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It is now easier than ever for any restaurant, hotel or private chef to bring their paper menus to the social Web 2.0 era.

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This new Joomla! component allows you to create and display a restaurant food (or drink) menu on mobile devices, tablets and the world wide web (3 different templates).

The user-friendly administration panel lets you enter custom menu listings, wine pairing, dessert suggestions and much more (like many icons for vegetarian, spicy or peanut free dishes).

Built with social networks in mind, customers can share and comments each of your menu items. And thanks to the optimized mobile template, one can use a QR code to get instant access to your menu directly from their phone, in your dining room (or anywhere on the planet).

Imagine the stunning presentation of your complete menu directly on an electronic tablet!

This component is SEF/SEO optimized, so if someone searches Google for a dish that you serve, your chances are they will find your establishment first, probably on the first page of the search results too!

A must have for any food business!

Create multilingual menus.
Easily modify item listings.
User-friendly interface.
Search engines optimized.
Multi browser compatible.

What's new in v1.1.11

PDF template, a way to print your menu in PDF. In the admin side you can customize the header and footer with images or / and texts, also you can show items with the price or not.

3 different prices with legends, cool for wines to show price for a bottle or a glass.

A module position when we don't have suggestions and or sharing. Cool to fill the empty place and show pub or banners.

You can display a menu with a datagrid template for the categories listings and / or items listings

I used this extension for a restaurant's site near me. It was really easy to customize and saved me a lot of programming time! Good option (display) settings. The user-friendly administration panel let's the restaurant manager edit each element on a daily basis. Also includes a module position to display ads. Overall good and useful extension. Highly recommended.

KO Custom Gift Card

KO Custom Gift Card

Paid download | Gifts & Coupons | Alain (LeBill) Paquet
2.5 3
16 reviews
The component Ko! Custom Gift Certificate allows you to sell custom gift certificates (Vouchers) online and use them in store, plus it's available even if you don't have a shopping cart! The recipient receive the card by email and it's ready to be use in your store or shopping cart. What's new in v2.0.21 You can now create new card (from the admin) without the Paypal process. You can now re-send a card from the admin panel. You can give your customers a discount on a regular gift card price. You can setup the plugin to give a custom card amount, the customer choose what is the amount he or she want to give (between a set of value) We have now the choice to put a expiration date, the purchase date, both or none. Full integration with VirtueMart, RedShop and HikaShop And much more... How it works? Let's start with the users / purchasers of gift certificates on your website. Nothing is simpler. The transaction is done online, without waiting for delivery, whether you have an online store or not. Your customers can obtain a gift certificate from your company in 4 easy steps: Choose a certificate template by clicking on the image of their choice. Customize the gift certificate: select the amount to give, write a message, etc ... Choose whether you want to receive the certificate by email to print or send it directly to the recipient. Preview the certificate and pay online by credit card or Paypal. It's easy! After the payment, the user or recipient (customer's choice) will receive an email with the gift certificates as an image ready to print or save. The certificate will include a number or a unique bar code (administrator's choice )to be used to control its use, and all this is done securely. Your customers can choose from as many gift certificate templates as you want because you have complete control over the image files you want to integrate. The language files and most of the gift certificates' format parameters can also be modified. You can also determine as many amounts to select from as you want. Ko! Custom Gift Certificate is unique because it allows a customers to personalize their gift certificate by writing a message, selecting the image of their choice and determining the amount to offer. Since there is no delivery, Ko! Custom Gift Certificate is ideal for websites that want a way to increase impulse buys or offer last-minute gift ideas to its visitors.
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MJ Slots

MJ Slots

Free | Games | Alain (LeBill) Paquet
4 reviews
MJ Slots it's a simple and fun, 4 rows slots machine, no Flash, made with DHTML, Mootools and CSS. easy to customize, it use the Joomla Banner component to display banners inside the slot interface. Work only with JomSocial points or AlphaUserPoints, players need points to play with the slot machine and you have full control of the amounts of points your member win. I add 4 news rules for JomSocial and AUP. Requirement : JomSocial Points system or AlphaUserPoints
MJ Hold'em Poker

