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We help you sell online, offline and on mobile devices!
Trekksoft is an easy, straightforward and free to use online booking and payment system. Our Software as a Service allows you to easily make your products available for your customers and to administer them in a single database. Sales features make it possible to market effectively through various channels.

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You can learn more about Trekksoft here:

The TrekkSoft extension for Joomla! contains a content plugin which enables an easy integration of TrekkSoft in your existing Joomla! website.

Joomla Extension Installation

  1. From our Joomla Extension page, you can download the latest version of the Trekksoft Plugin.
  2. On your Joomla administrator page, click the “Extensions” tab, and then “Extension Manager” option.
  3. From this page, upload the Trekksoft .zip folder that you downloaded from our Joomla page under the option, “Upload Package File.”
  4. After you upload and install the Trekksoft plugin, click “Extensions” once again, and this time choose “Plugin Manager.”
  5. From this page, find and choose the Trekksoft plugin and under “Trekksoft Account”, enter your Trekksoft account name.
  6. Congrats! You’ve installed and activated the Trekksoft Plugin.

Now that you’ve installed and activated the plugin, all you'll need to do is place a special text: (eg.[trekksoft type="shop"]) in a page's content. The plugin will then render an iFrame, which integrates the desired page (eg. the shop).

Place a code like [trekksoft option1="value" option2="value"] in a page's content and the TrekkSoft plugin will render it. The following options are available for you to use:

Type: Must either be tours (tours overview), tour_booking (tour booking) or shop (shop items overview).

tourid: If type is tourbooking, this option must be the numeric ID of the tour you want to integrate.

category_id: If type is shop, this option can optionally be set to show a specific shop category.

Width: Must be one of the following forms: NUMpx or NUM%, where NUM is a numeric value. A minimum width of 720 Pixels is recommended.

Height: Must be one of the following forms: NUMpx or NUM%, where NUM is a numeric value.
Example: [trekksoft type="tourbooking" tourid="4331" width="720px" height="800px"]

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