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ARTIO Booking is an universal Joomla component for online bookings and reservations. Allows bookings of one or more objects, with reservation overviews using month, week and day layouts.

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The extension can be easily setuped to be used in different type of industries that have need for booking/reservation applications, such as car (or other) rentals, accomodation booking, facility (sport, recreation) reservation, conference room reservations, etc. To adapt it, no extra coding is needed, all can be configured from back-end.

new! in 2.2.x
* SMS notifications
* Google Calendar exports

Main Features:
* multi-level structure for bookable objects organization
(e.g. city → hotel → room or facility → hall → playfield)
* booking views: monthly / weekly / daily
* several booking methods (full day, hour-based, predefined time-range)
* configurable prices (different prices in different times / dates)
* object descriptions and properties, image gallery
* bookable extras and options
(e.g. navigation for car rental or set of rackets for tennis court booking)
* Google Maps integration
* PDF Invoices with customizable template/layout (requires add-on installed)


It has many features to be used in numerous cases

Ease of use

It's a bit complicated to learn to manage completely because its functionalities contemplate numerous configuration possibilities, but give


excellent and fast support, at least in my case. Since I started with version 2.3.1, two months ago, I reported several bugs and have solved


I've missed a bit of documentation on all features and possibilities of choices on the menu, I had to go discovering as I was testing the ap

I used this to: I use the application to reserve lunch menus of different cooks


In theory there are a lot function, but unfortunately most of them are hidden or broken.

Ease of use

It seems like there is no way to use it without weeks of practice.


They try to help, but most of the time it's like "we can make it but not explain it". And the forum is broken.


Unfortunately just a few examples without the possibility to dig deeper.

Excellent Tool

Posted on 02 September 2014

This is a clever booking engine which was just what we needed for our website, to allow people to book three different fields at a campsite. It's quite tricky to get your head around, but the support docs are excellent and you can submit a ticket if you get stuck. Highly recommended.

From Free to Paid

Posted on 21 August 2014

It is two years and two different sites that I am using this component now. It is not for the faint hearted and I am using this component for industrial booking. I did try many other systems as well and I also struggled to get it to work, but once get to know it, working like a charm.

My advise is that when you want to use this component, read the docs very carefully as well as the provided videos on the setup and you will really start enjoying its full potential.

Great component.

Waste of time!

Posted on 11 July 2014

Actually developers lies that this is free extension. Its a trick just to buy the full version. As this one which is free, is totally pointless. Whats is the point of booking system without payment options? Its pretty hard on their website to find difference. I just waste 2 days setting up this extension, and find out it has no payment gateway!

Owner's reply: Sorry to hear that, just let me react shorty:
* comparision of Booking editions available is clearly summarized at
* we think, that for private usage, many small e.g. B&B owners do not need online payments and still may have good use for a reservation component
* once the customer requires online payments, then they probably want it to run their business - in such case we think they should consider supporting the development and purchase a paid version

After wasting 2 hours of my life configuring this Component, it tells me that I can only create 2 Objects in the free Version.


I'm going to report this Extension so the creators are forced to write this limitation clearly on this site.

You can't call this Extension Non-Commercial just because it works for free if you have just TWO items to manage. This is simply fraud.

You can't even imagine how angry I am. I won't use a single Extension made from Artio ever again.

Owner's reply: Hello, you do not need to be angry. This limitation fact is published at our sire already for ages:

I just want to say is a great extension and when you need support they are always there, and im greatfull with the staff cause the help all the time when you have any issue with the extension.

Thank you

great for our travel agency

Posted on 17 October 2013

great extension for our travel agency to present our offers. we are using pro version with unlimited objects. good support on email and easy to customize design with css. very easy to translate in other languages. thank you!

Good Stuff

Posted on 07 May 2013

I've been testing BookIt for a time and decided to use it for a customer who rents bicycles.

After upgrade to the commercial version (49 EUR [or 99 EUR with premium support] it's really worth for one year update) we had some minor problem and support helped within less than 24 hrs.

The component is useful as is, but I'd love to see it more flexible with designs and colours.

People who are only a little bit experienced with css can adapt it very easy.


Posted on 30 April 2013

I don't mean to lump on, but i want to save time for anyone that is like me and ignores bad comments.

I wasted six hours trying to make it work in test, thinking I would buy it later.

The admin interface is confusing and disjointed. There seems to be no flow in how it works. The documentation does not match the current version - it must be for an older version.

I finally got to the point of creating "objects", and every time I did the second built object, when saved, renamed the first so the both object names matched. Weird things going on with this component.

Owner's reply: Hello, it looks like you were playing with some old version? As the new 2.x for Joomla 2.5/3.0 does not use the "Object" term anymore and the GUI has been changed significantly.

We are currently migrating some of these new 2.x features to 1.6 version, that will be the last support Joomla 1.5 version, as this Joomla version is no longer supported by community.

So, please, maybe you want to give a try to version 2.x.


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ARTIO Booking

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May 15 2015
Date added:
Nov 18 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download
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