MJ Hold'em Poker

Paid download | Board & Table Games | Alain (LeBill) Paquet
14 reviews
MJ Hold'em is one of the first multi-player game component built from scratch for Joomla which offers the opportunity to your visitors and loyal members to play the popular game of Texas Hold’em Poker. The application is written entirely in pure DHTML and PHP, using the power of Mootools 1.2, allowing guaranteed operation on all platforms. The application is easy to install, offers a unique game-play environment, and offers a unique visual interface with animations. The administration panel allows you to create as many lounges as you want, and create custom gaming tables. You can also add your own logo or your sponsor. MJ Hold’em Poker offers a challenging game environment, including a system of direct CHAT to talk live with other players. Security is at the heart of the implementation of MJ Hold’em Poker, and although the application is not recommended for use with real money, the system offers greater protection to deter cheaters. The social world is not left out because MJ Hold’em Poker integrates seamlessly with popular platforms for social networks such as JomSocial and Community Builder. Features 100% compatible with all web browsers. Flash is not required. Use of the latest animation technologies, Mootools 1.2, and the power of AJAX. Ability to customize your gaming, add your logo, or your sponsor. No limit of players, lounges, or tables Live Chat to speak with other players in real time Multi-lingual system Works well on a basic install of Joomla 1.5 Integration with JomSocial and Community Builder Support points system from JomSocial and AlphaUserPoints
c m p
Ko! Who's There

Ko! Who's There

Paid download | Analytics | Alain (LeBill) Paquet
3 reviews
Ko! Who's There is the best monitoring extension for Joomla, versatile, powerful and sometime scary ;O) Sees all your visitors live on Google's maps. You cannot believe how much noise we have on the web. Because of that this extension includes a basic filtering system to remove all garbage from your visits. You can bypass ip's or block them for good. See what your members are doing, this extension allows you to see who's is a regular visitor and who's is one of your members. You can track down all the step they did and all the pages they see. The secret behind this app, it's using a system plugin to record your traffic (directly on the server) not a JavaScript line you put into your template or module (client side). Because of that you can monitor all kinds of traffic like rss feed and direct access to page with soap or ajax. See through the eyes of the visitor in order to streamline the user experience and remove any potential obstacles or dead ends in your website. You can tag referrers with readable name and pin point where your traffic is coming. With this extension, you can see who's trying to enter your administration panel or try to harm your Joomla. This extension is also very cool, If you give access to someone in your admin panel for support, with this app, you can see what they did and all the pages they see in your administration in live time or the next day. Don't wait and come see the 2-minutes demo video. You really need to know Who's There...
c m p
MJ! Win Something

MJ! Win Something

Paid download | Credits & Point Systems | Alain (LeBill) Paquet
2.5 3
0 reviews
The best marketing tools on the planet, and it's fun!!! Let your visitors win prizes on your web site, you can even set the component to give X amount of chips per day, this is the best way to make your visitors come back. Base on the cool Joomla module, MJ! Slots machines, this component can generate unlimited number of slots machine with different prizes and cost to play. Use the plugin to place a slots machine anywhere on your web site. Easy way to promote your goods and services! Use the module position within the slot machine interface to display banners and ads. Easily modify prizes listings and images via the user-friendly administration panel. Use the plugin to place a prize machines anywhere in your Joomla! site. Get detailed statistics (per prizes, machines and visitors). Winners and admins receive notifications by emails. Multi-browser compatible. Images .PSD included! Outstanding features in version 1.0.1 Customize the win ratio! You decide on how hard it is to win the jackpot. Hard, Medium, Easy. Slots gets automatically unpublished if and when all prizes have been won.
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Ko! Restaurant Menu Creator

Alain (LeBill) Paquet
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Paid download
Uses updater:
2.5 3
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