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Stock GK4 Module

GK4 is new generation of our extensions based on the GNU General Public License.

Follow the sudden rise and fall of stock values with GK Stock. Using Google Finance API, get free stock quotes from all companies quoted on major world markets, offering useful and free information about fluctuations in stock price that gears all stock markets exchange.

With specialized design and development from GavickPro Team, this module will provide your dedicated users with the most professional and interesting information about current data and interactive online charting services.

In comparison with Stock GK1, GK4 carries in changes in four aspects:

- Improved mechanism of the data storage
- New options for tooltips with charts
- Module management options in administrative panel totally converted
- Support for both cURL and file_get_contents

Thanks to converting module management options, its support is more convenient and easier. Except grouping options in subject groups, a few simple solutions were added which make module support clean and neat.

Tooltips with charts are now more elastic – a user can specify a position of the tooltip relative to the cursor and select one of the two preconfigured layouts for the tooltip content.

With a new system of storing data; if the module cannot receive data from Google, then backup of the last used data will be used.

Now, Stock GK4 supports two methods of downloading data - cURL (if this extension is installed on the server) or function file_get_contents (if server configuration allows downloading external files).

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Reviews: 6
New version 1.1 Works out of the box on Joomla 1.7.
Reviews: 3
It wouldn't work for me, until I made the change to helper.php detailed in the earlier review. Then it started working - and it's a nice little module.

Why doesn't Gavick submit a fix for this fatal flaw???
Reviews: 5
It is good and easy, like just put 'ASX:AXA,title;' into the box and it works. Read the docs.

It isn't commercial either, I think it is free. I just registered and downloaded it, no fees.

Output can be stripped down to pure spans with classes and no extra tables or any garbage, so that is good.

You get an out like this

0.000 (0.00%)
Reviews: 2
I assume this has no reviews because most people can't get it to work. It does have a great instruction manual, but there's a fatal bug that keeps it from running.

On line 93 of helper.php, change:

$query = substr($query, 0, strlen($query)-2);


$query = substr($query, 0, strlen($query)-1);

It's worth the effort though because this is a great looking component for displaying stock graphs on your site. Highly recommended.