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Vertical Markets

Allow your customers to build their product on your site, by choosing their favourite flavours (ice cream boxes, takeaway pizza) and pay their orders online.
Create multiple containers and multiple ways to compose them, each with its own image.
And more:

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set your opening times
set how much time you need from order to get the product ready for delivery
set max order for each time interval



SQL error while filtering a list (administrator)

Columns sorting on lists not working (administrator)

The "order status" filter shows disabled statuses (site)

^ PayPal button is now localized (default language is English)

^ If you remove all containers from the order, you will be taken back to the starting page
+ Order summary in all pages
+ Show total price in order summary
+ New configuration option to show or hide the delivery address form

SQL error while saving a new container without any part

+ Now compatible with Joomla 3.x

Error "Undefined variable $helper" on parts view


MooTools - jQuery collision on "$()" function

! Schemes no longer exist now: parts are directly assigned to a container
+ You can set a min / max number of selection for each parts (i.e. from 1 to 4 flavours)
^ General layout change


MooTools - jQuery collision on "$()" function

+ now the user can insert an address for delivery, or choose an already existing address

+ Optional e-mail notification for administrators on new orders
^ Date/time request is now optional (you can let your users place an order without having to choose a delivery date/time)

+ New "name" parameter for each order
+ Default order status created upon installation

Fixed checkbox style conflict in order status page

GiBi Sprint

GiBi Sprint

Paid download | Print & PDF | GiBiLogic snc
2.5 3
5 reviews
With this extension you can quickly create a PDF catalog from your VirtueMart products. You can save different configurations to have one-click different catalogs. You'll have an amazing catalog generated in a few seconds! And if you have any issue our excellent support staff is there to help you. Main features: * choose start cover and back cover of the catalog * choose a Joomla article to use as introduction * choose VirtueMart categories to include * choose translations to include For each category you can select: * an header image * a background (full page) image * the color for titles and header bars * a custom layout file * the number of elements per page CHANGELOG Added - Removed ^ Changed ! Fixed 3.0.0 + Compatible with Joomla 3 and VirtueMart 3 ^ Moved from MooTools to jQuery - no longer supports Joomla 1.5 and VirtueMart 1 - Bootstrap is no longer included in the package 2.6.1 + New "Simple table" layout ^ Updated to TCPDF 6.0.059 ! The catalog showed always the oldest picture of any product regardless of ordering ! Warning during catalog creationg 2.6.0 ^ In backend, HTML catalog is now in full screen display ^ Reduced number of variables saved with catalog to prevent maxinputvariables limit error + You can now choose to move the index at the beginning of the catalog ! Wrong alpha ordering in frontend ! Minor notices and warnings


Free | Articles styling | GiBiLogic snc
2.5 3
4 reviews
*** Description *** This module lets you add CSS rules to your page, either by including an additional CSS file or by writing those rules in a parameter of the module. It also allows you to quickly insert a common style rule related to the body background. Combined with the option to assign modules to only some menu items, it means that you can easily and quickly set different CSS rules for each page. *** Suggestion *** If you use "Advanced Module Manager" extension, which lets you assign modules based on a significant variety of criteria, you may get excellent results with a little effort. *** PRO version *** There is also a PRO version available, with advanced features. *** IMPORTANT *** AddCSS v3.5+ is compatible with Joomla 2.5 and 3.x AddCSS v3.0 - 3.4 is compatible with Joomla 2.5 only. AddCSS v2.4 is the latest version compatible with both Joomla 1.5 and 2.5. Added ! Removed ^ Changed # Fixed 3.5.3 [PRO only] Fix display problems for advanced editor in Joomla 3 3.5.2 + [PRO only] advanced editor: automatic line wrapping for long lines [PRO only] advanced editor: better visualization thanks to increased font size and default line height [PRO only] advanced editor: JavaScript cleaning was removing also valid chars [PRO only] fix update server (wrongly showed updates to the free version) 3.5.1 + [PRO only] Fixed advanced editor display in module configuration screen 3.5 + Now compatible with Joomla 3.0 ! Italian and French language files removed (they will be provided as separate packages)
Simple Registration

Simple Registration

Free | Site Access | GiBiLogic snc
2.5 3
2 reviews
This component allows user to register by inserting only an e-mail address: it will be used both as "Full name" and "Username"; password will be created randomly and sent to the user. To use this component, just create a menu item which links to Simple Registration -> Registration Form. Or, you can also use the included module to have the register form everywhere you like. 3.0.1 password field not present in module even with relevant option set password is sent to the user even when no activation is needed (override Joomla behaviour) 3.0 + compatible with Joomla 3 + now the package includes also a module + option to create username from the "user" part of the e-mail (before the @) + autologin option 2.3 + You can now configure the component to ask the user for a password instead of generating a random one 2.2 * fixed "class JParameter not found" error in Joomla 2.5
c m
Text To Module

Text To Module

Free | Articles Display | GiBiLogic snc
2.5 3
3 reviews
Text To Module contains both a plugin and a module. The plugin removes specific parts of an article (delimitated by ) and puts them in a module of type "mod_text2mod". This happens only if an instance of that module is available and published in the current page. The module shows whatever text is removed from the article by the plugin. *** Why I did it *** Because a friend asked me to :-) Without Text To Module, if you want to show a different side text for each article, you should create a lot of Custom HTML modules and manually assign them. This makes it easier, especially for a site owner which is not a Joomla expert, to get the same result. Thanks to Christian from, who had the original idea. *** Latest changes *** 3.0 Now compatible with Joomla 3.x 2.2 Now you can set the module title with 2.1 Now you can add a Class Suffix to the module 2.0 Now compatible with Joomla 2.5
m p

GiBi PizzaBox

GiBiLogic snc
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Paid download
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