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MultiTrans Module

Includes 4 dropdown styles of Google widgets.

Also are included are tabs to place at top-right, top-left, bottom-left, bottom-right.

There is also an auto option which places no widget but if the end-users browser language is different to your site language the Google translation bar appears. Thus a totally unintrusive option for most of your site users.

Translates over 70 languages.

Provides translations in most European, Asian and some African languages. Most major markets covered.

This module has backend language localization for English, French and German.

Works with either jQuery or Mootools

No need to register.

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Reviews: 22
Google translator DOES NOT the best job at translating, but if you don't want to spend hours translating your site this is a good solution that can be implemented in 5 minutes. Good free module with a better looking alternative if you want to spend a few $$.

Thank you developers!
Reviews: 5
This is really a great extension, simple an easy to use, but very helpful! And the support is also very fast and friendly. I had y question which was answered within a few minutes. Thank you very much!
Reviews: 3
I bought the commercial version of this very nice extension and I am very satisfied. Works excellent, nice layout, easy to set up and implement on my site. But the best is the support - a minor conflict with another extension was identified immediately, and Bob replied in a very kind and fast way. I can recommend this extension.
Reviews: 6
This module works very well and respect the layout of the website.
I had problems with the paid version which can display flags.
The developer has corrected the problem very quickly. It is very pleasant to work with reactive people
Reviews: 6
Works right away with little set up and no confusion. Simply lovely. Nice clean look, maybe the background a little deep but I'm very happy
Reviews: 1
It works great!!!
Excellent compatibility and very useful module.
It's just incredible!!!
Reviews: 3
What more can I say!
It saved my day.
I downloaded it in almost zero time.
The module's panel is very descriptive and easy to use.
It offers many alternatives; just select your desired setup.
On the top of that, the 'Support' system is super excellent.
I mailed some questions to the developer, Bob Galway. He was very generous and committed.
I got his prompt reply which was very constructive and helpful.

We know that IE has been a pain in **s for many years. And this time, it's no exception!
It does NOT respond to this fine software; don't want to translate!!
But Bob is working on it.
MultiTrans is highly recommended!
Thanks for great extension!
Reviews: 6
This module does exactly what it says and comes with a number of pre-configured styles and options which would be perfect for most users. To ensure that the module works "out of the box" under most circumstances the developer has hard coded a number of styling parameters (such as the font used) which I found tricky to over ride even though there are style configuration options in the modules admin screen. The developer was very responsive and helpful to requests for assistance and I did achieve what I wanted in the end, so I am happy to give this 5 stars.
Reviews: 4
Very useful app. I use it all the time and saves time and energy. Of course, there it needs some adjustments, but otherwise it is very well done.
Reviews: 3
Translating system is nice. I tested other module and faced few problems on the system of changing content to one language to another. But it is fine. Great.
Reviews: 2
The module is great does everything it says it will and when I had an issue Bob the developer was quick to respond with a fix.
Reviews: 3
When I first installed MultiTrans, it immediately crashed and burned with a fatal error. I did some Google searching but couldn't find anyone else with the same problem, so I wrote to Bob, the developer. He got back to me within a couple of hours to suggest a way to fix the problem, but the quick fix didn't work. Bob then spent the weekend writing a custom version of the extension just for me, at no charge! This was way above and beyond the call of duty, and I can highly recommend Bob and his work. Oh, and the custom version of the extension worked perfectly right away.
Reviews: 5
Thank you for this extension, worked out of the box with no problems at all.

Highly recommended!
Reviews: 4
Amazingly simple and a very valuable tool in your web design arsenal. Thank you so much for developing this tool.
Reviews: 7
A must for any site that wants to be accessible in other languages. Very highly recommended. Easy to install, concise and direct instructions to be installed, published and ready to run. Congratulations!
Reviews: 2
Super easy to install, works immediately, Thank you for this plugin.
Reviews: 2
Yet this is amazing !

i cannot believe this is free 4 all. amazingly simple extension, works perfectly with many templates you are using, simple to install & setup.

Thanks for great extension guys !
Reviews: 1
Simple, fantastic, effective, no conflicts! This outshines any other translation extension available. Well done.
If you have an international audience, you MUST install this!
Reviews: 21
If you need a comprehensive translation solution for your site...look no further than this. This module turns your website into a multi-national, globally-relevant, easily-accessible website of wonder in a matter of minutes. Thank you to the developer for this's GREAT!
Reviews: 3
I tested few translation module and this is the best one. It take me only one or two minutes to complete to setup.
Pro: Very easy to setup & use
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