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Vertical Markets, Real Estate

Intellectual Property allows real estate agents, property brokers, and property management companies to easily upload and maintain property listings via a user-friendly interface. Upload photos, add categories, sub-categories, agent profiles, company profiles, amenities, open houses and much more. Search with an advanced Google Maps Ajax-based map interface. Allow users to save and manage favorite properties and searches.
Front end management for multiple agent control levels. Quickly customize colors, filters, galleries and more!

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All modules and plugins included in the price-- we don't charge extra for advanced features like map search or gallery modules!

* Top Producer plugin to send leads to Top Producer
* Ajax powered map search
* Upload images to Amazon S3
* Front end and admin management with multiple access levels
* Automatic email updates for saved properties and searches
* Unlimited custom sale types, categories/sub-categories, properties, agents, companies, amenities and open houses
* Ability to apply multiple categories and multiple agents to listings
* Menu parameters to create custom search views (EG. "Show only residential properties in select city that are below $500,000)
* 19 distinct views available as menu items, many of which have additional display options for maximum control
* Optional Google or Bing maps, street view, and driving directions per property
* Customizable meta tags/descriptions per property
* Automated RSS feed views and xml feeds for Trulia and Zillow
* Multiple image gallery options
* User favorites view to manage saved properties and searches
* Built in internationalization - change currency and measurement units from admin settings
* Drag and drop map with Geocoding for properties
* Custom CSS editable from admin panel
* Super agent option to allow agents to manage all of their own company listings, agents, and profile from the front end
* Basic agent level to allow agents to only manage their own listings from the front end
* Admin notifications and optional approval of new listings
* Categorized amenities by indoor/outdoor/general
* Hotsheet options to make menu items show only new or modified listings
* Related documents upload - attach pdf, word docs, etc
* XML and CSV bulk import tool included
* RETS, XML and CSV imports from MLS associations and sources like Vebra, Kyero, ExpertAgent, etc. available as additional service offering
* Backup and restore feature
* Send to friend and send info request forms
* Agent and company contact forms
* Plugin positions to support add-ons and custom development
* Nearly 40 included modules and plugins to let you customize your site and extend functionality
* Much much more...

iProperty and RETS

Posted on 22 May 2015

Using the RETS integration with iProperty works fantastic - easy to setup and use.

Ease of use

Settings are straightforward.


Had a few questions and through email I had the answered in the same day. I posted to the forum area and had a response in a day.


Good - didn't need because the software is intuitive.

Value for money

Very good value - product is great and support is fantastic.

I used this to: Business real estate website and individual realtor sites.

Great Component!

Posted on 09 May 2015

Great futures for great looking websites for real estate.

Ease of use

Very easy to use


Quik response on support questions!


There is documentation on the iproperty website and a forum where you can find answers.

Value for money

Yes! Its a very complete component useful for real estate agents!

I used this to: Real Estate company

Great product

Posted on 28 February 2015

This software is WAY better than OpenRealty!

Ease of use

Yes, even real estate agents can use this. lol


Tim's support has been quick and effective!



Value for money

I've spent more for less elsewere...

I used this to: As a web designing and hosting company, this joomla extension will make me money and keep my real estate clients happy.

Excellent Support

Posted on 24 February 2015

We needed to use this extension to list vacation rentals and with a little tweaking it worked great!

Ease of use

Very simple to use, easy to understand


Excellent support we received a reply within seconds of using their support forum!

Value for money

We couldn't have coded something this good at this price for the hours we would of charged the client. Excellent purchase.

I used this to: Vacation rental listing


great function and layout

Ease of use

Could not be easier or more straight forward, very intuitive!


Best I have seen in years for any product!


Very direct and helpful

Value for money

Worth every penny and then some

I used this to: Multiple Real Estate Companies and agents.


Does everything you want it to and more.

Ease of use

Very easy to use.


excellent support.


pretty thorough docs

Value for money

Great value for the money. Ton of supporting modules

I used this to: all of our real estate projects.


Works great out of the box, as a developer we have done a lot of customization work with ease. For real estate listings its a great extension in that the hard part has been done. The Thinkery has clearly thought out what is needed and useful for Real Estate Listings management.

