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IceBooking is a simple but powerful reservation system. Use IceBooking to accept and manage your reservations online. Set daily prices and discounts based on number of nights stayed. IceBooking comes with built-in PayPal support, booking status gets updated automatically once payment has been completed or refunded.

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Highlights of IceBooking:

You can among other things:
- Book by night or day
- Pricing by guest count
- Easily manage prices based on week,midweek, weekend and long-weekend.
- Set min/max booking days
- Set max date bookable in future
- Set initial/security deposit per bookable item
- Set daily prices with easy to use interface, each item can be associated with different price category
- Full PayPal integration, updates booking status upon payment completion, refunds or when payment needs to be accepted manually on PayPal.
- Advanced discount rules can be set, each rule can have starting and expiration date.
- Multi language support, makes it super easy for you to accept reservations in a multi language website, you can customise all texts from within the component including the booking item names and email receipts! Works great with Joom!Fish.
- Customisable receipts based on parameters from the booking.
- Customers can see other available items for the selected dates
- Show availability on the frontend where customer can easily see which dates are available and which ones are cheapest.
- Special view and module for those who rent on Weekly/Midweek/Weekend etc basis.


The system works great until it gets to the point of getting paid from Paypal.

Ease of use

The system is extremely easy to use and navigate


It seems support is non-existent at this point. No forum activity from programmers for over a year!!!


The documentation is a bit off from the version installed.

Value for money

The system is not working completely! With that said, if I can not get paid for the bookings the system is worthless to my client!!!

I used this to: Trying to use the system for a small bed and breakfast.

Like some other reviewers i had some perhaps peculiarities in the setup and the response from Hordur has been exemplary, it is a cracking component, makes the site look very professional and well worth the small cost.

I will start by saying that Hordur (the dev'per) has been extremely helpful in trying to fix an issue I am having with this component and trying to identify the problem. The component itself (and module) is SENSATIONAL! There is something special about a component that does what it is described as being able to do in a way that is simple yet powerful. I evaluated several reservation components for a single property application and was looking for a lot of flexibility in pricing and discounts... Icebooking was right on the money and provides everything I needed. Installation of the module and component worked first time and set up was simple and logical with great flexibility in pricing, discounts and specific day/date range pricing. The module is flexible too! There were no conflicts with other components and everything just worked "out of the box" - Thanks Hordur for a great component and modules I'm looking forward to the next release - If you haven't tried this component do! I have paid the reasonable price for support and registration and will use this component again in the future if the opportunity presents itself - Get on board! Cheers Shooter.

Highly recommendable

Posted on 02 September 2013

I bought IceBooking after reading the positive reviews and I can honestly say that it lives up to them and more.

A good surprise was that it actually does a lot more than is stated here above.

It is very user friendly and at the same time very customizable.

This is truly good exstension!

Highly recommendable!

Great Extension

Posted on 01 August 2013

I was looking for the extension slightly different to hotel bookings. Eventually, I found Icebooking extension that matchs my needs and it's very fixable to change almost everything I want. Also the booking system in the backend is very easy to operate. Not to maintain, the support was awesome and friendly.

I have used Joomla for a while now and now when I had to update my site I decided to go for a booking solution in stead of direct contact by email.

I chose IceBooking because of recommendation from a friend and because of a quick and good answer of my questions to the developer.

It was very simple to set up and configure and it has a very nice and intuitive language interface which really helped to translate the component to my language.

Not only the pre-sale is good but the support is also fantastic!

One thing I noticed is that IceBooking is compatable with Joomla 3.0 in a beta version, although it is not mentioned on the exstension market. I use Joomla 3.0 and it is working perfectly!

I hihgly recommend this component!

I from Russia and make Russian sites. Reviews not allowed on my language and I`ll write with my bad english))

Component is very easy to buy and install.

It very nice solution for rent houses.

Easy to customize on all what you need.

Easy to translate. And nothing unecessary.

My customer can understand all logic of that component, and for me is importatnt, cause I love make sites, which don`t need my skills to accompany it.

Support exstremly fast and working fine! Solved all my problems and answer all my questions!

Best service and product I ever had!

I was looking for a booking component for a small hotel in Brazil. I needed to be able to translate easy and use the basic functions that comes with a hotel booking component. Icebooking is just amazingly easy to use and configure. Not to mention the built in translation functionality. The support is excellent. All in all if you are looking for a booking component at a very reasonable price and easy to configure, I can highly recommend Icebooking.

I´m a long time joomla user and I have used a lot of extensions. That is why I can honestly say that this is not only a great online booking extensions for my needs, but it is also the best tecnical support I have ever ever ever had on any joomla extension and almost on anything else. Hordur is always available, always nice and always helpful. He is a reference for what a good service is and an inspiration for me. Keep it up Hordur!!!!! Inigo

This is a simple and straightforward application that does everything it says it will. It's fairly easy to set up and maintain and has a lovely interface.

So, a great application.

But there's more !

The service and support given by Hordur is second to none - I have never encountered such swift and excellent service - I'd give him 7 stars!!!

He has helped me several times with things that have been always my own fault - mostly not reading the instructions - he has been patient and not once has he blamed me for my own stupidity.

Great application and GREAT service - I would recommend this to all!

Thank you Hordur


Date added:
Nov 18 2014
GPLv2 or later
Paid download
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