loading of other playlists and segregating invidiual content on one particular playlist.

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All basic information are showed for each video, with potentional restrictions (requesterRegion,limitedSyndication,private etc.), especially for Youtube, where the restrictions are well documented and explained.

Worked First Time

Posted on 22 November 2013

Thank you for developing a great media extension for Joomla. Am new to Joomla and need something simple to install, it did. Then I needed it to work first time, it did that. A very simple component and module. recommend it. Brilliant, thanks again for developing.

Amazing component. I build on my own hardware and always run the latest version of php so it's always an extra surprise when something really feature-rich and elegant like this works (a surprising number of things don't, I find). I love the integration, elegance, and simplicity of this; it's extremely easy to use.

I have just one request... could the ability to load a youtube (or other) playlist instead of just a static video be included?

I was looking for a clear, simple but powerful plugin for my web site, to be able to insert videos (both from my server video directory and from other web locations) into my artciles, both for K2 articles and normal articles (for the pages).

I run a media web site for people who wishes to publish their own articles, that's why I needed the simpliest but robust plugin.

I tried almost all the plugins, components and modules in the extensions directory on the Joomla.org. I was almost desperate to find one!

I must say NONE of them did its work at the level I need.

And finally I see this little plugin of my dreams!

Now I am happy! I want to thank the developer of this plugin, I would love to pay for this marvelous instrument, even though you offer it for free. Thank you, dear developer!

I liked the overall idea, I ran into a few problems after installing this plugin. I tried troubleshooting, and then I looked at the code. In XAVideoIframe.php I was surprised to find that the plugin resets and redefines standard Joomla mainframe variables (i.e., _JEXEC, JPATH_BASE, DS). This is very poor code management. Redefining standard variables can have unintended consequences on unsuspecting users. Until these very basic problems are addressed, I suggest that users find another plugin to meet their video needs.


Kešelj Branislav
Date added:
Aug 01 2008
GPLv2 or later
Free download
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