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Save 5 minutes every time you or your users create an article or a category, by automatically creating a menu item!

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Kazaam! is an automatic menu manager. Just plug it in, turn it on and it’ll start working for you. Never spend your time creating a menu item again!

Need more details? Here they are.

This is a plugin that creates a menu, and automatically maintains it. You can see the menu in your Joomla menu manager, and use it exactly like any other menu. It is a tree menu, and it maintains your category and article tree structure perfectly in your new menu.

You can select which categories you want to include in the menu, and whether you want to also automatically create menu items for articles.

Your categories will be used as category blog menu items, and your articles will be used as single article menu items.

Your new menu items will also take on your category or article parameters, such as whether they are published, are available to registered users, and so forth.

Changes to your categories or articles will be instantly reflected in your Kazaam! menu.

Kazaam! is built to save you time and effort – which you can use for things that really matter.

We have just upgraded Kazaam! to be faster and more efficient than ever!

If you use Kazaam! please leave a rating and a review at the Joomla extensions directory


Does not work with the latest Joomla 3.4

Ease of use

Non existant


Support has always been great. Unfortunately as he describes, he has not had time to update this which is a shame. Use to be a GREAT plugin!



I used this to: Does not work with the latest Joomla 3.4

Hi, thanks for making this simple plugin. I appreciate your work and cleverness :) However if i could make just a few points , could you have made it so you can choose a master category eg:Home and then have it create menus from Home and all sub categories within it, it would have been great.

At the moment for joomla 3 it is not actually very helpful. As every time i add a category i have to go into the plugin to choose it for a menu to be created. It also makes the sub categories as a drop down menu.

My suggestions are as follows:

For category choices -

All categories

Some categories ( it already does this )

Master category and all its sub categories

Menu options -

Make master category and sub categories top level menus

Make sub categories as dropdown menu items


The ideal solution for a client but it needs to be more robust in its choices. The simplest way to see it is, if i showed a client that they could make new menus by creating a category within the master Home category then it would be easy for the client.

If you said to the client that if they make a new category like so Home/News/Latest where latest was a sub category of News then that would appear as a drop down menu under news.

That would be the ideal approach as i see it, especially if this plugin was designed for ease of use by the client the end user.

If you have any updated files to allow for One category and ALL its sub categories to be generated as one full top level menu then please share.

This is a really good plugin - it creates Menu Items automatically based on Category Articles and this is exactly what i wanted.

There are a couple of issues

1) When a new menu is created for an article and it is viewed, the article has a dashed line at the top showing (either the article category or the menu item name, not sure which) - If I then access the menu and resave it, this goes away. I used to have this same issue with a popup plugin I had and it was corrected by adding an &itemid=435 to the Link field.

2) I need to be able to generate two sets of submenus for all the articles in the same category - One linked to Top Menu and One linked to Main Menu. I repeated the menu#x entry in the plugin and amended them acccordingly, but it seems to only create the submenus in the last of the entries as it reads down them, so menu#1 did not have the submenus created but menu#2 did. I assume its because they both relate to the same input category.

There doesn't seem to be any proactive ways to contact the developer to help to address the issues, which means we can't clarify and address these concerns.

Besides that, it you are happy with it out of the box, its definitely one for your site.

Not as good as I hoped.

Posted on 03 October 2013

I tried to use this plugin. In the begin I loved it, but that disappeared quickly after my menu's were completely messed up. I had to restore theme all the time, so I prefer manual now.

I had the hope to save a lot of time, as I am forced to transfer more than 300 articles from an old site to a new one.

Unfortunately the resulting Kazaam menu is not at all identical to the "normal" menu.

There are a lot of duplicate items. More than twice more.

So, Kazaam is of no use for me.

Owner's reply: Thanks for your honest feedback. All I can imagine is that the migration process duplicated your article IDs, and therefore Kazaam interpreted these as new articles. Please use the 'regenerate menu' function and it should all work correctly.

Hi, I just wanted to give my opinion for the plugin. I was looking to find something like kazaam because I am constructing a site with multiple categories and articles that must be displayed on the menu and it was very tiring to manually add menu items after their creation. Kazaam does what it is supposed to... I give 4 starts instead of five due to the lack of some more advanced features, as direct menu editing and menu creation parameters to be included etc.... Good work congrats to the developper!