Ease of use

Easy to set up and customize


Great support, we had the Thinkery do some customization work for us, very fast and beyond expectations.

Value for money

Saved countless hours of trying to create something of this sort from scratch

I used this to: Exclusive luxury real estate listing management.

Best by Far

Posted on 15 October 2014

Not a lot of extensions get 5 stars from me, there’s always something that can be improved on. However, in this case the developers of the software impressed me by their attention to detail, the quality of the code, their commitment to improvement, their roadmap for refinement and most important, the unprecedented product support. I found the backend interface intuitive and easy to learn, but also easy to understand by novice clients. When I had an issue I got a support response back within minutes!  I hope to see this product grow and see a lot of success because there are very few property extensions on the Joomla market that have such a responsive team of developers supporting it. Great Job Guys!

I usually don't write reviews... but I felt compelled to write one for this extension. I develop and design sites and apps for a living and have for years. I can't remember ever getting such fast and thorough support/service as I have gotten with the folks who made iProperty. The product is awesome and very powerful as well. There is a lot of flexibility with this and if you need a real estate based "system" for a site - there isn't one better than this. It is loaded with features. Tim has gone way above to help me with some things that I needed worked out and Vin has been quick with some CSS tweaks. The bottom line is this... world class extension... world class service.

After searching for the perfect Property Listing extension, I have finally found it!

SUPERB Support!

SUPERB Coding!

SUPERB Flexibility!

Being a Joomla user now for over 8 years, I have lots of experience with components and their support forums. This is the first one in that 8 years that consistently exceeds my expectations both in functionality, flexibility, and most importantly support!

Simply Fantastic! Don't wast your time and money with any others.

Thinkery Work Force

Thinkery Work Force

Paid download | Address Book | The Thinkery, LLC
22 reviews
Work Force is a staff/employee listing component. Create departments and add employees to display your company's staff along with images, bios, availability, social media links and contact information. WF uses email cloaking to hide your employees' email addresses from spammers and an optional contact form with captcha security prevents non-human form submissions. Work Force allows companies to show off their staff in a clean, spam-fighting layout. Work Force features include: Department views with overview and optional department icon/image Employee profile view with employee bio, photo, contact information and optional captcha secured contact form per employee Easy-upload or select of images for departments and employees right from your admin editing view. Name and department keyword filtering to find employees quickly Front-end keyword filtering and sorting Employee email cloaking to avoid harvesting of email addresses Employee pagination per department - set in the configuration Custom CSS editing via admin panel Very easy to customize to suit your site perfectly Front end profile editing - employees can now edit their own profiles via site front-end Copy/Move multiple employees to other departments All departments view with optional employee listing vCard download feature Improved ordering, searching, and routing Default options to expedite addition of new employees Clone feature to copy employees quickly Menu item as well as global parameters More display options And more... J2.5 version ADDITIONS: Optional Google maps per employee Social media fields - Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and LinkedIn More flexible front end editing Mobile plugin for better display on mobile devices QR code plugin J3 version ADDITIONS: Joomla tags support for employees Smart search plugin batch processing responsive layouts alpha index search much more!
c m p


