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Sport league and tournaments component that allows you to create and manage your own league with tournaments and seasons inside. Players, teams, photo galleries management and much more included! Component can be used as a complete single league (football or any other sport) or multiple leagues platform supporting almost any kind of Sport event, team or championship. Still the most popular are Football (or soccer), Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis, Rugby, Softball, Hockey, Futsal (Mini Football).

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Component structure consists of the following items

  1. Tournament (league)
  2. Season
  3. Teams
  4. Match Day (and Match details)
  5. Players
  6. Positions
  7. Events (Player events, Match stats)
  8. Groups
  9. Additional fields (Player fields, Team fields)

4 modules included will help You to show the information required at any page of your league site.

Please see the detailed features list (

Sport leagues known to be used by JoomSport community:
- Football
- Basketball
- Volleyball
- Tennis
- Rugby
- Handball
- American football
- Softball
- Lawn balls
- Soccer
- Cricket
- Hockey
- Futsal (Mini Football)
- Pool
- Badminton
- Billiard
- Ping-Pong
and more...

Try it out!


Posted on 24 March 2015

Excelente, de fácil administração e confiável.

Ease of use

O sistema é realmente muito bom e me foi muito útil. Único aspecto que pode melhorar é em relação a administração de jogadores.


Excelente, sempre que precisei fui atendido com rapidez e resolveram o meu problema.

I used this to: Recomendo. Ferramente excelente para qualquer site esportivo ou até mesmo para sites oficiais de clubes.

I use this extension and am happy with it, also has an excellent customer service as I had a problem with a component and in no time I was sorted.

I recommend to all those who need an extension of this type using it because it is very simple to use and gives all that is needed.

All basic sport features are present :

- possibility to manage several teams (for exemple : adults, 18 years old, 16 years old, 14 years old, ....) for one season

- several outputs are available : season table result, season calendar of matches results, team layout, Match layout, Matchday layout, Player layout, Player list, Season list, Team list

- statistics are also available on Players, Teams and Matches.

- several Joomla modules are also available : Match result, Next match, Season table, Player statistics

Really one complete component for amateur websites which need common sport features.

One limit on Joomsport FREE version : it's not possible to manage players and teams during several seasons because statistics are calulated on all matches recorded.

If you use the teams and players during several seasons, the player's statistics will not be calculated season per season (same for team's statistics).

Consequence : for each season it's necessary to purge previous season or to recreate teams and players with different names for good statistics calculation.

One regret: Most of development efforts of Joomsport team, are on PRO version and not on FREE version.

Last updates on Joomsport FREE version were only done to adapt Joomsport with Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.0 but not to add sport features to the component.

With no new sport features during several years, I am not sure that FREE component version will be able to live in the future.

A Joomsport PRO version also exists with more features and more possibilities of configuration.

Owner's reply: Dear Jojo!

Thank you for your review and suggestions!

We will try to adapt our development strategy and in some case will be adding new sport features to standard version as well. This is very fair note and something to think about for us!


Posted on 20 November 2013

Folks, this is your one stop solution for any league website. No other extension compares to the features, support, and ease of use of JoomSport! If you are looking to create a website for any league; sports, e-sports, etc...JoomSport is a MUST!

The support forums respond to any question in a extremely timely manner (when needed).

Good component with nice module.

Fantastic job and very easy

Great component

Posted on 27 July 2013

Just what I wanted, very good job and good support

Great component

Posted on 03 February 2013

Good component with nice module. If you need a component for your sport club website, it's the better you will find. I used this extension for a soccer site and for a tennis site, and it works for both very well.

Just great

Posted on 25 October 2011

Thanks for that. Works like my swiss kuku clock. Just results modul does not have any parameters so it is useless.

It works but

Posted on 21 September 2011

I bought the pro version for a sports groups I represent because it appeared it would do exactly what we wanted. It installed easily and worked great until we found it would not support multiple use of the same team name and slowed to a crawl with 47 leagues and over 500 teams. I tried repeatedly to get them to "chat" with me about us paying them to make certain changes but they ignored all requests to chat.

New Sport, Awesome System!

