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SmartCalc ComponentModule

SmartCalc (Smart Calculator) is a Joomla! 2.5 component for creating and managing online calculators for your site. It gives you a lot more than a simple calculation webform thanks to categories / items model support, flexible selection menus and powerful calculations logging.

Main features:
- unlimited number of categories / products
- unlimited number of forms associated with an item or the whole category (forms inheritance and overloading)
- Calculator's state persistence between page reloads
- visual forms design option
- unlimited number of fields (parameters) including list selections, radio-buttons group, etc.
- flexible navigation (extended menu) for selecting products
- Calculations logging and summary functions, logs may be shared between qualified forms
- Multi-property results on forms, each property having its own summary method and display settings
- Option to limit calculation log to one entry per form / item
- "module factory" server functionality - generate ready to install calculators modules for all Joomla versions
- Internal user management with permissions and viewlevels (for "module factory")
- import / export calculator configuration and data

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