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Promote your social media profiles with the Social Media Icon Links module. This module will display Web 2.0 icons that link to your social media profiles. Display up to 30 icons for the most popular social media sites with 5 different icons sizes: 60px, 48px, 32px, 24px, and 16px. This is a very simple and easy to use module that will save you time while adding some cool icon links on your Joomla website.

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Features include:

* 30 Web 2.0 style icons
* 5 different icon sizes: 60px, 48px, 32px, 24px, and 16px.
* Now supports icon theme packs!
* We will be releasing new theme packs every month
* Option to allow links to open in a new browser window
* Option to include the rel="nofollow" link attribute
* Change hover text for mouseover for "Follow us on..."
* Now you can easily add your own icons
* Now includes option for additional icon themes

Package includes:
* Module for Joomla 1.5
* Module for Joomla 1.6 AND Joomla 1.7

This module is FREE to use at your disposal.

To get started just download and install the module via your joomla installer. Then modify the parameters in the module manager. Add your social media profile URLs. Any URL fields left empty simply won't display that icon link.

Version 1.6 Changelog

  • Now provides the option for additional icon themes
  • New themes are available for download
  • Fixed typo for RSS Feed link
  • Provides option to properly disable the friendly backlink

Version 1.5.11 Changelog:

  • Fixed typo for W3C validation

Version 1.5.10 Changelog:

  • Completely recoded for better performance and cleaner output
  • Changed from list format to allow easier CSS styling
  • Added Icon alignment parameter
  • Added CSS Tooltips
  • Ability to modify the Tooltip text in the parameters
  • You can now change the order of the icons
  • Ability to easily add your own icons

Love the module, it was easy to use and very customizable. Would love it if you could add Foursquare and Photobucket to the list of websites. Thanks.

WOW! This is a great module. Easy to install, easy to configure. I can't say enough good things about this and it's FREE!

Hands Down AWESOME!

Posted on 15 January 2013

This module is hands down the best social link and social commenting tool I have used to date. Easy to use, tons of options and does exactly what is claimed. I use it on a few Joomla 2.5 sites and it works perfectly.

Apart from having to ensure that you disable the "Friendly link" which can be bad for SEO, this plugin is very easy to install, has all the features you'd expect, is simple to customise and works well, including on Joomla 2.5.7 installations.

Well done guys, and thanks!

Best social extension

Posted on 07 October 2012

Good job guys..thank you for this module its easiest social presence module there is with lots of options and icons to choose from..and you can download more :)


Very easy extension to operate however I wish it had an update to include a NewsLetter Icon instead of having to use a pre-existing icon such as feed. Also may need an update for pinterest users as well

Good to Go

Posted on 02 May 2012

Being a bit of a Joomla newbie I had a little more trouble than others getting this to fly (mostly my own problems and not that of the extension). Otherwise this extension did exactly what it advertised and does it very well. I'm a fan.

And since the answer isn't here for those who complain about the "hidden link" it just is a Y/N for "Show a Friendly Link" in the Module manager.

Excellent Module

Posted on 17 March 2012

I was looking for something like this, and it looked like about the best of the bunch, but it was only recorded as up to 1.7, and none of the alternatives were any better.

As my site is 2.5.2, I wanted something compatible, but as there was nothing, I figured I would give this one a go.

It installed, and 5 minutes later I have LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter links on my site.

Excellent job !!!!

It's simple and complete extension!

Great work guys!

Extenstion Seemed Promising

Posted on 19 January 2012

But doesn't seem to work with 1.7.3 as the compatibility statement indicates.

Viper Youtube Video Gallery Pro

Viper Youtube Video Gallery Pro

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Social Media Icons Pro

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Total Members

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Social Media Icon Links

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Nov 18 2014
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