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The appointment booking component for small business.

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Superior business features and support, since 2008.


This app has great functionality including a great GUI calendar. There are a few things that could be added, and the dev is working on them

Ease of use

Super easy implement and use with blazing fast performance compared to other extensions


The support of this extension is spectacular!


The documentation has really had a lot of detail put into it. If it isn't working, just search the PDF and the answer is in there!

Value for money

The plan options for this extension are very reasonable, especially for a "lifetime" subscription

I used this to: I use this for a consultation booking system for health consultations from our site. It works perfectly for us, and works great on mobile devices (a HUGE bonus that many developers miss). Great performance from the extension with lots of options and flexibility

This component easy to use and very flexible. Have outstanding solution for bookings in time slots.


Posted on 25 November 2013

This is beyond any shadow of doubt one of the best extensions I have ever used (and I have used a lot). I'm a very demanding person and this extension really suits all my needs. The support is THE FASTEST I have ever tried. Believe me, I'm a very picky person and to come here and say all these things about an extension it is because ABPRO is really worth it. Thank you guys and keep up with the great work.

SEO not compatible

Posted on 04 September 2013

Component works perfect but we cannot have SEO FUNCTIONS ENABLED on joomla.

What kind of professional site i will create without have seo enabled??

Developer should create things correctly and not fully compatible with joomla

developer should mentions this as a warning before buy extension.

Owner's reply: ABPro is Joomla SEO compatible, built and tested with full Joomla SEO. Most of the 20+ demos on the site are running with Joomla SEO enabled. It is not tested with any 3rd party SEO plug-ins.

Best Support Ever

Posted on 23 August 2013

Before functionality, software is all about support. I have been in this business for 10 years and those people are from the few who reply to every request within less than an hour. Seriously!!

Thanks folks for the support, and for knowing your product this much. Effective, and Efficient.

As for the product, it solved my issue (booking tests online) in my case. So dynamic and so flexible that you can utilize it for any business process that requires booking.

Impressive. Best of Luck.

The component works as the owners said, but most impressive of all is his tech support, not only it is excellent, but it is really fast.

I found myself with a few issues due to the complexity of my project, I was doing something unconventional.

As soon as I reported them my issues, they responded immediately within minutes, including weekends.

After trying different appointment booking modules, I decided to use this system because, 1) it has all the features I needed for booking meetings at trade shows, 2) it has an easy and intuitive UI, and finally the support from Rob Stevens is unparalleled.


Incredible Support

Posted on 23 November 2012

This is the first extension I have ever bought and I must admit at first I was a little bit hesitant by the price.

I'm typically someone that will try and do something and then read the manual. I've been using Joomla for several years and know a little bit of php, js etc. While I don't really understand programming in an indepth manner like an expert I was impressed with the logic of how the component is configured. While it probably could do with a bit of polishing graphically, it is clear to see how much work and thought has been put into this component. For that alone, makes this product well worth the money.

Then there is the support. I've never used support before and you always hear people complaining about support (sometimes unjustly) in other posts about other extensions and thought it's not worth buying an extension. The support for this extension is truly unbelievable.

I had a question on my first post answered, professionally and helpful in under 20 minutes.

This extension has changed my way of thinking when it comes to using a paid extension over a free extension, and certainly from this company.

Let me share my experience with this product

* very good functionality

* website is very clear for which situations it is developed, and which not...

* well documented (the component itself), so learning curve / implementation time is short.

* service is outstanding. while implementing I had some conflicts with other scripts. The developer responded very quick on forum messages and even had a quick glance at my joomla environment!

My compliments!

I am user of Appointment Booking Pro since 2010 and am amazed by the product. It is as good as any paid hosted appointment solution available on internet. I am running it for over 2 years now and it is a smooth ride. Now we upgraded to J2.5 and really delighted to see the one thing it lacked back in 2010 was SEO is now accounted for.

As good the component is the support is even ahead of it. I felt very guilty of writing number of emails to support but Rob Stevens was very supportive and accommodating. Never came across such a level of commitment from any vendor. Thank you for all the good work!



Paid download | Booking & Reservations | Rob Stevens
3 reviews
This is the commercial version of the popular Resource Booking control. Originally designed for Condo or home owner associations that have resources or facilities for residents to share. The concept is simple; pick a resource (person, place or object), date and time required and submit the request. The system logs the request and sends an email to a designated administrator(s). The admin person reviews the request and can either accept or reject the request. The commercial version adds lots of goodies like: - graphic booking screen (see what times are available at a glance. - categories for resources - resource services - unlimited number of user defined fields (UDFs) on the booking screen - book-off dates - more.. Service based costs - you can set a cost at the service level. Service based duration - you can set a booking duration at the service level. Google Calendar support Limited Community Builder integration - pull CB profile data into the RBPro booking screens. Map 'Email', 'Phone' or any UDF to any CB profile text field. Resource specific UDFs - have any UDF (User Defined Field) show for 'all' resources or just for 'specific' resource(s).


Rob Stevens
Last updated:
May 26 2015
Date added:
Oct 17 2008
GPLv2 or later
Paid download
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