The reason I downloaded this extension is to as an automatic hidden menu to populate my xml sitemap through Xmap. I could not get all of my articles to show previously because of plugin issues between Xmap and another extension. I needed a menu program that automatically updated as I added content. Sure enough, I followed the directions given for Kazaam and updated my Xmap settings. This process took less than a minute. I got exactly what I wanted. I do not have to mess with my sitemap again. Kazaam truly works automatically, as advertised.

P.S. Those of you who also want to use this to solve Xmap problems, just don't create a module for Kazaam to keep it hidden, but remember to publish the plugin. All of the categories and articles (if you choose that option) will be included in your sitemap. This extension is your answer!


Posted on 28 November 2012

Don't use Kazaam as your default menu. You'll realize that, if you don't create a menu item for a category BEFORE creating your articles, you must then regenerate your menu items through the KAZAAM! plugin. And this is where it gets messy.

When you regenerate your categories, well, needless to say, all your categories will replace the menu items. Like for example, you'll have an Uncategorized button, your uncategorized home button will disappear, with all you mods [*blood boils*] and the rest of the menu items that have nothing to do with categories will disappear.

At least the name fits its purpose; KAZAAM! and there goes your menu system.

Owner's reply: I appreciate your feedback.

However, please note that Kazaam! is an automatically generated and controlled menu. It is not intended to be edited directly.

Any changes made to your categories will instantly be reflected in the Kazaam! menu, so instead of editing the menu itself, you should make changes to your categories and articles in the Category / Article manager.

If you want a menu that is *not* automatically generated and controlled, please set one up in the menu manager.


Not only the extensión, but the developer Barnaby Dixon with his extraordinarily professional support, are the best experience in all my development years!

Just what I needed

Posted on 24 October 2012

I have a custom style on my site's home pages, but any articles that weren't assigned to a menu were automatically inheriting that style. This plugin fixed that issue for me by automatically assigning new articles to the Kazaam menu, allowing non-techy users to submit articles without having to mess around with menus to get their articles to display properly.

Saved me a lot of messing about - thanks :)

Migrate Me

Migrate Me

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Migrate Me Plus

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Paid download | Social Media | Barnaby Dixon
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Upload a video in YouTube, and it will automatically create a new article in Joomla! You don't even need to own the YouTube channel - simply point it at any YouTube user channel you like, and it will automatically create a new article with the latest videos embedded. Features: * Instant creation of new articles - direct from YouTube! * Embed your YouTube videos automatically * Adjust the YouTube video height and width - for both the introduction and main article * Add a link to the original YouTube video * Select the Joomla article category for your YouTube video * Define Joomla article publish status for your YouTube video * Define how often to check for new YouTube videos * Language packs available in English and Dutch * Import the most recent 15 video uploads direct to Joomla Tips * This is a great way to very quickly populate your Joomla site with countless articles and videos from YouTube! Just add the YouTube channel name and enable the plugin! * If you have suggestions or need support, please email me, or use the support forum on the download page.


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Do you wish you could get loads of great content - from anywhere on the web? Welcome to NetSukii. We designed NetSukii to grab web content remotely from literally any internet source. Want to start your own news channel? Try the power of NetSukii with your favourite online newspaper. Think it'd be cool to run a reviews site? Point NetSukii at a great reviews site, sit back, and let the content build. Need to migrate your dynamic website to Joomla? Tell NetSukii where your site is, grab your content, and you're good to go. From remote website to Joomla article in 3...2...1... NetSukii is intelligent. Once you tell it the site you want to import, it'll go and spider it, to discover all available pages. Spidering usually takes around 3 seconds per page, or faster if the remote server will handle it. Once the spidering's complete you can use the inbuilt filter to select the pages you want to import, or if you prefer, just import them individually. Each remote page is grabbed, complete with images and related downloads, and saved as a complete, native Joomla article. It just doesn't get easier than that. More! More! Ok, it does get easier than that. Because NetSukii has template detection. If you don't want to import the entire page, along with the original menus and framework, you don't have to. NetSukii's inbuilt template detection system will allow you to select exactly which content you want to keep, and which you want to throw out. This way NetSukii will simply lift the content you want to keep, leaving behind any old menus and headers. Just look at what you get! Scan, spider and import any remote website Set it and forget it - automated spidering available Import each new page as a native Joomla! article Automatically set the article title, alias, keywords and description from metatags Automatic detection and import of remote images and documents Automatic conversion to UTF-8 encoding for optimal Joomla integration Support for all charsets, languages and encoding types Automatic category creation to maintain your original link structure Select additional article parameters such as author and access level Select and reject feature to only import specific areas of content Full control - customise import configuration for each individual URL Powerful inbuilt HTML clean up,tidying, repair and validation Inbuilt W3C Validation engine Full documentation Lifetime updates Full satisfaction guarantee Certified for Joomla 2.5 & 3 SUMMER SALE NOW ON - BUY IT TODAY FOR ONLY £99 (was £149)
Search & Replace for Joomla!

