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Ekonomys (former WISro Yahoo Quotes) is a multilingual component (both front-end and back-end) for Joomla that allows you to manage, configure and display Yahoo Finance stock quotes, create technical analisys, display news and list historical prices from Yahoo Finance to your site. Create your own portfolios and track the gain/loss of your holdings. Choose and customize Yahoo's full range of parameters and chart options. The components comes with an AJAX search module and content plugin to insert stock quotes details to Joomla's articles.
Test ONLINE the portfolio management at
May, 2014 - Ekonomys 8 rev.5
* 0000441: [Bug] Details page/portfolio data source problem
March 03, 2014 - Ekonomys 8 rev.4
* 0000427: [Bug] News stream not fetching data
February 08, 2014 - Ekonomys 8 rev.3
* 0000423: [Bug] Yahoo data stream headers changes - incorrect data retrieved
* 0000424: [Bug] Ekonomys Currencies javascript error
December 29, 2013 - Ekonomys 8 rev.2
* 0000417: [Feature] Modules jQuery code optimization
* 0000416: [Bug] Modules jQuery no conflict fix
* 0000415: [Bug] Joomla 3.2 legacy JApplication changes
* 0000397: [Bug] Modules Joomla 3 not showing data
April 26, 2013 - Ekonomys 8 rev.1
* fixed Joomla 3 jQuery conflict - Ekonomys Quotes, Futures and Currencies
New features:
- Endless jQuery scrollers for Quotes, Currencies and Futures
- Joomla 3 compatibility
- Search module with additional results from Yahoo Finance
- Yahoo Finance RSS dynamic news feed listing on symbol & categoy pages
- Configurable heading information for symbol and CSS styling
New in ver.5, rev.6
- Customizable Technical analysis & historical prices page titles
- `Manage portfolios` link in symbol pages
New features in ver.5, rev.4
- Add to portfolio/Manage portfolio in symbol details page.
- SEF Routing/ Alias Management for symbols and categories
- Meta tags management capabilities.
January 2011 - ver.5:
* Ekonomys is now Joomla 1.6 compatible;
* statistics and version update check in control panel
Version 4.3:
* Users shared portfolios
* Alternate data server (Global/UK)
* Bulgarian translation
Ver.4.2: Show link to details page for symbols loaded by users into their portfolios; improved stock portfolio SEF support.
Added in 4.1:
* Italian translation; added missing translations for German and Spanish
* frontend user portfolio & symbols management
* portfolio advanced display information configurable from backend
* chart icon display style: Dynamic (Yahoo`s minichart image) or Static (component`s chart icon)
More Features:
* description field for multiple symbol uploading (symbol|description)
* content plugin triggering for symbol's detailed description
* Symbol's full description - HTML story
* Link symbol to a predefined category, displayable both in category and symbol page
* Multiple symbols upload to a selected category

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Reviews: 1
I buy this component 2 years ago and support from this company is excellent now the component is better than 2 years ago I Recomment this! 100%
Reviews: 1
I have purchased the Ekonomys Power pack to include on a financial services related website and I am amazed with the extension and its features. It makes my site very professional, ready to compete with the big players out there. Before deciding to purchase the Power Pack I have searched around the web and financial information providers charge hundreds of dollars for similar widgets per month. Great work!
Reviews: 1
A very powerful component, integrates well with other Joomla components.
Set up and management is simple.
Support is responsive and pertinent.
Great added value to a web site needing Finance credentials.
Reviews: 4
This is a powerful extension that does what it claims to do.
Installation works straightforwardly and support is responsive. One glitch that came up in respect of an individual symbol was quickly fixed.
Reviews: 5
I used this component for my investing website. I love this Ekonomys component because it is very simple to use and feature rich. You can easily enable/disable many investing (e.g. stock) parameters with the click of a mouse. I also needed some custom coding done to this component for my website and the developer did it quick and for a fair price. Therefore, I highly recommend this component both for it's capabilities and for the developer.
Reviews: 1
Cristi has done some great work with this component. I have used this component for a client of mine who has been more than happy with the way it works. The portal is doing fantastic thanks to this unique component. The latest version has got a great deal of features that make this component the obvious choice for anyone who is looking for stock quote components.

Great work christi.

Keep it up
Reviews: 2
much better than any thing else i've tried, and developer released a new version incorporating some suggestions within days.
highly recommended.

(Yahoo finance is also the best for international companies, much better than google etc.)
Reviews: 6
We set this up on our site and it worked instantly. What's unique about this is it provides not just quotes, like a ticker, but a full compliment of stock data from Yahoo include charts with a variety of technical indicators. We run an investing site and this allows us to compete with other sites that have their own data and analysis feeds. Five stars!