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Art Adminer Component

Art Adminer is smart, fast and lightweight database management tool. This tool can be used if you need something faster and easier than phpMyAdmin.

* Comprehensive database tool in your Joomla! administrator panel
* Connect to a database server with username and password or auto-connect to Joomla! database
* 3 default styles plus ability to add new
* Work with databases, tables, records
* Multilingual

More Features:
* Select an existing database or create a new one
* List fields, indexes, foreign keys and triggers of table
* Change name, engine, collation, auto_increment and comment of table
* Alter name, type, collation, comment and default values of columns
* Add and drop tables and columns
* Create, alter, drop and search by indexes including fulltext
* Create, alter, drop and link lists by foreign keys
* Create, alter, drop and select from views
* Create, alter, drop and call stored procedures and functions
* Create, alter and drop triggers
* List data in tables with search, aggregate, sort and limit results
* Insert new records, update and delete the existing ones
* Supports all data types, blobs through file transfer
* Execute any SQL command from a text field or a file
* Export table structure, data, views, routines, databases to SQL or CSV
* Print database schema connected by foreign keys
* Display users and rights and change them
* Display variables with links to documentation
* Manage events and table partitions (MySQL 5.1)

More information about Adminer is here:
We strongly recommend to protect administrator/components/com_artadminer folder with .htaccess and .htpasswd

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Reviews: 5
Excellent work - makes looking after a site so much easy - well done!
Reviews: 1
We have used this in several projects and worked perfect for us. Thank you.
Reviews: 3
Awesome component for managing SQL databases from with-in Joomla administration panel, does not require opening new web pages or remembering other special logins - works great like a lightweight version of PHPMyAdmin directly in your Joomla 3.2 admin cPanel.

Highly recommended, congrats to developer/publisher.
Reviews: 3
Works great, very fast and lightweight, much quicker then phpMyAdmin. Powerful - just watch who has access.. your Clients could screw things up with just one click.
Reviews: 21
I just wanted a tool that allows me to easy drop tables to clean up a site without going into PHPAdmin.
This tool just does it easy for me. I know you can do more with it but I have not used it yet.
Thank you for this extension!
Reviews: 1
In one word: It's great..
It's light weight, very easy to use. it's fast and as a free component it coverages all my need.
just as a point, it would better if it could export in gzip format.
Reviews: 1
This application cuts my joomla/mysql app development time in half!! I'm kind of frustrated that I didn't search for it sooner. When I finally found it and used it I couldn't believe it was free. I would easily pay $50 for this. To the developer I extend a huge thank you!!!
Reviews: 1
The component is very fast to change fields or something in the structure but you can't work with the data of the db
Owner's reply

You can.

You can check the checkbox to the left of any row and edit it.

You can also add new rows, modify table structure, etc.

Please have a look carefully.

Reviews: 5
Can't even test this. I installed it fine, then I keep getting "Access denied for user ... (using password: NO)" EVEN THOUGH I PUT IN A PASSWORD! :/
Owner's reply

The issue is definitely not in Art Adminer, but in .htaccess file on your server that disabled access. You may want to get some knowledge in access to folders and files that is used on your server.

Thousands of users use Art Adminer without issues, there were 2-3 people who got it disabled by .htaccess on their server - we helped them within 24 hours after they contacted us.

All you need before leaving a review about 'non-working' component is to have a look at our forum or just contact us.

Reviews: 15
An excellent add on that makes admin of SQL database a real on the fly breeze. Highly recommended
Reviews: 37
When one normally has to log in to his provider, select the multiple layers of menu options, and then enter the database password, it becomes a nightmare to administer the backend. THANK YOU developer for producing a well programmed piece of art and giving it away. You've made my job easier for backend replacing (where the component maker didn't figure I needed to change a mass list of prices).
Reviews: 11
a fantastic component but not for blondes :-)
well done !
Reviews: 2
Perfect database access solution within Joomla. Works right out of the box. Should have some css styling in future versions. Remember to protect extension folder htaccess for security reasons.
Reviews: 1
It took me forever to find this gem of an extension, but once I did I was so impressed that I made an account on here to leave a review. This simple in-Joomla database management tool saved me hours of copy/pasting content from a website who's host refused me direct access to the database.

Absolutely no complaints thus far - quick install, ran into no issues using Joomla 2.5.1, easily connected to the database I needed, was very simple to run queries on the database. Much quicker than separate logins to a phpMyAdmin setup independent of Joomla.

Needless to say, I'll be installing this on the vast majority of my Joomla websites from now on.
Reviews: 2
I was looking for a way to download my membership into a CSV file. This appallowed me to get exactly what I wanted with a fine grained, SQL approach. I have done the same thing in DotNetNuke and found it to be excruciatingly painful to do. With ArtAdminer and Joomla this became a cakewalk. The hardest part was finding the App since the name is nowhere near what I was expecting. Fivestars Plus for the author(s).
Reviews: 1
Ever had to memorize lot of passwords for your clients? Or take a tens of clicks to get to your DB? This is a great tool to avoid this and to get fast what you need. I had a minor issue during installation. Sent email and few hours later - issue SOLVED. This is exactly how business is done. BRAVO! I am privately 5 years experience sort of web developer, or more collage master :), doing sales for worldwide IT company. And really know to appreciate when you can get something really good for free. Thank you Artetics, keep up the good work!
Reviews: 3
This is a must have component! Forget about going to your control panel, MySql, etc. Acess your database into Joomla and also use SQL commands into it! Amazing and easy to use, filter and so on!

The support when I needed on the forum was amazing ans so quick. Better than a lot of paid huge software companies. Congratulations Artetics! Keep rocking!
Reviews: 18
This is the component you need to access your database inside Joomla!. It provides you every needed command to work in the database.

Reviews: 5

First of all thanks for the component, I have installed this component on many of my client sites.

It is working fine on many sites but recently I found that some of the sites are not haveing the art_adminer_settting database along with the component.

I have to execute that SQL part manually. Why is like that?
Reviews: 5
This is a great extension and it is working out of the box after installing. Another good thing is that it is working under Joomla! 1.5 und 1.6.

Maybe there are other database extensions with more features but this one is the best for daily business.
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