Search & Replace for Joomla!

Paid download | Replace | Barnaby Dixon
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The original Search & Replace component for Joomla - now updated to work with K2! Got an external link that you need changed in every page? No problem! Just search for it and replace it with the new link. You can search and replace any content in your articles in seconds. Search & Replace for Joomla is used to search & replace content in your Joomla articles. You can search for any word, HTML, or content, and replace it with whatever you like. Changes are stored directly in the database itself, which vastly speeds up page load time compared to other available components and plugins. Using this component you can quickly search & replace to add links, change spellings, cross-reference your pages, bulk update your content and so forth. Search & Replace can change content in Titles, Introductions, Main Content, or a selection of those - all at the same time. You can also select which categories to include in the search, and if the search finds any results, it will give you a list of the pages where the search term exists, along with links to view the page in your browser. Please note: Search & Replace does not affect the HTML stored in your template files. If you need to search & replace HTML content in your template files, please edit your template files directly. This component is extremely powerful, so please back up your database before you use it. How to use: 1. Create a backup of your database 2. Enter the text to search for 3. Enter the text to replace your search string 4. Press Search to search for page results 5. Press Replace to update your database & make all changes 6. Check your site for changes. Tips 1. Keep it simple. Longer search strings sometimes match less cases - often due to variances in whitespace 2. Disable your Joomla cache while you make changes so that you can instantly see what has been changed. 3. Look in the HTML source of your target page to select and paste the exact content you want to search & replace. 4. Sometimes text is rendered in your browser differently to the way it is stored in the database. The key to successful searches is to keep search phrases short and simple. I hope you find the component useful. Any comments or suggestions are very welcome, and where possible, suggestions will be incorporated into new versions of the component.
HTML 2 Articles

HTML 2 Articles

Paid download | Data Import & Export | Barnaby Dixon
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Have you built a Joomla site? Do you now want to import content to it, but don't want to spend hours and hours copying over all your old pages? Use HTML 2 Articles to import all your HTML page content to Joomla - in just seconds per page. HTML 2 Articles was designed to import HTML pages to Joomla as easily and as painlessly as possible. You can import HTML sites from 1 page to 10,000 pages with just a few clicks. Just queue the HTML pages for import, sit back, and let it work. HTML 2 Articles will import the content from HTML pages to Joomla almost instantly. Each individual HTML page creates a new Joomla article. The new article is saved to your Joomla article manager and can be used exactly as a normal article. As far as is possible, all of your configurations, metatags, keywords, content structures, titles, images and links are preserved and imported, converted to UTF-8 format for optimal Joomla integration, and saved to your Joomla system. Each article takes an average of just 20 seconds to import and process - which includes import of your images, W3C validation, and conversion of your HTML content to UTF-8 encoding. Imported pages take on your Joomla template structure and stylesheets, and you can specify the category to which you wish to import the new articles. You can even queue hundreds of HTML files at a time for import, and leave it running until import is complete. During import, each file's content is automatically processed and fully integrated with your Joomla install. There is extensive documentation to help you if you need it during the import process - but the HTML 2 Articles import wizard is very intuitive and easy to use. Just click through the wizard, change settings where needed, and then queue your HTML files for upload. Additionally, HTML 2 Articles is backed with a full guarantee and support, so if you do hit any problems at all during import of your HTML files, please send us an email and we'll be more than happy to help. Please read some of our users' rave reviews to find out more! Features: * Near instant import of HTML files to your Joomla! installation * Powerful HTML clean up & tag stripping options * Inbuilt W3C Validation engine to repair and validate all imported pages * HTML tidying, repair and validation of imported pages 'on the fly' * Automatic import and integration of your images and documents * Support for all charsets, encoding types and language sets * Automatic conversion to UTF-8 encoding for optimal Joomla integration * Full documentation * Automated import process logging * Automated import error logging * Queue 100s of HTML files at a time for import * Automatically import your article title, alias, keywords and description from your imported HTML file's metatags or content * Define your new imported Joomla article parameters such as category, author, access level
DataSafe PRO

