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JV Translate Module

This module is very easy to use, it includes Google Translate API, and supporting for both joomla 1.5, 1.6, 1.7 and 2.5 versions.
You can use it to translate your site, the site will be translated so fast by Ajax tech’
JV Translate has more options too, you can show it by Flags or classical display.

As the website administrator, from back end page you can set :
+ Choose the type to display
+ Set webpage language as default
+ Set the size of flag images
+ Choose languages will be shown

Changelog: if users set default language of your website, they can click on the flag of default language
to go back the basic website before translating..
V 2.5 Google Translate API v2

-JV Translate now use Google Translate API version 2 (pay per use) instead of the now-disabled version 1
-A new translate mode: Text, which allow you to translate text instead of your website.

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Reviews: 5
This extension installed very easily and just as easily configured. I used the flags and they work great, but...

If you translate a page, you get a stupid little tooltip that pops up over everything you hover over that was translated and it really interferes with the site.

Fix this and it is a 5-star extension.
Reviews: 1
Flags not work, dropdown should be hidden google translate bar!
Reviews: 6
Its very good module, clean and easy to use..just one problem..jquery conflict with doesnt work with flags just with dropdown list whichis ok but if you use nice flag design it doesnt fix this and it would be great!
Reviews: 1
Easy to install and configure, works like expect but only one question about your module, your extension have an invalid html markup, your source code display 53 errors because you forgot the alt atributes on the 53 flags.
Reviews: 1
It simply works!

I'm setting up a new Joomla 1.7 site and looking for multi-languages option extensions.

Found this and it took me less than 5 minutes to setup and get it running. Every page is translated to the selected language.
No complicated instructions nor steps to follow.

Am amazed by how simple it can get.

One thing though, is that the translation appear to be done real-time, that is I can see the text changing from my default language of English to the other language as I clicked through the pages. So that means there's a slight delay for the text to appear in the alternative language. I have no complains about that though. :)
Reviews: 2
Fast, clean and seamless. Just one enhancement needed - jquery conflict. I did have some issues and had to do some hunting to disable several jquery calls.