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Plugin to override 3rd Component controllers, models and views and Modules.

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Doesn´t work in Joomla!3

Ease of use

Doesn´t work in Joomla!3

I used this to: Although a previous member wrote, that it will work Joomla! 3, we only got a wide screen after Installation of this extension.
Fortunately we use Akeeba Backup, we had to restore the installation. What a pity.

Simple, but powerfull

Posted on 21 February 2014

Simple but powerfull

This plugin is simple, but very powerful. It's the kind of idea "how someone did not made this before?"

Surely this plugin must enter in the official package Joomla, because facilitates the application versioning, and we can always keep components updated without losing the modifications of each client's website.

Great job Julio Pontes.


Posted on 04 April 2013

I am going to be rewriting a few of my own extensions to use your method (and probably just make your plugin a requirement)

My current method requires stream wrappers and isn't fully compatible with all hosting providers, while yours is elegant and....let's face it - fantastic!

Saved my life

Posted on 24 January 2013

This extension saved my life... I could extend a 3p extension to suit my customer needs... no need to hack and compromise future upgrades... it was working perfect on Joomla 3.0.x for me... Thanks Julio

Great Extension

Posted on 04 January 2013

A very useful extension. I really hate it to change the component classes. Now I can use this extension to the rescue.

On the surface MVCoverrides is a great idea. It's obviously designed with fairly expert Joomla users in mind. The problem is that it breaks (and, I mean BREAKS) the administrator when Advanced Module Manager is also installed. AMM is a must have for many of us, so this conflict would meed to be removed before MVCoverrides is truely ready for primetime.

Perhaps the developer can try to overcome this deficiency?

This must be core plugin

Posted on 19 September 2012

Can't believe I've actually overridden core files without modifying core files. Thank you so much. This plugin must be in core. Including custom fields 28771. That way Joomla can be anything. Don't need additional components or anything.

I very often find myself overriding Joomla component and module Views to meet the needs of my clients. I usually try to avoid making edits to anything other than the view because it requires editing the core file.

I am so excited to have found this extension because now I can override the model and the controller and not worry about it.

Also the support I have received from Julio has been amazing. I first downloaded this extension to override a module, and contacted Julio for support as I couldn't get it working. As it turns out it was not yet a feature to override Modules, but he added it in based on my request and emailed me today to let me know it was ready.


This is an extremely powerful plugin that will allow you to extend your component output without compromising performance, upgradability or extendability!

No more hacking 3rd party extensions!

This should even be in core. Many thanks to the author!

Owner's reply: Thanks,

I've implemented new feature to override modules :)

All the best,

Julio Pontes

Plugin Override

Júlio Pontes
Date added:
Nov 18 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download
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