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Priceleaf pro Component

Component of the online calculator to calculate the cost of goods or services. Ideal to calculate how much will cost certain services firm, to look them up and make an order, if necessary by sending a request. Thus, users themselves choose what they want, can read the description of services. Simple structure, clues in the administrative part, easy navigation on the component, all for the convenience of the price list.

With this component you will create the best online calculator!

The component has the following features

1. Unlimited sections, departments, categories and menus.
2. Full administrative part with sorting and filter.
3. Each product has its own way of counting, checkbox, text box, radio button.
4. Send order to mail to the administrator and the customer order record to the database.
5. Imports of goods via csv, with the ability to re-record prices.
6. Own CAPTCHA spam.
7. Automatic output count of selected items.
8. How to display the category name in expanded form or hidden
9. Additional field to describe the topic.
10. Opportunity to give a discount when you order a certain amount.
11. Hide your order.
12. Show the final cost to the user only after the shipment.
13. View the status of your order by registered users.
14. The ability to remove the user's order.
15. Notify an administrator to delete the user's order.
16. Displaying the number of goods in the warehouse with decreasing product ordering and product return for the remote user.
17. You can create any number of references to the component to the withdrawal of certain sections, say, a single link you sell products, and in the other you can create a calculator repair apartments or sale of the insurance. Generally make universal each section with different needs.
18. Customized printing - when ordering goods, you can print the order. You can also add a logo or seal to the one ordered.
19. Now, there is a form of payment for the order! On request it can be disabled. Integration with w1.

The component is available in English!

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Reviews: 1
After I install the component I setup the categories but when I try to setup the menu items it the component locks up. Looks like a promising component, just wish I could get it to work.

Please help.
Owner's reply

Hi! You're probably used the free version, but there gutted and functional structure of the component is different from the paid version. Describe your problem in detail, and that to me is not very clear, write to skype Mr.J.kote

The component is very promising, it now has everything you need and be accused of a lack of something hard. At the moment it is used by about 2-3 thousand sites. Now I think to translate it back to the status of free, that anyone could download it. But you know what stops me, then that extensive development and support he will hardly receive, before long before I made it paid only a few have helped me with the component. So far, I think.

Reviews: 3
this is exaclty what i like, but its hard to find the component english version on the website, you better make it clearer for downloaders, as till now i can't find it.
Owner's reply

Unfortunately the quality of translation into English is not present. I would love to help in the translation into other languages. And the page describing the component would also be podgotovait English.

Reviews: 3
I download and install this component.its fantastic.
this is what i need.

Reviews: 6
This is definitely a promising instant quote extension.

1) Ability to configure different services/products.
2) Simple to use and set up in less than 10 minutes

1) Restricted language - Support likely limited to Russian language.
2) From email address uses the server address ( no way to customize the From email address sent to the visitor/customer (instead of
3) Layout/design needs improvement - visitors can easily get confused with present frontend design.
Reviews: 20
I've been trying to find something like this, and it was realy not easy. This extension works, does exactly what it says and has some more cool additional fuctions (such as extra description, tabbed styling, discounts, etc).

More helpfull enviroment would be appreciated to the user for modifying the appearence since it's not easy, but the extension is free.

Since the native developer's language is Russian, i believe we should help these guys to translate in other laguages, because this extension worths it, and it will become more useful and popular.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the tip! It would be nice to translate the component into other languages! Send language packs if there vozomzhnost.

Reviews: 1
I really like this extension, easy enough to use & installed well. It's only let down by a couple of grammatical errors on the email portion. Basically, it says 'email sended' instead of 'sent', and 'massage' instead of 'message'. As a relative newbie, I can't find the location of the appropriate file to edit (help appreciated). I understand that the developer's native language is not English so respect where it's due, but until I can correct these issues I cannot use this extension - unfortunately..!
Owner's reply

Hello! Thanks for the tip! Maybe some words are not in the language file! If they are part of the site you need to looksite\views\priceleaf\tmpl\default.php
And for the administrative part admin\views
All for version 1.6

Of course I have an English problem, because I helped to translate, and will probably be an error somewhere.

Reviews: 12
I searched for a component that can calculate alternative costs, for my part, labor charges for one to several employees in different periods.
Simple but nice layout. English language files.
Thank you
Reviews: 2
The Idea is great but the component doesn't install properly. It has some issues with DB.
Also it's only in Russian language!
Reviews: 1
Great product!

Unfortunately I could only find Russian language support. If only it would be available in the English language...
Owner's reply

Unfortunately, the translation into English nebylo because that would translate to people it was clear this is a problem! But now the component is available in English! This is not a commercial product and I do it for free.