Posted on 16 September 2011

I use the system for a new sport called Koneball, which is now played in only two countries, but it's spreading nonetheless. I've implemented it along with the whole one-on-one system the paid version supports, which is actually very worth the money paid for it. I have no seen any errors in the long run, and it works much smoother than the Joomla competitor to this component. Well done, BearDev. I'm looking forward to more updates and new features in the near future!

JoomSport Pro

JoomSport Pro

Paid download | Sports | BearDev
17 reviews
League builder, Sport component that allows you to create and manage your Sport Website and sport league tournaments. Huge number of features like single, team and knockout Tournaments, Clubs, Teams, Players, photo galleries management and much more included! Component can be used as a complete single league or multiple leagues platform supporting almost any kind of Sport event, team or championship with complicated structure. Still the most popular are Football (or soccer), Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis, Rugby, Softball, Hockey, Darts, e-sport and e-games. Main features and functions are: Team/Single types of Tournament (it allows managing several kinds of sport on one website and build leagues) Player/Team management (customizable profiles, League Statistic, League Matches list, Photos) Match with Statistic and Photos Group/Double elimination/Knockout types of MatchDay Ability to create detailed league Calendar Friendly Match feature Flexible Season table and Ranking criteria Club Venue ... The features list is so long that is simply not convenient to put it here! Check the full list on A variety of eSport league features makes JoomSport Pro an appropriate component also for online games leagues. These are: - Customizable FE management - Player/Team registration via FE - Connect players with Joomla! users so they can edit their profile via Front End - Players registration to the Season ability with "dates" and "number of participants" option - Players Nickname instead of real name - Game maps - Ability to invite/add participant to a Match/Team via FE - Ability to comment matches via FE - Ability to create Paid tournaments Please see the detailed features list ( Finally JoomSport comes with 4 modules and 2 plugins that improve JoomSport league functionality and simplify FE navigation on your website. Despite of the wide range of features the component is really user-friendly and at the same time adjustive for the most kinds of sport. The sports leagues types supported. As reported by our customers JoomSport Pro was used to support: - Football - Hockey - Basketball - Volleyball - American football - Softball - Rugby - Tennis - Handball - Lawn balls - Fastball - Soccer - Cricket - Futsal - Pool - Water polo - Badminton - Billiard - Ping-Pong - Dart - Chess - Ping-Pong - eSport games (Counter Strike, World of Warcraft (WoW), Fifa, etc) The full list of sports and leagues types that our customers used to support with JoomSport Pro league can be found here: You might be also interested to look at the best examples ( we selected to present how JoomSport can be used. Supported starting from the very earliest till the latest versions of Joomla! (1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 2.5, 3.x) Try it out and make your own Sport Website League!
c m p


Free | Directory | BearDev
6 reviews
JB Catalog extension allows you to create product or service multilevel catalog or web-directory. The main idea of our catalog extension is to provide very FLEXIBLE and USER-FRIENDLY product categorization. Structure: While our catalog component has a lot of functions and features still it has VERY SIMPLE main structure: - Catalog Items. It allows you to add products into directory. - Category tree of any complexity. So you can add product to the right category level. - Catalog Items fields. It is possible to add 6 main and 2 additional types of product parameters. - Catalog Field groups. It helps to organize Item fields so information about the product can be grouped or displayed in separate view on the product page. Features: The main component features that improve structure mentioned above are: - Customizable catalog Filter that allows visitors to find products in the catalog according to the requirements. - Drag and drop functionality for editing Item layout view easily. - Special catalog plugins to get 2 additional types of Item field – Complex field and Numeric field. - Special catalog plugins for ARTIO JoomSEF and sh404SEF - Special catalog plugin for Search feature For more detailed information please see our particularized catalog features list
PayPal add-on for JoomSport

PayPal add-on for JoomSport

Paid download | Extensions Specific Non-sorted | BearDev
0 reviews
JoomSport PayPal add-on allows you to create paid sport tournaments. It provides your JoomSport league players the ability to pay tournament entrance fee using PayPal.
Responsive add-on for JoomSport

Responsive add-on for JoomSport

Paid download | Extensions Specific Non-sorted | BearDev
0 reviews
JoomSport responsive add-on makes your installation of JoomSport mobile friendly. The add-on requires JoomSport 3.4.x or later.


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