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MultiTrans Module

Includes 4 dropdown styles of Google widgets.

Also are included are tabs to place at top-right, top-left, bottom-left, bottom-right.

There is also an auto option which places no widget but if the end-users browser language is different to your site language the Google translation bar appears. Thus a totally unintrusive option for most of your site users.

Translates over 70 languages.

Provides translations in most European, Asian and some African languages. Most major markets covered.

This module has backend language localization for English, French and German.

Works with either jQuery or Mootools

No need to register.

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Reviews: 5
Setup Easy to use & Works perfectly.If the Option to add flags for some languages then it is also good from other.

Thank you for your free excellent module.
Reviews: 1
Great plugin - except I can't get only specific languages to list in the SIMPLE layout... I have listed the country codes and still get the full list.

PROs: Easy to install/implement, doesn't break your template, Option to have no Google logo plastered on it, no POWERED BY garbage either. Nice and clean!

CONs: See first comment, other than that NONE
Reviews: 11
Works perfectly with whichever template you are using, simple to install and setup. All good, especially since it is also FREE!
Reviews: 9
Perfect translation module. Simple, clean and doesn't blow out your template.

PS - You can totally style it by over-riding the Google styles with !important tags.
Reviews: 8
Downloaded to running live inside of two minutes so absolutely happy and thank you so much! or as the extension would say "Muy Fantastico, Tres Bien, Ausgezeichnet" !!
Reviews: 37
I was fully prepared to go with my tried and true until I saw this breakdown of FREE and everything else. Made it seem impossible so I tried MultiTrans and talk about EASY! Very happy I gave it a try! Thanks developer!
Reviews: 14
I can only repeat what others have said here: unlike gTranslate, this one works without trashing your template and then being told to "check the validity of your code." This one also lets you adjust the CSS of its display, so you're not stuck with someone else's idea of a good color scheme, and that is always the mark of a good extension, IMHO. 2 thumbs up!!
Reviews: 5
Really good and easey to use. It does what it says. I really like option to choose my own languages. Very nice, compliments to developer.
Reviews: 11
After having used GTranslate that ruins the design of your template, this module really adjusted the design in a neat way and also gives you the choice how to display the module itself in 4 different ways. Great extension that works straight out of the box.
Reviews: 15
Couldn't be easier to install and set up. Another translator interfered with my main menu, but this doesn't. It works immediately and flawlessly. Thanks.
Reviews: 9
I had this extension installed, configured and working perfectly in under 90 seconds. Congratulations to the developer for getting it so right!
Reviews: 2
I tried the main auto language extensions and this one works the best.

Gives me several different options for display and best of all doesn't break my top menu like gtranslate. (which seems to be a common thing)
Reviews: 6
I used this recently for a client & was relieved to have found a translator that was both simple to install and required little effort to implement. The others I tried before were fairly straightforward, but they ruined the layout of the website and there was nothing I could do to fix it.

This one doesn't do that. It works well and won't break your template.
Reviews: 1
I am staggered at how easy to use and beneficial MultiTrans is!

Thank you so much!

Reviews: 1
Great module, but 1 negative point: once you choose a language you can't go back to the standard language of the site. There is no option to say ie. 'stop translation'. This option would be great ...
Reviews: 1
Thank your for your excellent module. Everything works perfect. The tool helps to make my work known in more languages.
Reviews: 1
This is one of the only autom. transl. tool which works if you have installed VM ! Other language tools block VM-Odering.

There is only one little thing:

Please ADD the Option to add flags for some languages. (like GTtrans ...)
Reviews: 1
Not support punjabi Language (for indian punjabi people)
Owner's reply

Punjabi is not available because it is not provided by Google for these widgets. From time to time Google updates their selection of languages so it may be that it will become available at some future date.Two other Indian languages are supplied. Hindi and Urdu.

Reviews: 4
This extension does exactly what it says, is extremely user friendly, works instantly and is backed up by support that is quick and thorough.

If I could give it an even higher rating I would.

I contacted the developer to find out if I could limit the options available in the module to only English and German and he got back to me in no time with exactly what I needed.
Reviews: 15
Installs instantly, works great.

Google CSS at 12 px text on the "credits" link is too big. Set it to 10 with !important will solve it.
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