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With more than 2,000 active licenses, we're proud to be Joomla's best hotel booking system.

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What are you looking for? A booking system for your villa? Something for a small guest house or gite, or are you thinking bigger? Perhaps you want to be the next

All of these options are within your grasp with Jomres.

The Core system is free, if you want a simple booking or reservation component for your hotel's site then the free core system is all you need to get up and running. If you decide you want to add functionality to your hotel later on then you can upgrade to Jomres Solo, Silver or Gold to allow you to install some of the many plugins available.

All of this is free!

  • Supports both Bootstrap 2 and Bootstrap 3, another first. As always, where we lead other Booking systems will follow.
  • Tried and tested. Jomres is a true booking portal and has thousands of users who've helped us to fine-tune the system to make it the best in it's class.
  • The property manager's interface has been designed after consulting with real property managers to provide the most fluid, logical layout possible.
  • Great dashboard with drag and click to create a booking, or drag away to easily cancel a booking.
  • Intelligent, ajax driven booking form. Equally suited to booking hotels, B&Bs and individual properties like apartments and villas. If the guest's not ready to book right away, they can contact the hotel directly through a form instead. It can also be used for hiring other items like cars, boats and tools.
  • Guests, invoices and booking listings are all ajax driven meaning that it deals with large data volumes very easily.
  • Modular, it's designed to be third party plugin friendly. See the extension specific plugins page here on the JED, or visit our Partners page.
  • Google maps well supported, drag and drop pointers or type your address for the pointer to move.
  • QR codes in both front and backend facing pages, so receptionists can scan a customer's booking printout and immediately book them in on arrival. Guests can scan QR codes to be taken to directions to the property.
  • Fully automatic exchange rate conversion. No configuration required at all, Jomres will download the current rates daily and use them as needed.
  • Review functionality, which can either be automatically approved or not.
  • Detailed invoicing shows all line items, including tax. Additional items added to invoices can have their own tax rates.
  • Channel Management integration is currently under development.
  • All property management is done via the frontend of the site, no need to allow managers to access the administrator area.
  • Legendary support. See our review history for yourself, we have always been committed to providing the best support we can to our users.

Don't offer another cookie-cutter booking site, be creative and innovate, using Jomres as the foundation you can build upon.


This extension functions as it should and says it does. It is almost the most complete system imaginable with the functions that it offers.

Ease of use

Require some knowledge of Joomla and at times some ironing out of conflicts, but I would say easy for me. Maybe not for everyone. Great!


Support is excellent. They take bug reports seriously and are quick to iron it out with you until its resolved. Excellent!


A lot of documentation but can still add more for some of the modules.

I used this to: A number of booking sites that require room, hotel booking, tours, and rentals of other items not related to accommodations.

Perfect - The Best

Posted on 20 February 2015

Jomres is perfect booking reservations. Congratulations.

Ease of use

Excelente Support

I used this to: Travel Agency

A Jomres Story

Posted on 27 January 2015

The functionality is good and even better if you purchase a commercial licence to use the plugins.
Updating is a mess.

Ease of use

Not that easy to use. You have to understand how Jomres do and manage things. Especially if you have to customize things...


One of the best supports ever, really. The team and other users do a very good job in the forum!
Without that I would had shoot myself.


It is a mess. I am sorry, but take a look to the documentation and then tell me you are able to get Jomres run without the demo setup.

I used this to: As an example of good willing but failed and old fashion programming.
As an example of a good stand-alone software that shouldn't be connected to Joomla. (It's not a native component!)
Sometimes I like to torture myself and review some code of the mini-components.

Thank you to the all developers for great jomres component. Many functions with excellent support service. Highly recommended to everyone who needs to book or reserve anything.

Owner's reply: You're welcome ;)

Best Value booking system I found on the JED by far. It´s being more than one year I have being using this and once you understand the way it works it is really easy to manage. Support is fast and effective. The source code is open and you can customize it as long you have programming skills and if you do not have the skills, there is a big developers community specialised in Jomres if you really need customize it. Anyway it is complete enough to fit more than 90% of any tourism booking site.

Owner's reply: Awesome, thanks mate.

We bought this programm (it’s much more as an extension) several weeks ago.

Reason: We started using Vikbooking, which is easy and nice, but could unfortunatelly not ‚let’s say‘ serve us what we needed (room tariffs for 2014 – but different one’s for 2015). … But we needed these and other configuration possiblities. Vikbooking: ->all in all a nice program but (for us) to limited.

