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Jomres is an on-line booking system for multiple hotels, villas, apartments, B&Bs, tours, restaurants, cars, bikes, equipment rental and even boats that empowers you to accept and manage bookings easily and hassle free, 24/7. No need to use multiple components for each service you offer, do it all on a secure, easy to use, feature rich platform.

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We've been in this business for 11 years, focussing on just the one product to make it the absolute best in it's class.

The Core system is free, if you want a simple booking or reservation system for your hotel or villa website then the free core system is all you need to get up and running. If you decide you want to add functionality later on then you can upgrade your Jomres membership which allows you to install any of the 100+ plugins available through the easy to use Jomres Plugin Manager. We also support third party developers, who offer 80+ plugins of their own.

There's no need to buy a plugin for managing multiple properties, as the multi-vendor functionality is built right into the free Core of Jomres.

All of this is free!

  • Tried and tested. Jomres is a true bookings portal and has thousands of users who've helped us to fine-tune the system to make it the best in it's class.
  • Large and enthusiastic community forum. Before choosing a competitor, check out their forums, if they have one. In our experience a plugin's real value can be determined from a forum's activity, it is the heart and soul of the project. If the forum's dead, so is the project. Don't believe fake reviews, look for yourself.
  • Totally multilingual. Use any multi-language plugin you want in Joomla. 45 language files are included by default. Unique label editing feature allows each property to have their own labels, and our Language Context feature allows different property types to have completely different language files.
  • Supports both Bootstrap 2 and Bootstrap 3, another first. Completely responsive. We have adhered to the BS2 and BS3 coding standards religiously, so Jomres will work in any Joomla 3 template. As always, where we lead other Booking systems will follow.

  • Works for just single property sites, or multiple properties. Equally suited to booking hotels, B&Bs and individual properties like apartments and villas, cars, boats and tools.

  • Intelligent, Ajax driven reservation system. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for guests to make bookings. Two different room list styles, autodetect guest country, even disable the depature date input altogether. Each property can have different Required fields in the form. Property managers can enable/disable booking functionality on each property at the flick of a switch. For hotels, single person supplements can be applied in the event of under-occupancy. Each property chooses it's own currency and pricing output format. Create new Joomla users when unregistered users book for the first time. Room locking means that if one person selects a room during booking, another person using the form at the same time can't book the same room.
  • Optimised for performance. our clients have successfully used it on websites with more than 30,000 properties listed. Guests, invoices and booking listings are all Ajax driven meaning that it deals with large data volumes very easily.
  • Bookings per night or per day. Deposits can be a percentage or flat rate, or the first day's booking cost. Variable depsosits based on the number days from today determine if the deposit paid should be a smaller fee, or the whole booking cost.

  • We listen to our users. The property manager's User Interface has been designed after consulting with real property managers to provide the most logical User eXperience possible.

  • Clear separation of Site and Property manager responsibilities All property management is done via the front end of the site, no need to allow managers to access the administrator area.
  • Todo lists. They guide your property managers through setting up individual properties, from pricing through to property description and images.
  • Simple or extended property configuration Site managers choose whether property managers should have few, or many settings to choose from.
  • Crisp, clean dashboard. Drag and click the calendar to create or modify a booking's room and dates, or drag away to easily cancel a booking.
  • Slick Media Centre. Images are exceptionally easy to upload, and you can upload images for the main asset image, property list slideshow, main property page slideshow and more. Small, medium and large images are created automatically and the slideshow for displaying images is fully responsive.
  • Calendars Several different calendars for displaying occupancies and arrivals and departures. Whether it's a villa or hotel, you'll know at a glance how busy you are.

  • Amend bookings. After a booking has been created, add extras to bookings while the guest is on-site, or completely change the booking's dates and prices.

  • Email templates. Property managers can customise the email templates to suit their individual properties.
  • Detailed invoicing. Shows all line items, including tax. Additional items added to invoices can have their own tax rates.
  • Taxes Accommodation and other services can each use their own tax codes.

  • Guests have their own accounts. Their details are remembered from visit to visit.

  • Guest dashboard. This allows them to easily see their bookings, invoices and favourite properties.
  • Contact form. If the guest's not ready to book right away, they can contact the hotel directly through a simple form instead.

  • Elegant Property List. Shows multiple views including List and Photo views, plus various sorting features and when a guest sets a budget then properties outside that budget are de-emphasised. Offers both infinite scrolling or paging to show search results.

