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NS Translate Plugin

Translation made easy! Add a quick and easy method for your end users to translate entire pages by simply selecting their own language from a pop-out drop-down.

With close to 60 language translations available, NS Translate uses the Google Translate API to provide automatic translations of your site on the fly without spending hours translating articles and menus to different languages.

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Reviews: 2
Excellent tool that is easy to install and configure!
Reviews: 8
I always leave reviews when I find a good plugin or extension but this time I couldn't wait to. Can't say enough about how cool this plugin is! The support? I've not had this level of excellence in support with expensive products - you would not believe it.

This is a free extension - it is worth joining the extension for under $13 just as a thank you.

If I could say more I would - but I'm telling you that after trying out about 8 different potential solutions I was fortunate enough to find this one - NEED TRANSLATION? GET THIS AND ENJOY -- it even did translation on text within accordian and NO OTHER did this - I am very very happy, impressed and feel like a king the way I was assisted.
Reviews: 4
Installed it - which was quite easy to do and configuration was easy as well.
It looks nice on the site.
I had one question which was answered within minutes.