°Now some words about joomres: We started with a paid version (with tickets). To be honest, the first day I thought I have to quit with this project. Why: because I thought to complicated to get things running. But the programm offers everything and more we needed for the hotel.

I’m everything else but paid by jomres but my recommendation ist to buy some tickets. The guys there (we were in contact with Aladar and Vince) helped us throught the whole process and now it works much better than expected – for us a FANTASTIC BOOKING SOLUTION !

Recommendation for new user: read the manual and get into the huge forum on before starting – YOU’LL SAVE SEVERAL HOURS THINKING THAT THIS PROGRAMM IS BUGGY, because it’s not -.

°Most of the problems we had in the beginning were related to our (older and not perfect programmed) template (joomla 2.5). Meanwhile we made a new website (joomla 3.3.3 – bootstraped) and from the beginning on no problems at all. Also the administration area on a tablet – perfect! This is what the hotel manager wanted to have.

°One of the guys before mentioned something like that it takes a lot of time to get into (learning curve). Yes and No for me. If you are lucky with the standard settings, I would say it’s not a big issue. If you need some special settings / design – it takes more time – but you’ll face with this also if you program a website – so NO CONS FOR ME – more possiblities – better product – more time to configurate.

°It was for me in the beginning strange to do some settings (related to the property) in the frontend and not in the backend. But now after several weeks working with the system I don’t want to handle the system in another way. It prevents some problems with ‚normal users‘ like receptionists i.e. What we did to get to the frontend administration: created a contact form and linked it to a shadow menu – looks professional.

Last but not least I’ll say THANK YOU to Aladar and Vince for this great product !

Owner's reply: You're welcome Val-in

I came here to write an excellent review for the Joomla community and the fine programmers that wrote this and I'm taken aback to see them having to defend themselves against trolls *ahem Alex *ahem. If you're here to buy Jomres really try it. You don't even have to buy it to try it out. It's magnificently done and mr. alex here doesn't seem to know what he's talking about. As you can see he's wrote his first review and a very hateful one at that

Owner's reply: Cheers, your support is much appreciated.

Maybe when the JED gets it's overhaul the review scoring system will finally get sorted out too. Til then we'll linger somewhere down the middle of the results :)

I'm not impressed at all

Posted on 24 July 2014

I used this extension for few months before writing this review.

I also bought a dedicated server to run jomres, I've been using Joomla for several years for several projects and clients.

The Pros:

-Cheaper than other similar alternatives, only in monetary terms. You will end up spending endless hours to figure it out.


The Cons:

-Learning curve: it takes a long time to learn how it works, adding businesses and setting up rates is complex and confusing for a travel agent or a business owner compared to other booking systems.

-This is not a Joomla extension, it works with Joomla (sometimes) but it's more like a standalone booking system, it was built for Mambo and after integrated in Joomla and now also in Wordpress.

As a result, you should manage Jomres from the frontend and a very annoying additional menu is added to your website.

-Conflicts with other plugins or extensions, since it's just integrated in Joomla there are several conflicts with plugins and other extensions.

At some point Jomres crashed the whole website during a version update. I've never experienced something like that.

-Website will slow down and yes, even if I had a dedicated server.

-The design is outdated and basic however you can't use overrides. It must be the Jomres way.

In conclusion, I was not impressed at all and I'm not recommending it.

If I can't take advantage of all the Joomla extensions, if I can't easily change the design, if it's just a standalone booking system integrated in Joomla, I had to look somewhere else and I found it.

Owner's reply: You know, I really couldn't let this go without an answer :

>> Learning curve: it takes a long time to learn how it works,

Learning how it works is easy, it takes longer to leaverage the system to get the most out of it, pretty much like Joomla itself. I've been using Joomla for a long time, yet I'm still learning new stuff every time I use it.

>> adding businesses and

Adding businesses is easy, just the same as adding an article (except there's a few more inputs because, you know, articles don't have addresses and locations)

>> setting up rates is complex and confusing for a travel agent or a business owner compared to other booking systems.

We give you three different ways you can enter prices, meaning you can choose the easy-peasey lemon-squeezy way of doing things, or the more powerful methods that allow you to setup prices that match your real-world pricing models. It's been our mantra from the very first days nearly ten years ago that Jomres would try to work your way, not force you to work it's way. Whilst no system is ever perfect, it's much more flexible than most.

>> but it's more like a standalone booking system, it was built for Mambo and after integrated in Joomla and now also in Wordpress.

Jomres is an application that'll work alongside both Joomla and Wordpress, it's something we're very proud of. You may see that as a disadvantage, we don't.

