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CoalaWeb Flair is a Joomla 2.5 and 3.+ extension that lets you display your flair from several StackExchange sites individually or combined into one. You can choose which StackExchanges accounts to display and from one of four style variations for each of them.

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★★ Please Note: The StackExchange flair system feeds in a pre created image with a width 208px and a height of 58px so your module position will need sufficient space to accommodate images of this size. ★★

★★ Also Note: Only sites where you have more than 200 reputation will appear in the combined layout. ★★

Current Individual Accounts

► Ask Ubuntu
► Arqade
► Ask Different
► Mathematics
► Stack Overflow
► Super User
► Area 51
► [New] Server Fault
► [New] English Language


Language Packs thanks to the Open Translators and hosted on Transifex.


CoalaWeb Traffic

CoalaWeb Traffic

Free | Analytics | Steven Palmer
2.5 3
48 reviews
CoalaWeb Traffic is designed to help website administrators keep track of the visitors to their site. The information can then be viewed in a front end module or in more detail through the admin area control panel. ★★★ UPGRADE NOTE: There a lot changes in this version so please after installing clear your Joomla + Browser Cache and open and save the component and module Configuration Options. ★★★ Component options and features Control Panel with quick reference statistics Locktime in minutes. Three week start options. Pre-set Counter. 4 automatic clean up options. Project Honeypot integration. Known IP categories. Known IP list for easy monitoring and blocking. GEO Location including country and city. Quick reference help. View visitors in list format: IP, Browser Type, Browser Version, Platform (OS), Referer Link, Date, Time, Assigned Name and Location(Geo) Module options and features Individual Counters (8 styles) Display options for today, yesterday, week, month and all Digital Counter (8 styles). Multiple Layouts including module and counter widths. Visitor Info: IP, Browser Type, Browser version and Operating System Accurate who is online information using cookies. Date and time display including format. Change text for all visible fields. Languages Language Packs thanks to the Open Translators and hosted on Transifex. Support Need help with CoalaWeb Traffic? Try the Documentation Search the Forum to see if your question has already been answered. Start a new topic.
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CoalaWeb Social Links

CoalaWeb Social Links

Free | Social Share | Steven Palmer
2.5 3
32 reviews
CoalaWeb Social Links is a Joomla 2.5 & 3.+ extension to help site visitors share content on your site as well as follow you through a variety of social networks. You can choose which Share and Follow Us links to display depending on your website needs plus it's packed full of other configuration options to make it as flexible as possible. Important Release Info Up until version 0.1.8 the Facebook share option of the CoalaWeb Social Links and Tabs modules had been carried out using the Facebook Sharer code. But recently, Facebook announced that they have deprecated this code in preference of their new Share Dialog system, which requires a Facebook App ID. Don’t worry it’s an easy process which we will walk your through in our new CoalaWeb Guide. Component options and features Easy to use layout Quick Launch Help Joomla Integrated Updates Language Support Component Permission Manager Joomla 2.5+ & 3.+ Support Social Module options and features 11 Share Options 28 Follow US Options 9 Icon styles 4 Icon sizes Fadein or Fadeout Easily Create Custom Icon Style Alternative Icons Module styling Title customization options Share This customization options Follow Us customization options Custom Follow US option Custom Text fields Like Box Module options and features 3 Widget Formats 2 Style options Various Layout Options Display People Faces Display Page Stream Facebook App ID integration Languages Need CoalaWeb Social Links in a different language? Language Packs thanks to the Open Translators and hosted on Transifex. Support Need help with CoalaWeb Social Links? 1.Try the Documentation 2.Search the Forum to see if your question has already been answered. 3.Start a new topic.
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CoalaWeb Contact

CoalaWeb Contact

Free | Contact forms | Steven Palmer
2.5 3
7 reviews
CoalaWeb Contact is a contact form extension packed full of options and designed to give website administrators a quick and easy way to place contact forms anywhere within their Joomla website. ★★ General features ★★ ► Easy to use layout. ► Quick Launch Help. ► Joomla Updater. ► Component Permission Manager. ► Joomla 2.5+ & 3.+ Support. ► Centralized Options. ► Complete Language Support. ★★ Contact options and features ★★ ► Redirect Options ► Custom input field. ► Set recipient Email. ► Set Default Subject. ► Display Copy Me. ► Set Form Width in %. ► Name Field - Yes/No/Req ► Subject Field - Yes/No/Req ► Message Field - Yes/No/Req ► Create custom themes. ► Display multiple contact modules on a page. ► [New]Mail From Options. ★★ Captcha Options ★★ ► Question and Answer Captcha included. ★★ HAVING PROBLEMS - PLEASE READ THE DOCUMENTATION OR ASK IN THE FORUM, THANKS ★★
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CoalaWeb Flair

Steven Palmer
Last updated:
Dec 09 2014
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download
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