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Do you need an easy to go predictions script for the WorldCup 2014 in Brazil? This scripts makes your website complete. All predictions features are in especially for the FIFA World Cup! (ONLY JOOMLA 3)

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Currently the only component especially for the FIFA World Cup 2014 to make predictions in Joomla. No more difficult component to install and maintain! This component does it all and all data is already installed in the databas. You may also show matches and rankings of the teams, but it has been build for predictions in Joomla! 3

  • Playing and Predicting in unlimited leagues!
  • Users may start their own leagues
  • Unlimited subleagues possible.
  • Private Leagues are possible.
  • League owners can give away invitations
  • Users with own leagues can administer the leagues themselves.
  • Users with own leagues can administer the leagues members themselves.
  • Players (users) may play in several (unlimited) leagues.
  • When having paid predictions you can administer the payment yourself*
  • Avatars are possible in profile
  • Avatars from Facebook can be attached easy
  • Team and match overviews with country flags
  • Prediction Overviews per league
  • Scorecards per match available
  • Unlimited Open Questions Available (Configurable)

  • All world cup matches are present after installation

  • Match overviews contains country flags
  • Only backend administrators can change match data.
  • Backend administrators triggers the results and updates predictions.
  • Backend can manage leagues, profiles and predictions in backend.

  • We DO NOT provide any payment plugins as it is not prohibit to predict for money in most of the countries. But you can turn users on and off based on the payment manually. This way your users can keep track in their illegal prediction games :)

Default Points For Predictions:

Correct Winner 5 pts
Correct Goals Home Team 2 pts
Correct Goals Away Team 2 pts
Correct Predicted Due Game* 7 pts
Completely Correct Preditcion 10 pts
Maximum Points Per Prediction 10 pts

  • Correctly Predicted due game is for example when you predict 2-2 and the result is 3-3, you have correctly predicted a due game. When you predicted 3-3 the points will be 10!

Easy to install en just what i needed to create this predictions game. Very quick response to any question by email, this is appreciated. Software updates to correct bugs are released when required.

Exactly what we needed, pretty straightforward, no problem to install and it works just fine.

We were looking for something like this for quite a while and are extremly happy with it.

We have also tested it and can say that now we are ready for the worldcup.

My coworkers and friends will be delighted!

Response to a few questions we had has been dealt with swiftly and accommodating. By the look of things the developer will continue improving this component.

very Nice

Posted on 03 June 2014

Simple and cheap Extension.

Very quick Support!


Owner's reply: Thnks for your review! I hope you enjoy the WorldCup 2014!

I was looking out for a predection extension for a challenge in my company. Was really impress by the support that RD-Media can give.


We wanted to set up a world cup pools for our customers and employees.

This Component work out of the box, and support is great. 2 feature request where done in no time.

We highly recommend this component / developer

RD-Autos Single Dealer

RD-Autos Single Dealer

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Appointment Manager

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Git 2 FTP Deployment

Git 2 FTP Deployment

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Deploying a website was never this easy!! Are you tired of writing down or remember what files you have changed? This component will help you out! We assume we you're using GIT to track your changes. This component will upload the files to your server when you're pushing everything to Github or BitBucket! Changed/added files will be uploaded by FTP to your server (production/staging or any other server you like! As said above, deploying a website was never this easy! You work on your local XAMPP/WAMPP/LAMPP server where GIT is installed. After you push the changes to your Git Account the component will deploy it automatically on your staging or production server! What?? Yes, you can use unlimited staging servers, test servers or production servers! And after the tests on your development server was successful you deploy the same changes in only 3 clicks to another server! ---- FEATURE LIST ---- No SSH required to deploy your site! Supports BitBucket and Github Unlimited Repositories Unlimited Branches (automatically loaded from your Git Account!) When you are chosing the repository the component will load all branches for you! For every branch you may use another server/server location or path. Unlimited Projects, all your client projects can be served by only one Joomla installation!! Unlimited FTP Servers and FTP Directories / Subdomains! Easy as 123 to set the component up! (Maximum of 10 minutes) Re-Deploy changes to another server in just seconds! Get full log details about your deployment. Can also deploy from Private Repositories! One year support included 365 days a year!! -- REQUIREMENTS -- The component needs some resources that are required to run on your server. Download the Git 2 FTP Tester from our product page to see if it will work on your server. Another requirement is a valid Github or Bitbucket account to push your changes to your website. So you have to develop your websites on an environment where Git is available.

World Cup 2014 Predictions

Robert Dam
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Paid download
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