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The Availability Calendar puts in an article the free/busy status of an object in a calendar format. New the Joomla 3 release and the joomla 2.5 release based on jQuery

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is great for example for an occupied overview. But for me it would be even better if the module could also show 3 months instead of 1.

Ease of use

Very simple and intuitive to use


more than sufficient

I used this to: show bookings of a holiday home.

Ease of use

When you get it to work it is a great tool for a calendar

Owner's reply: It is a Joomla issue. See

Colors don't show up

Posted on 22 October 2014

It doesn't work on my site either :/

I have Joomla 3.3.6 and day colors don't show up.

The name of the darkperiod (in admin) is equal to the object name in the module and in the plugin.


Owner's reply: I testen on joomla 3.3.6
Did you use {availcal=”name”}?


Posted on 23 June 2014

The extension is simple and exactly what I search for my website. The Site gives information about my holiday home.

The main problem at the beginning was the meaning of "NAME". After I understand that "NAME" means the name of the object 'availcal="name"' and not the name of the tenant it works easy.


Posted on 24 April 2014

Simple to use, exactly what I was looking for.

Great plugin, does exactly what I was looking for but I have a little problem. I managed to get the calendar using the Nonumber modules anywhere plugin on a tab outside the content of the page. It does displaying ok but it cannot change month.

I can't find a way to make it work...

Owner's reply: Most likely a jquery issue. Either your template has already jquery installed and you installed jquery from within availcal or your template does not have jquery and you did not install jquery from within availcal.

Very good

Posted on 15 January 2014

Exactly what I need. Simple, enough functionality.

Everything would be good but it doesn't work on my site :/

I have Joomla 3.2.1 and day colors don't show up.

I can't find the solution.

Owner's reply: Are you sure that the name of the darkperiod (in admin) is equal to the object name in the module or in the plugin equal to xxxx of {availcal=”xxxx”}

Thank you for this practical and simple to use extension. I tried to make review and propose list of several simple improvements (practical for small renters, since I am in travel industry) but review was disapproved (reason: feature request). I would be grateful if someone can tell me how can I reach author and send him my ideas?

I would also like to send him Croatian translation I made for this module.


Owner's reply: Thanks for the compliment. You can find me at under the username Jan Maat
To see my details you need to login.

Very easy to use

Posted on 02 August 2013

Very easy to set up and use.

It also can be used in different languages. Only issue I have now is how to add other languages

Owner's reply: For version 05_02 you find the languages files in the joomla folder languages. In version 05_05 they are stored in com/mod or plugin folder. Take a langauge as an example and add it to your installation.
More preferable send me the translated files and I will include them in the release.

Fast and easy to install. Not many functions, but it does the job perfectly if your just looking for a way to show reservation status of one or several objects. I had one small problem with the plugin, sent a mail to the author and got an response with a fix within hours. Highly recommended!



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Availability Calendar

Jan Maat
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Jul 14 2015
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Nov 18 2014
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