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Live Exchange Rates Table (ajax) Module


***** Brand new design Feb 2012 *****

PLEASE NOTE: Check you have correct version!

- Select your default base currency
- Choose 1-10 conversion currencies
- Live prices every 1 minute of FX trading day
- Choose from range of widths (HINT - you can make them any specific width manually in html if needed)
- Widths over 220px wide will display extra column for % change
- User can choose from 120 new base currencies on the fly!
- Base currency flag updates to current chosen base currency
- Edit background/border/text/title colours
- Edit title text

DEMO and play with settings here:

Version 1.5 linked in this Joomla page
Version 1.6/1.7/2.5 available here:

Live exchange rates info source Send Money UK:

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Reviews: 1
i develop jewelry sites and this extension works great for me.. thank developer for this great extension.
Reviews: 9
It's a great module, clean and simple to customize.

Works perfectly for me, but I didn't tried to hack the code.

Thanks for sharing.
Reviews: 31
Easy to install and easy to adjust and use. Nice service for my customers. Thank you for doing a good job and sharing with us.
Rudolf Aigner
Reviews: 11
I simply installed it, enabled it to a module position WITHOUT CHANGING ANY OTHER SETTINGS. It comes up with an overlay stating the module credit has to remain intact for proper functioning.

Don't bother with it.
Reviews: 1
Just after install, the module was covered by warning message - "the module has to remain intact for proper functioning" - like it had detect some hacks inside.
J 1.5.15
Owner's reply

If you would provide me the url I can see if there is genuinely a problem in your case. I'm only too happy to help if there is an issue outside of the normal operation!

Reviews: 2
A totally pointless module.
Once installed & enabled it displays a multitude of currencies converted against the one of your choice...good idea.

HOWEVER they are all displayed behind a semi transparent ADVERT / copyright warning that says:-
enty of other modules providing the same function?
Owner's reply

This only happens if you change/disable the backlink text or you are running the module on a site that isn't accessible via the web, ie an intranet. There are plenty of users of this module out there for whom it is functioning as it should and are perfectly happy with it!