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This is the commercial version of the popular Resource Booking control. Originally designed for Condo or home owner associations that have resources or facilities for residents to share. The concept is simple; pick a resource (person, place or object), date and time required and submit the request. The system logs the request and sends an email to a designated administrator(s). The admin person reviews the request and can either accept or reject the request. The commercial version adds lots of goodies like: - graphic booking screen (see what times are available at a glance. - categories for resources - resource services - unlimited number of user defined fields (UDFs) on the booking screen - book-off dates - more..
Service based costs - you can set a cost at the service level.
Service based duration - you can set a booking duration at the service level.

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Google Calendar support

Limited Community Builder integration - pull CB profile data into the RBPro booking screens. Map 'Email', 'Phone' or any UDF to any CB profile text field.

Resource specific UDFs - have any UDF (User Defined Field) show for 'all' resources or just for 'specific' resource(s).

How can such a great piece of complicated functionality end in so few reviews over so long time with so many views?

I have gone through a great deal of booking software for Joomla that ends up being for full days minimum for rooms and huts, or require manual slot creation.

Well, 10 pieces of equipment reserved by the hour 365/24 is 87.600 slots. Clearly you need something like RBP.

Surely many organizations need to book meeting rooms, projectors, etc no matter for pay or not and they need go no further.

Service is great... most of the time you won't need it, though cause the product is pretty flawless.

If you do need assistance: I haven't had to wait more than a day to get a decent answer to all my questions on the forum.

With the new version being in an MVC design pattern, I think it deserves every rating-star out there.

If you consider buying it, do so... this product has future in my opinion: the coder works dedicated from what I can tell and the code itself radiates with experience. It's an example of the kind of product I aspire to produce.

Thanks for the hard work and awesome product. Keep it up!

Excellent Product

Posted on 25 July 2010

Hi. I bought RBPro for room management for my church, SFX PJ, Malaysia. Two things that I would like to affirm.

(a) The product is good. A lot of features and it is well written.

(b) The developer service is good. He replies to your issues and assist in fixing the issues.

Great customer service and excellent product.!



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The appointment booking component for small business. Superior business features and support, since 2008.
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Rob Stevens
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Dec 02 2008
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