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Booking Calendar for Joomla!® is a booking calendar, availability calendar, reservation scheme or whatever you like to call it! Manage and display the availability of your holiday home or any other object The Booking Calendar is a simple but powerful for extension for your Joomla!® website. This Booking Calendar has multi language support, so you can translate it into your language easily.

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  • Create an unlimited number of calendars
  • Display just one or multiple months
  • Display or hide the legend
  • Customize the legend (items/colors/translations)
  • Edit multiple dates with one mouse click
  • Change the first day of the week
  • Set a custom start month / year
  • User management: assign users to calendars
  • Show the week’s number
  • Easy to translate into any language
Booking Calendar for Joomla! ist eine einfache Erweiterung für Joomla!®. **Belegungsplan** für eine Pension, Reservierungskalender für ein Ferienhaus. Wir bieten Ihnen eine sehr leistungsfähige Lösung. Mit dieser Erweiterung können Sie Ihren Besuchern einfach mitteilen ob ein bestimmtes Datum frei oder belegt ist. Wenn Sie also einen Belegungskalender, Terminblocker oder ein Reservierungssystem-Erweiterung für Joomla suchen, ist der Booking Calendar for Joomla! die erste Wahl. Jetzt herunterladen! Nicht zufrieden? Geld-zurück-Garantie!
Op zoek naar een **beschikbaarheidskalender voor Joomla** voor bijvoorbeeld je vakantiehuis? Dan ben je hier aan het juiste adres. Een simpele, maar krachtige extensie voor Joomla waarmee je de bezoekers van je website eenvoudig kunt vertellen of iets bezet is of niet. Je kan het gebruiken voor je vakantiewoning, maar natuurlijk ook voor iets anders. Dus ben je op zoek naar een beschikbaarheidskalender, reserveringskalender dan is de Booking Calendar for Joomla! een goede keus! Niet tevreden? Geld terug. Waarvoor kan ik het gebruiken? Beschikbaarheidskalender vakantiehuis, boekingskalender Bed & Breakfast , reserveringsschema van een object, beschikbaarheidskalender van werknemers, enzovoorts!
Calendario prenotazioni per Joomla!® è una semplice estensione per mostrare la disponibilità di qualcosa sul sito web. Funziona su tutti i siti web realizzati con Joomla 2.5 & 3.x! Calendario prenotazioni per una casa vacanze. Calendario disponibilità per un Bed & Breakfast.
L'Agenda de réservation pour Joomla!® est une extension simple permettant de mettre en évidence la disponibilité de tous les services de votre site Internet. Il fonctionne sur le site Internet Joomla 2.5 & 3.x!
Calendario de reservas para Joomla!® es una extensión sencilla pensada para mostrar la disponibilidad de lo que los usuarios quieran en su sitio web. Funciona con todos los sitios web creados con Joomla 2.5 & 3.x!
تقويم التواجد والحجوزات الخاص بجملة! Joomla!® هو امتداد بسيط يعمل على إظهار مدى توافر وإتاحة أي شيء على موقعك الخاص. وهو يعمل على جميع مواقع جملة 3, 2.5 مع SEF URLs محركات البحث الصديقة للروابط والمحتويات متعددة اللغات.


works well

Ease of use

i am a joomla amateur but managed to install and program the extension myself.


The best support i have encountered so far.


I printed the manual and followed it and it all worked.

Value for money

in todays 'cloud' pay per month environment is it hard to find software like this that you can buy and own. The price is really cheap

I used this to: A small Resort


The description implies that the product can be used for booking. After installing I found that you are simply blind blocking calendar.

Ease of use

Very easy to use for function provided.


Documentation is not clear on functionality.

Value for money

Does not allow booking.

I used this to: Unable to use as desired.

Simple and very usable

Posted on 01 April 2015

Perfect for websites with few accommodation units where more complex booking component is not needed.

Ease of use

Very straightforward. I needed very little time for setup and use.


They answered all my questions fast.


Because of component and module simplicity, documentation is not actually needed.

Value for money

Small price and it can be used on unlimited websites. I'd say that this is pretty good value for money.

I used this to: I use this for booking related websites where owners have few accommodation units.


Works as it says.

Ease of use

Couldn't be easier to use it.


I have few small problems with encoding and Lennart reacted really quickly, everything was resolved the same day.

Value for money

I would say definitely great value for this money.

I used this to: My clients are renting tourist accommodation, so I use it on their web pages. Even clients with very little technical skills can use calendar without any training.


Perfect for showing availabillity

Ease of use

Super easy


Excellent and fast


could not easy find a documentation for use, but at the end it is so easy further docu seems not urgently be necessary

Value for money


I used this to: showing avialbillity for a house-sitters site:

Very useful extension. Very easy to use.

Excellent and fast support!

I recommend it!

I spent 2 days looking for a solution to a language problem. Within 10 minutes I received help from the support. Problem solved. But it is also a great component. Easy to work with. I recommend this extension and the company!!!


Posted on 03 September 2014

After trying several free extensions this purchase was a good investment. Easy to use and customize. Fast response to my question. Good looking and simple administration put smile on my client's face (and my as well). Good work!

Purchased this extension this morning to use on a re-build of an old site with multiple booking calendars.

Does exactly what it promises to do - excellently!

Had some teething problems but exchanging a few emails with Lennart and he quickly resolved my issue in a matter of minutes.

Customer support second to none. I strongly recommend this extension and company!!!


Posted on 25 August 2014

It's straight, simple and easy to use without any overhead. Service is exellent: a bug was fixed after 5 hours. My recommendation: pay it, get it, use it!

Booking Calendar

Booking Calendar for Joomla!
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Jun 30 2015
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Nov 18 2014
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