  • Property comparison page Guests can compare up to 3 properties at a time.
  • Property feature icons. Create by property managers, they can be defined for all property types, or just one property type.
  • Review functionality. Reviews can either be automatically approved or not, guests can input comments and other reviewers can score a review's helpfulness.
  • Fully automatic exchange rate conversion. No configuration required at all, just request a free API key from OpenExchangeRates and Jomres will download the current rates daily and use them as needed.
  • Plugins plugins plugins. Using our plugin philosophy, all areas of Jomres functionality can be modified. This has helped to breed a healthy and diverse plugin community. Template overrides follow the standard Joomla formula, and you can have different templates for different property types.
  • Modular. It's designed to be third party plug-in friendly. See the extension specific plugins page here on the JED, or visit our Partners page.
  • Google maps well supported. Drag and drop pointers or type your address for the pointer to move. Choose to show POI's or not, and choose a map colour scheme that suits your site's theme. 30+ map styles so that the maps match your site's theme.
  • QR codes in both front and back end facing pages. Receptionists can scan a customer's booking printout and immediately book them in on arrival. Guests can scan QR codes to be taken to directions to the property.
  • Logging Detailed logging for the data-nerds out there. Extensive log files that are cycled regularly, and logging can be sent to a remote syslog server.
  • Recaptcha Uses the most modern No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA in contact forms to reduce spam.

Don't offer another cookie-cutter booking site, be creative and innovate, using Jomres as the foundation you can build upon.

Why is a big project

Posted on 03 August 2016

Works great!

Ease of use

its a big app and it has a lot of parameters to understand how it works


Super great!



I used this to: business use!


Understanding the FREE plugin was hard for me. I couldn't figure out how to set this up on my website. The config panel has lots of features

Ease of use

I worked on it for a few days and looked online. Still couldn't figure it out. I liked the online demo and ended up getting the paid version


Support is Great! Vince and Alabar are nice guys!


Everything You Need! Online Forum! Online Manual! Online Documents! Online Tutorial Videos! Online Demo Sites!

I used this to: making an online booking site. NOTE: Marinhio review is for the PAID version. Maybe most of these reviews are for the PAID version, and not for the FREE version. If Vince could put together a FREE Jomres non-plugin Quickstart package, this might help the new guys know Jomres.
Owner's reply: Note : As I've said many times before, there is no "free" or "paid" version. The Core is free, if you purchase a license you can then download plugins through the extension itself, that add extra functionality to the free system.

Full license holders also have the option to download and install 3 Quickstarts which are copies of the demos fully setup and ready for you to use.


I had problems with the CORE, so I took a gamble, and got the paid can download the Jomres Quickstart, & learn from it!

Ease of use

The CORE is not for beginners unless you have lots of time to learn something new.The paid Jomres Quickstart would be better for beginners!


Support is Great! Nice guys!


Online documents, forum, videos. Everything you need.

I used this to: maybe a booking system for my friend's bed and breakfast. This is the best booking system out there, you just need to spend lots of time learning it! It has lots of features!


This software meets the requirements for a modern tourism industry! All our requirements were met.
I like the the large number of 3rd party

Ease of use

Logical ways for creation properties, gateways... Love it
My property owners use it intuitive and get the goal with a few clicks


The support is of excellent quality and very quick. My last ticket was answered within 5 min(!)
Vince and Aladar give more than 100%


Amazing how-to Youtube Videos, Online and offline Manual is available. Any quick questions are answered at the forum too. Community is great

I used this to: My 30 Apartments, 2 Hotels and 4 travel agencies all working with Jomres translated into 15 languages.
I am more than satisfied - try it


Great! You can do anything with Jomres. You can build booking site (as I do), you can build site for renting cars, etc. Lot's of features.

Ease of use

First time I think that is very complicated,but when I use it I figured out is very simple to use, considering the opportunities provided


GREAT! I never found out that good support. Vince is precise and quick, Aladar is a man! :) He had a patience for any every question of mine


Good, lot's of tutorials, videos, etc.

I used this to: Booking site for lot's number of agencies.


This extension does everything you would expect it to, and more.

Ease of use

There's a learning curve, but you'll be glad to spent the time learning how to use it.


Support is available through various channels and usually responds quickly.


There is thorough documentation available and it's easy to understand.

I used this to: A full booking system with several payment gateways, template overrides and two-way iCal traffic.

Can do almost anything!