DataSafe PRO

Free | Site Security | Barnaby Dixon
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DataSafe Pro is professional database backup. It generates a snapshot of your full Joomla database, which allows you to quickly revert your content, whenever you want. It's ideal for creating a quick backup before you start any changes to your website. And to restore your Joomla database from a backup it's easy. Either select a DataSafe backup stored online, or upload a backup stored on your local computer using the DataSafe Pro interface. A DataSafe Pro backup contains all your database information, so if your system goes down, you make a mistake in configuration, or you want to roll back your system to an earlier time, just select a backup and restore it using the DataSafe Pro interface. If you can't access your Joomla administrator panel, you can also restore your DataSafe backup using PHPMyAdmin (or similar) which is installed on every server. Just use a DataSafe Pro backup stored on your local computer, or if your administrator area is unavailable, use FTP to download a backup stored online. Each DataSafe Pro backup is compressed using gzip; your database is automatically repaired and optimized during backup to maintain perfect performance, and every backup is instantly emailed to you so you have an offline copy. Each backup is also stored securely online, ready for you to restore whenever you like. And if you'd like to automate the process to create a backup every hour, day or week - it's easy, with the purchase of an optional license that allows you to automate backups across all your Joomla systems for one single low price. Try DataSafe Pro backup for yourself today, and get database backups you can depend on.
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** ON SALE FOR THE FIRST 200 DOWNLOADS ONLY!! ** Welcome to StageIt - the only staging environment extension for Joomla! Have you got a Joomla site, and want to make changes? If so, you'll know that it's a nightmare trying to get it right. What if that new plugin crashes your site, or you want to make lots of changes without your users seeing what's going on until you're ready to launch the new site? And that's why I built StageIt - the only staging environment extension for Joomla! StageIt means you can make any change you like to your site, without those changes being 'live' until you're completely ready to triumphantly reveal your Joomla masterpiece! Here's how it works StageIt takes all the drama out of updating Joomla! Step 1: Create a new staging envinronment, which is perfectly matched to your existing site and sits 'on top' of your site. Step 2: Make all the changes you like on the staging environment, without any change affecting the live site. Step 3: If you want to show your client a new feature or some work you've done, so they (or their legal team) can sign off the new content, simply show them the staging environment. Step 4: When you're happy with the changes, simply click a single 'Sync with Live' button to sync the staging and live sites, and make all your changes live! What is included? Create a staging environment in seconds Develop on the staging environment with zero risk to your live site Make any changes you like - update extensions, delete content etc. StageIt supports ALL third party extensions Sync the staging environment with the live site at any time Visual button allows you to instantly switch between environments Automatic backups allow you to restore your live site to any sync point Configure to work with a range of servers - even GoDaddy! Full documentation Purchase includes full support and updates SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: Joomla 3.x PHP 5.4+ Preferably run PHP in fastCGI mode Preferably use a decent server
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Free | Shopping Cart | Barnaby Dixon
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SalesPro is the professional choice for ecommerce on Joomla. With SalesPro you can: Open an online business in just 30 seconds. Try it out today to see how fast you can get started! Build outstanding product pages - no training required! Integrate your checkout seamlessly with Joomla Sell worldwide in 142 currencies Accept credit cards instantly with PayPal and BrainTree Manage your sales easily with powerful charts Give your customers more choice with product variants
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