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SEF Translate is an automatic translations permit translate yours site content to all languages that Google Translate or Bing(Microsoft) translate support. Site translation do with help Ajax or redirect.

SEF Translate is a translation component for SEO and SEF, it permit extend yours site content in some times. More languages - more big yours site, more big yours URLs site map, more multi-lingual content.

That component work only together with SEF Translate module.

Language Edition will make multilingual site with help AJax or with help Redirect.

The main menu component permit build site map.

Features SefTranslate Free:
- support Google and Bing translation API
- Translations more than between 80 languages
- Hide Google's top frame after translation
- Language bar with flags
- Hide Google's "Suggest Better Translation" pop-up
- Use Ajax translate
- Create Site map for main menu on between 80 languages
- Cache site map

For more details about the extent of SEF Translate features see:

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Reviews: 2
I do not know how to Filipino, but with the Ukrainian language works fine!
In addition, at the expense of multilingual content on my site to increase traffic! And the Language bar with flags very nice ..
Reviews: 5
Automatic translation with display of flags.
I think it's the only one to offer this option now. GTranslate stopped his best mode "Fly" and "Sef Translate" performs this function so it's a very good replacement.
I tried everything and this is the best, nothing intrusive to your website.
Thank You.
Reviews: 1
There is no support for Google unless you pay for it. I was interested in Filipino, but it is not supported since it uses Bing instead of Google which I thought should be used instead.
Owner's reply

We use Google API !!!!! If Google ask from you money for use That API - Why you set 3 to us !?
Please write to google.

We created for you possibility use other Free BING API - Thanks to Bing - but for you that bad !?

Reviews: 2
I use this to provide Spanish language translation via Google. Easy to install and configure, works great and support is fast and accurate. What more could you want?
Reviews: 1
One of the best components I ever used! Very useful for my real estate website, when I needed some help the developers supported me immediately spending lot of time configuring the component especially for my website, after that great experience I ordered the pro version with the extended features. Thanks again!!!
Reviews: 1
Wow, that's great. A good extension of a very good team. SEF Translate Pro!

This is an exceptionally good support. I have not believed that it works because I have a very complex Joomla installation. The team has a very short time the extension integrates perfectly into my website.

This extension, SEF-Translate Pro, has dropped me from the beginning, I was just disturbed that this extension, the flag is not valid XHTML. I'll try to correct it. Maybe someone is interested to make valid. Much it can not be.

Then there is the best system for Joomla Translate associated with SEO.

A perfect XML sitemap for Google.. A perfect site map and structure of an HTML site for the user...

Many thanks.

Reviews: 6
The best component so far. No problem to install, works seamlessly. Great job! I thought to give 4 stars because they are incorrectly set the flag, especially in my country - Serbia. But I forgave them. :)
Reviews: 5
Thank you for the component. With AJAX technology it works just fine.
Reviews: 2
Work very fast! I thinks it's very a important in translators. also you can create site map for each languages. Your content increases and it's very good for SEO. Attracting more visitors

Great support, always ready to help. Thanks!
Reviews: 2
Very good component
Well solves the problem
Thanks to this component of my site has grown a lot in SEO
Comand from that component have very communication and quick answer. They very help me. Thanks to him.
I look forward to adding new fuatures
Reviews: 1
I used SEF Translate for a NPO site dealing with HIV and was very satisfied. It does what it claims to do. I had a small problem installing (my mistake - I have average Joomla and web skills), I emailed the guys and they responded immediately. What a difference this makes!

The extension is easy to use and has amazing potential for developers.
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