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Social is Beautiful. With “Xpandable Vertical Social Share and Vote Button” now you have far greater chance that your visitors will share your content across their favorite social networks with more ease.

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“Xpandable Vertical Social Share and Vote Button” is a system plugin for Joomla that helps to show social share button/vote button on home page or current page in left or right side vertical position. By default it remains as a compact vertical button on the side and on click it expands and shows all the social networks with share counts.

The plugin is very easy to integrate and use. With flexible options in the Admin section now you have greater control, ability to use custom image, control color and look.

Supported Social networks:

Tweetmeme(Alternative for twitter share)
Earner club

Button Style: Normal (large) / Compact
Show count for: home page always / current page
Skip option on Hhome page
Skip options for specific Item ids
Sort Buttons as weight
Normal or compact button
Show button count for home page or current page
Custom or fixed/specific home page url
Encode title or not
Encode link/page link or not
Float panel background color option using color picker
Float panel border color option using color picker
Float lefr or float right
Vertical placement with percentage or px
Custom control for each social share button



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Joomla! simplicity and the best of jQuery effects and animations. Designed to be conflictless and scalable, strongly AJAX-powered. Easy and professional image manipulations. Rapid use, high flexibility, instant results just by moving files. It works on tablets and smartphones as well. Designed to be conflictless both with other extensions and other 3rd party javascripts Gallery tested to be scalable (strongly AJAX powered) Manipulate images with special effects (transparent rounded corners, transparent reflection, drop shadow, logo watermark) Includes 12 different customized gallery skins/themes adapted for use with RapidGallery and tested on all major web browsers Smart automatic image resizing (symmetric on width/height or fixed dimensions, keeping transparency, accepting various sizes and formats) Pagination Multilingual image captions Easy to manage: just moving files (no xml files to update, no backend to add items, just move image files) Customizable styles for photo gallery Custom sorting. Define your own order or apply a predefined sorting criteria Embed in any template position (with the Module) and in any content (with the Plugin) Translated in several languages: English, Français, Deutsch, Italiano, русский, Español, Nederlands No Flash plugin is required to run photo gallery, many skins/slideshows/themes perfectly work on tablets/smartphones This gallery extension is built and designed to be quick and simple to use.
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Expandable Social Share and Vote Button

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Jul 24 2015
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Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
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