>> As a result, you should manage Jomres from the frontend

This is one of the key selling features of the system, but you say it like it's a bad thing. From the beginning it's been designed to work from the frontend, making it easy for non-technical users to interact with your website. Look at our competition, you'll see that our nearest competitors are also developing the same type of functionality because That's. What. Users. Want.

>> and a very annoying additional menu is added to your website.

And, y'know, you could use the built-in functionality to disable some or all of that and use the Jomres joomla menu maker plugin to add menu links to whichever menu you like. It's easier and simpler than the way Joomla does it.

>> Conflicts with other plugins or extensions, since it's just integrated in Joomla there are several conflicts with plugins and other extensions.

This isn't true, I suspect you installed Jomres into Joomla 2.5 which, if you've been around for a while will know that it had a great flaw in that it relied on Mootools from the beginning, whereas it should have been integrated with jQuery. As a result when jQuery got popular there were all sorts of issues with different plugins having their own iterations of jQuery. We managed to kill that issue by namespacing jQuery for Jomres, but people will sometimes blame Jomres, regardless. Use the J3.x series, this becomes a non-issue in fact were the first (again!) Joomla booking component to embrace the J3.x series because we recognised the benefits an integrated UI framework brought to component developers and users.

>> The design is outdated and basic

As I said, I suspect you were running on J2.5. It was a great system in it's day but the Joomla 3 series is generations ahead. So if you were using a non-bootstrapped template then you would have used the older, jquery ui based Jomres templates which are left in for legacy reasons but are waaay ugly and we can't wait to get rid of them. We've done everything we can to encourage our users to use the more modern J 3.x, but of course you can only lead a horse to water...

>> however you can't use overrides. It must be the Jomres way.

We were doing template overrides long before Joomla realised that they were a good idea. The way Jomres does it 1. means that it can be done through the GUI, you don't have to use FTP if you don't want and 2. (and this is the biggie) you can have different templates for different property types, something you can't do if using the Joomla method. I'm not slating Joomla, I use it's overrides functionality too, but sometimes you have to go your own way to help your customers achieve the results they want. Oh, and 3. If you're a Wordpress user you also get cool template editing features that you don't get in other Wordpress plugins. Is Jomres awesome or what?

Nevertheless, for our Joomla users we've added a joomla-esque template override feature for the next version, so if that's their preferred way of doing things, then more power to their elbows.

>> At some point Jomres crashed the whole website during a version update. I've never experienced something like that.

You haven't been around long then, most plugins have had their bugs at one time or another, it's the nature of things. One thing I can say though is if we've ever introduced an issue like this we've never left a customer hanging. We don't stand still, we're always working on new ideas and new features for the system, it's something that we're very proud of, but innovation naturally has it's price. Unlike some of our competitors however, we're not willing to stand still.

>> Website will slow down and yes, even if I had a dedicated server.

Jomres is very, very optimised. It's something we work very hard at doing, however you can put a Ferrari engine in a Citroen 2CV, but it'll still be a 2CV at the end of the day. You can't polish a turd.

>> In conclusion, I was not impressed at all and I'm not recommending it.

Such is your right, however I couldn't let your incorrect conclusions go unanswered.

P.S. I know that as a developer you can't please all of the people all of the time, and you'd think that after 9 years of doing this I would have become immune to criticism, but that's not true. Jomres is a labour of love, I've poured my heart into it for such a long time it's hard to ignore ill-founded criticism. I can look at all of the positive reviews that Jomres has received, and yet one scathing review is still enough to spoil my week :(

I am developing a website for a hostel and found the Jomres. I confess that learning is a bit harsh. But I think this is due more to the amount of options that the component provides.

      I had a problem with the front-end (redirect loop), to install Jomres with the contents of the statement, and had to submit a ticket to support. I just barely believed to have a return in less than five minutes.

      I followed the instructions of Aladar Barthi but could not solve the problem. I replied to my ticket stating efficient access to data and joomla hosting server and Aladar asking if he could take a look to see if I could solve the problem. In less than half an hour the problem was solved.

      So here I am sharing my experience. I was grateful for the attention of the Jomres developer; the fast service and the efficiency with which solved the problem.

      I am satisfied with the extent and further support.

      Thanks Aladar Barthi. Good job kid!

I think it's good solution for many types of businesses. We've got rather complicated business: great number of hotels everyone with it's own price policy, transfer service, event, tours - and all this we can manage with jomres. Enjoy working with it. And the support is great.


Vince Wooll
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