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Solar Calculator Extended Component

Computer Photovoltaic (Solar Calculator), is a tool Performance, Cost and Loan of any solar system.
It is an indispensable computational tool for those involved in photovoltaics, as Photovoltaic Companies, Construction Companies, Banks etc ...
The calculations are made in the following stages:
(1) Registration Information Property and slope selection by the user,
(2) Performance Results,
(3) Indicative first year performance chart,
(4) Loan Calculator,
(5) Detailed table yields and revenues.

Based on the parameters entered by the user, such as area (county), roof type, orientation, slope (degrees) roof surface ... the system of calculation, can produce results like: System Power (KW), Expected Annual Return (KWh ) Expected Revenue / year (Euro) Total Cost (million), Investment Expected Amortization (Years), and visualize data in a chart for the first year of the establishment.

The user also has the ability to export the results in print format, PDF file and send PDF file attachment with email.

In case of loan options, additional parameters are calculated such as: Amount of Loan, Years Loan Type Loan (with or without a mortgage property), based on the filing of the user.

Finally, it shows the breakdown of revenue performance and the user, with features like: Production in KWh / Year Income / Year Cost of Maintenance and Safety / First, loan installments / Year (to be selected by the user using a loan) Profit / year cumulative recovery, totals, etc. ...

The application has a simple and flexible management scheme that allows the user to specify parameters and calculation tables as Sunshine, geographic areas (counties), monetary units, surface, etc. Here are some of the soon settings which can be manipulated by the user.

Prices KW: Management KW integer values (add, update, delete)
Interim Rates KW KW (0.1 - 0.9 KW)
Parameters such as: No. Years with or without a mortgage property, PPC price, inflation rate (%), coefficient of sunshine for terraces or roofs measured in square meters (sqm) or square feet (TD), etc.
Currency: U.S. Dollar ($), Euros (€), Pound sterling (£) or anything else.
Geographical representation of Greece by prefecture average kwh production and maximum kw.
Areas of solar radiation measurements
Measurements of solar radiation for an arbitrary number of slopes (degrees) until midnight Mrs. periods (monthly).
Assign County by solar radiation.
Table Income / Loan (years, yield (%), costs, interest rates (%) with or without a mortgage property, etc ...)
Appearance settings of the Solar Calculator contents such as titles, descriptions, prices, photos, etc ...
Language: All words that appear in the language files are stored in eg el-GRxxxxxx.ini. For all the words there is an internal management where you can modify without edit the language file itself, but with the click of your mouse.

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The best solar calculator ever!
High quality after sale service!

Congratulations to Greek Software!!
Reviews: 1
There are not a lot of out-of-the-box solar calulator solutions out there for Joomla. After purchasing this extension, setting it up was done in minutes. I had a couple of question to the developers on how to configure it and they replied within the same day. Excellent extension and great support!