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EasyFlattr - The painless Flattr integration for Joomla

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Display your Flattr buttons in a Joomla module position.

- Receive Micropayments on your Joomla site
- Easy installation and setup as Joomla module
- Flexible options: both appearance and content can be customized
- Data like URL, title and description can be generated dynamically based on the current page or set to fixed values
- Website content can be autopublished to flattr.com, this feature can be disabled
- Native Joomla 1.5 and Joomla 1.6 module
- English, German and Swedish translation included


0.1.2 (30.12.2013)
- Compatibility with Joomla 3.x

Release 0.1.1 (22.07.2011)
- Added Swedish translation

Fast and Easy

Posted on 04 September 2014

It literally took 1 minute to both install and configure this extension. Does everything it needs to.

Easy and useful

Posted on 06 June 2012

Easy to install and easy to use: thanks to the developer!

Painless Integration...

Posted on 23 November 2011

Integrated in a few seconds without problems - everything works fine. Thanks to the developer!



Free | Mailing & Distribution Lists | Holger Brandt IT Solutions
2.5 3
46 reviews
Mailster - a flexible mailing list solution for Joomla Let your users be part of a group and communicate by email without having to log into your Joomla site. Any mail send to the mailing list email address is forwarded to the rest of the members of the group. Features - For Group communication and newsletters - Usable with any POP3/IMAP email account - Recipients are managed by the admin in the backend - Users can (un)subscribe with frontend plugin or module (optional) - All Joomla users can be chosen as recipients, additional users can be stored - Users can be organized in groups - Single users or whole groups can be added as recipients of a mailing list - Replies to mailing list posts can be forwarded to all recipients - Mail archive for browsing the mails - Full support of HTML emails and attachments - Seamless installation: all plugins are included and are installed automatically - English, German, French, Italian, Danish, Japanese and Slovenian translation included - many more features Designed for all... - users that are tired of group messaging systems that require another login - users who want to communicate with their favourite mail client - admins that are tired of updating personal details on different systems - admins who want to be able to use users within Joomla as recipients of a mailing list ------------ Changelog ------------ Version 0.4.0 (18.08.2013) - Compatibility with Joomla 3.0 and 3.1 - Italian translation added - Blocked/bounced mail view available in free edition as well - Complete mail queue can be cleared - GUI enhancements, performance optimizations and 5 bug fixes Version 0.3.8 (22.02.2013) - Personalize emails with new text variables for recipient name and email - Add user to Mailster group when subscribing through subscriber plugin or module - 3 more translations added (Danish, Slovenian, Japanese) - Email attachments are stored in a configurable folder Note that this version has limitations (e.g. max. 50 recipients per list) compared to our commercial product Mailster Professional. Find a full feature comparison list over here: http://www.brandt-oss.com/products/mailster/features
c m p
Stockster Quotes

Stockster Quotes

Paid download | Stock Market | Holger Brandt IT Solutions
2.5 3
1 review
Display stock prices in a module. You can specify the list of stocks to track and what financial data will be retrieved. The quotes are near real time (data originates from Yahoo Finance). Features - Specify any list of stocks to track (simply supply stock symbols separated by commas) - Get stock prices and financial key data (change, prev. close, days high, ...) - Data near real time (Yahoo Finance) - Native Joomla 1.5, Joomla 1.6, Joomla 1.7, Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.0 module - Various customization options - English, German and Swedish translation included - All updates free within 1 year (including new features, improvements and bug fixes) - 1 year of premium support - You can keep on using the product after the end of the subscription period - without restrictions - The membership is NOT renewing automatically Changelog Release 0.2.0 (12.05.2013) Add custom prefixes in front of the table entries (e.g. insert currency symbols) Add custom links to table entries Last trade date option added Display configurable tooltips on mouse over Joomla 3.0 compatibility Text in front of/after the table can contain HTML code (Joomla 2.5+ only) Changelog Release 0.1.6 (22.09.2012) Stock symbol names containing commas do not cause a wrong column display Changelog Release 0.1.5 (15.04.2012) Joomla 2.5 compatibility


Holger Brandt IT Solutions
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download
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