Paid download | Vehicles | The Thinkery, LLC
1 review
Based on our top rated real estate extension, Intellectual Property, UTransport is designed to provide a professional, extensible and robust platform for auto/vehicle sales associates and dealerships to manage listings with no programming experience required. Front end management with multiple 'agent' control levels. Quickly customize colors, filters, galleries and more! FEATURES INCLUDE: * Front end and admin management with multiple access levels for basic sales agents, super agents, and administrators * Attractive design and responsive layouts * Unlimited categories/subcategories, listings, salespeople, companies, options and amenities * Ability to add custom sale types and banners per sale type * Apply multiple categories and multiple sellers to individual listings * Menu parameters to create custom search views as simple or complex as needed (EG. "Show only used autos for sale by private seller under $12,000 and only display listings later than 2008") * 13 distinct views available as menu items for all listings, salesperson listings, company listings and more. Many of which have additional display options for maximum control * Customizable meta tags/descriptions per listing * Optional RSS feeds for all listings, per category, company listings, or salesperson listings * Multiple image gallery options * User favorites view to manage saved listings and inquire on multiple listings at once (optional included plugin) * Built in internationalization - change currency and measurement units from admin settings * Custom CSS editable from admin panel * Super agent option to allow users to manage all of their own company listings, salespeople and profile from the front end * Basic agent level to allow users to manage only their own listings from the front end * Optional admin notifications when information is requested or listing is sent to a friend * When front end editing is enabled, admin have the option to require approval of new listings and moderate edited listings * Categorized amenities - interior, exterior, and general amenities * Hotsheet options to make menu items show only new or modified listings * Image uploader to upload multiple images to a listing at once * Related documents upload - attach pdf, word docs, etc * Video tab which supports adding video via content plugins or embedding * CSV and xml import feature * Backup and restore UTransport data feature * Send to friend form so users can forward listings to friends who may be interested - option to send a copy to admin * Send information request forms which can be disabled per sale type - option to send a copy to admin * Agent and company contact forms * Plugin positions to support add-ons and custom development * 30+ included modules and plugins to let you customize your site and extend functionality * Much much more...
c m p
Project Log

Project Log

Free | Project & Task Management | The Thinkery, LLC
1 review
By popular request, our J1.5 ProjectLog extension has been rebuilt and improved for Joomla 3! ProjectLog is a simple project management tool for tracking projects and keeping notes on related topics or documents. Originally developed for field surveyors and construction management, ProjectLog allows you to easily create a project, upload documents associated with the project, create project notes, and attach users and/or groups to projects. Using Joomla access control on a global level or per project allows administrators to assign groups to specific projects and set permissions for users who are allowed to upload and manage projects, documents and logs. Restrict access to certain projects by user group, or set projects public for everyone to see. Assign a manager user who is allowed to manage all aspects of a project, while others may only be able to manage their own logs and documents. Administrators can require optional approval for any newly created projects, logs, or documents and even moderate edits made by non-admin users! Endless possibilities! Submissions are tracked so you can tell who added logs and documents and when they were added. Full multilingual support using Joomla's native language management - no 3rd party extension needed. All of this functionality in an extremely simple user interface so it's a breeze to set up and manage your content.
Report Card

Report Card

Paid download | Testimonials & Suggestions | The Thinkery, LLC
9 reviews
Report Card is a Joomla! testimonials component that offers a user-friendly admin layout where site administrators can easily edit, re-order, publish, and approve or disapprove customer testimonials. Report Card also offers site admins to allow user submissions via the front-end of the website if they so choose. Site users may add testimonials through a simple front-end form that is spam-protected by a captcha security image to only allow valid human-entered testimonials. After a user adds a testimonial via the front-end form, site administrators have the option to be notified when a new submission is entered. All new submissions must be approved by site admin before displaying on the website and in the random testimonials module. Some key features of Report Card include: Categorized testimonials - apply testimonials to one or multiple categories Display views for all categories, all testimonials or testimonials in a category WYSIWYG editor support Optional Captcha Validation on front-end Submissions Front-end Testimonial Additions Custom Settings including pagination, colors, intro-text, notifications and offline setting Admin approval of front-end submissions Admin notification when testimonial submitted via front-end Offline/Online setting to enable or disable component and module Testimonial Ordering CSS Stylesheet editing via control panel Checkout system to prevent over-writing of others testimonials Keyword/Author and Publish/Unpublish filtering Random Testimonials Module included in package NEW FEATURES FOR J2.5: * Optional star rating system * Optional captcha/reCaptcha spam protection plugin * Auto approve link in approval emails (if applicable) * Built in sh404sef support NEW FEATURES FOR J3: * Optional testimonial image submission * Rebuilt with Bootstrap and JUI * New categories view with optional testimonials count * Batch processing to easily move or copy testimonials to other categories
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IProperty Real Estate

The Thinkery, LLC
Last updated:
Jun 15 2015
Date added:
Oct 23 2009
GPLv2 or later
Paid download
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