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You dreamed your Joomla! site becoming a full fledged music teacher supporting music theory as well as tablatures or other musical notations ?

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You dreamed of a simple configuration playing your scores at will, with more than 90 different settings ?

Don't stay dreaming'! Such a plugin exists and is waiting for you, it can do all that and more !

Myriad Music Plug-In created by Myriad company allows reading musical scores or tablature in your browsers.

As any plugin, it should be preinstalled on your computer.

Supported operating systems :

Windows XP, Vista or 7
Windows 95, 98, ME or 2000
Mac OS X Universal Binary
and older Mac OS versions

Joomla! Integration : worked more than two years in successful developments allowing smooth integration of Myriad Music Plug-In in Joomla!

All of morre than 90 features in Myriad Music Plug-In are now easily configurable from Joomla! administration, which is exclusive.

Supported file types :

Music files are ".mus", ".myr" or ".mu3" files created with Melody Assistant or Harmony Assistant. MusicXML and Packed MusicXML files, ABC files mono or multi scores are also managed.

It also manages lists of files provided in .mya format and even displays some tutorials.

The plug-in uses the same basic sound Melody Assistant or Harmony Assistant This ensures that the audio output will be identical regardless of the computer's sound card or the end user.

If you use (optional) GOLD basesound while creating your music, the result is even more impressive.

File conversions :

You can export your MIDI files (.mid) using your favorite music software (Guitar Pro, Tux Guitar, Cubase, Audacity, Rosegarden etc.) and import them into Melody Assistant or Harmony Assistant to generate .mus, . myr or. mu3

You will get a high quality digital output, keeping file sizes extermely light.

Instructions :

1.) DOWNLOAD and install the Myriad Music Plug-In to your computer :

2.) Install and publish ElioMyriad Music plugin for Joomla!!

3.) Define desired settings or leave the defaults for the plugin configuration ElioMyriad.

4.) Upload your music in the default folder ../media/eliomyriad/ or choose another folder you specify in the backend of the plugin.

5.) Simply add the tag :

in your articles.

Example : If your file is named "sheen.mu3" add this tag

Bonus :

Three compositions included in the default folder, to listen to this music just add its tags in an article :

ElioMyriad Music Score

Félix Dr. Dimitric
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Paid download
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