Posted on 08 June 2016

Amazing booking system. Can be configured almost any way you like. Very flexible and powerful booking system

Ease of use

You have to read all of the manual but you soon get the hang of it and then it becomes easy.


Great and quick support and they show a lot of patience.


Great documentation that covers almost everything

I used this to: Property Website with over 100 properties. Very happy

Perfect and reliable

Posted on 07 June 2016

We use Jomres for many years and it works perfect in apartments and villas holiday rental.Nevertheless, It needs some learning curve.

Ease of use

It needs some learning curve.


Trough forum and tickets they have a good support.


There is a wiki page and the forum.

I used this to: Apartrments and villas holiday rental.


Largely hotel oriented but capable of handling a wide range of requirements.

Ease of use

There is a learning curve but once you're comfortable it is quite easy to use.


Recently used support for the first time (after 1.5 years of use) and it was prompt and effective.


Compared to many components, this documentation rocks. Always room for improvement, of course.

I used this to: A remote fishing lodge in northern Ontario, Canada. Reservations are handled by Lodge staff only, no public access.


endless possibilities for any rate structure, great support

Ease of use


Clacks overhead

Clacks overhead

Free | Core Enhancements | Vince Wooll
1 review
This plugin adds X-Clacks-Overhead: GNU Terry Pratchett to the headers of your Joomla website. See for more information. A lot of what travelled on the Grand Trunk was called the Overhead. It was instructions to towers, reports, messages about messages, even chatter between operators, although this was strictly forbidden these days. It was all in code. It was very rare you got Plain in the Overhead. But now . . . 'There it goes again,' she said. 'It must be wrong. It's got no origin code and no address. It's Overhead, but it's in Plain.' On the other side of the tower, sitting in a seat facing the opposite direction because he was operating the up-line, was Roger, who was seventeen and already working for his tower-master certificate. His hand didn't stop moving as he said: 'What did it say?' 'There was GNU, and I know that's a code, and then just a name. It was John Dearheart. Was it a—' 'You sent it on?' said Grandad. Grandad had been hunched in the corner, repairing a shutter box in this cramped shed halfway up the tower. Grandad was the tower-master and had been everywhere and knew everything. Everyone called him Grandad. He was twenty-six. He was always doing something in the tower when she was working the line, even though there was always a boy in the other chair. She didn't work out why until later. 'Yes, because it was a G code,' said Princess. 'Then you did right. Don't worry about it.' 'Yes, but I've sent that name before. Several times. Upline and downline. Just a name, no message or anything!' She had a sense that something was wrong, but she went on: 'I know a U at the end means it has to be turned round at the end of the line, and an N means Not Logged.' This was showing off, but she'd spent hours reading the cypher book. 'So it's just a name, going up and down all the time! Where's the sense in that?' Something was really wrong. Roger was still working his line, but he was staring ahead with a thunderous expression. Then Grandad said: 'Very clever, Princess. You're dead right.' 'Hah!' said Roger. 'I'm sorry if I did something wrong,' said the girl meekly. 'I just thought it was strange. Who's John Dearheart?' 'He . . . fell off a tower,' said Grandad. 'Hah!' said Roger, working his shutters as if he suddenly hated them. 'He's dead?' said Princess. 'Well, some people say—' Roger began. 'Roger!' snapped Grandad. It sounded like a warning. 'I know about Sending Home,' said Princess. 'And I know the souls of dead linesmen stay on the Trunk.' 'Who told you that?' said Grandad. Princess was bright enough to know that someone would get into trouble if she was too specific. 'Oh, I just heard it,' she said airily. 'Somewhere.' 'Someone was trying to scare you,' said Grandad, looking at Roger's reddening ears. It hadn't sounded scary to Princess. If you had to be dead, it seemed a lot better to spend your time flying between the towers than lying underground. But she was bright enough, too, to know when to drop a subject. It was Grandad who spoke next, after a long pause broken only by the squeaking of the new shutter bars. When he did speak, it was as if something was on his mind. 'We keep that name moving in the Overhead,' he said, and it seemed to Princess that the wind in the shutter arrays above her blew more forlornly, and the everlasting clicking of the shutters grew more urgent. 'He'd never have wanted to go home. He was a real linesman. His name is in the code, in the wind in the rigging and the shutters. Haven't you ever heard the saying “A man's not dead while his name is still spoken”?' GNU Terry Pratchett


Vince Wooll
Last updated:
Aug 16 2016
Date added:
Mar 05 2006
GPLv2 or later
Free download
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