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QTablePrefix Component

This component can replace joomla MySQL database table prefix to `newprefix_` and update configuration.php file.

1.0.8 for joomla1.6 release [2011-04-18]
# Can not modify the configuration.php file generated by akeeba
1.0.7 for joomla1.6 release [2011-04-07]
1.0.7 Release [2010-12-24]
+ backup configuration.php file before update

1.0.6 Release [2010-12-14]
# fixed IE8 JavaScript error

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Reviews: 4
I used the 1.7 beta version for Joomla 2.5 and it worked super. I used the backup (configuration.php) option. And it did its job great.
Reviews: 3
I downloaded the 1.7 beta version and installed on a Joomla 2.5 site. So far, so good. Just sticks to the prefix task, so very simple to configure.
Reviews: 1
No bugs, no problems, no more time to waste! 3 days of playing with sql... and at last i found it- no more problems with database prefix changeing.

I`m so lucky to find it!! Enjoy everyone! Tanks for autor!! Really good job!
Reviews: 33
This has just saved me hours of work. I needed to organise a group of websites to share a single login. To do this, all the databases must share the identical user data including the prefix and secret code. It was so so easy to do the database and config update using this extension - flawlessly. Full marks and an essential part of my toolkit from now on :-)
Reviews: 5
I downloaded this for 1.7, installed it and ran the change. It worked perfectly. Well done and thanks for this. Donation on its way!
Reviews: 2
Thanxx very much for this component. I tried a component first that offers the same functionality, but that really messed up my site several times. This component is so easy and reliable that it was a piece of cake altering the database prefix. A recommendation for everyone that needs to change the prefix. !!!

Keep up the excellent work !!!
Reviews: 1
Thank you so much for creating a fantastic component to update your database suffix as well as your configuration files it helped me update about 10 websites in less than 5 minutes great component thank you so much
Reviews: 18
Top marks, i destroyed my new site 3 times while attempting to do this manualy after install.
This just does the job instantly no probs!

Thanks to the creator.
Reviews: 13
Really saves you mucking about with the MySQL and botching things up potentially. Takes 1 minute from install to database change, including download time if you're fast with your mouse :)

Don't think twice, if you need to change your prefix, gettit!
Reviews: 11
This is by far one of the best and simplest solutions I have come across on the web. No more digging into .php files. For those who are "teapots" in Joomla (extensive technical knowledge) - this component is a definite treasure!

Thank You for this component - it worked like magic! Updated table prefixes on two sites within 3 minutes!

A word of advice - to integrate "buy me coffee" into "about" page.
Owner's reply

Thank you for the review.
This is a good idea.

Reviews: 1
Simple, fast, easy to use, trouble free - I was done in a few seconds!
Reviews: 2
As described, this component easily changed the database prefix in just a minute or so. Unfortunately, when it attempted to update the configuration.php file, it managed to zero the file out which, of course, is what drove the rating down. I would suggest the author work on that issue and perhaps include an option to not update the configuration file so that users could choose.
Owner's reply

Thank you for the review.
my tests did not find this problem. Now component have been updated.