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Breadcrumbs Manager is a Joomla breadcrumbs management system. It allows you to fully control the breadcrumbs in your pages. Joomla does not currently provide a way for an administrator/manager to do that without changing the Joomla core files.

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Breadcrumbs Manager is appropriate for both simple and compex web sites.


  • define how your breadcrumbs are assembled using one or more patterns
  • define different patterns for different sections of your site
  • reuse the default breadcrumbs set by Joomla (or any third-party component)
  • set default starting and ending of the breadcrumbs (used for every page)
  • use any breadcrumbs module you like (including the core Joomla module)


You can control the breadcrumbs by choosing what items(text+link) are present and how those items are ordered. This is called a "breadcrumbs pattern". There are some built-in breadcrumbs items you can include in a pattern. You can also easily define your own items in a simple and intuitive way.

Built-in breadcrumbs items include:

  • current article
  • current category (links to category blog)
  • current section (links to section blog)
  • current menu item (links to the menu)
  • current menu path
  • name of the web site (links to the home page)
  • default Joomla breadcrumbs

You can define your custom breadcrumbs parts using:

  • Text
  • SQL query
  • PHP script
  • Joomla context (combines some Joomla-specific text(name of current category, section, etc.) with a link you define)

Example custom item definitions:

  • by Text – “My Company,” - will resolve to "My Company" part of the breadcrumbs which links to the specified address.
  • by SQL – “SELECT title AS label FROM #__polls WHERE id = [request:id]” – will resolve to the title of the current poll when displaying the poll results page. You can specify link separately.
  • by PHP – “return new BreadcrumbsItemValue(‘My Item’, ‘’);” – will resolve to a breadcrumbs part labeled “My Item” which links to Google.


User Manual is available from our web site.


Breadcrumbs Manager does not come with a breadcrumbs module - it uses low-level Joomla breadcrumbs functionality to modify the breadcrumbs so you can use any breadcrumbs module you like(core breadcrumbs module included). The module will work with Breadcrumbs Manager as long as it uses the standard Joomla way of getting breadcrumbs.

A must have extension. Helped me a lot with my SEO struggling. Now I have perfect rich snippets in Google. Thanx!

I have used Joomla for years, but I am by no means an expert, especially with code.

With the structure of my website, the default Joomla breadcrumbs was not providing me with the correct layout.

I purchased this product and it works exactly as i hoped. It took some custom php (which is easy enough to put into this component), but the developer seemed more than happy to help.

I do not purchase many commercial components, but i would purchase from this developer again in a heartbeat.

Unfortunately, i am not using even a fraction of the functionality that this component has, so its not possible for me to comment me on much.

But i don't think that you could ask for better developer support anywhere.


I am sure that many guys like me experience those common problems with default Breadcrumb path that do not work as expected. For example you have a latest news module you click on one of the article titles and when you go to the article page you notice that Breadcrumb path is not correct and many more issues similar to this.

This product is ideal solution for all the issues relating Breadcrumb and for any custom "hacks" you need with Breadcrumb.

The included documentation or the official website help resources are not so good but the amazing support team of this extension will help you faster than you can ever imagine.

If you follow the examples in the document you ll get the idea.

Perfect product! Saved me from many hours of work!

Works great!

Posted on 28 June 2011

I recently purchased this extension and it works great! It is easy to use, even for a non-experienced Joomla user like me, and it did what I needed.

Note, however, that it is not a module, but a component that does something to change breadcrumbs. You just set it up and your breadcrumbs change, without editing the module you use. This initially got me confused, but was quickly explained by their support.

I just bought the extension last night together with it's bundle companion Contexts Manager.

Not only it solved all my problems in a few clicks and in no time; not only it's by far the best extension for the job; their support is by far the best in the Joomla community. For me this is more important than having just a good product.

Their response to my inquiries was immediate and not only they looked into my problem and told me how to fix it, they also set the product up for me.

If you are building sites professionally, time is very important and they are the best for the job!

This is a very good component.

It does exactly what it says and more...

I needed to display the page title at the end of the breadcrumb and the support just coded it especially for me in a few minutes.

Excellent service - very worth the value.


Advanced Title Manager

Advanced Title Manager

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Advanced Title Manager is a native Joomla extension that allows you to fully control the title of your web site. Joomla does not currently provide a way for an administrator/manager to do that without changing the Joomla core files. Advanced Title Manager helps you achieve the titles you want in a very convenient and flexible manner. It is appropriate for both simple and complex web sites. HOW IT WORKS: You can control the title by choosing the parts it is assembled from. There are some built-in title parts and you can easily define your own in a simple and intuitive way. Built-in title parts include: name of current article name of current category name of current section name of current menu name of current menu item current menu path (Example: Main Menu – Submenu 1 – Submenu 2) name of the web site default Joomla title You can define your custom title parts using: Text SQL query PHP script DOCUMENTATION: User Manual and video tutorials are available from our web site. BENEFITS: SEO – titles are used by search engines to determine what the page is about. Having relevant titles makes your pages appear sooner in the search results. Professional look – it is much more professional to have appropriate titles on your web site. Reporting tools enhancement – if you use reporting tools, such as Google Analytics, having adequate titles makes it easier for you to read your reports.
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Breadcrumbs Manager

Enless Soft Ltd.
Date added:
Nov 18 2014
GPLv2 or later
Paid download
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