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MultiTrans Module

Includes 4 dropdown styles of Google widgets.

Also are included are tabs to place at top-right, top-left, bottom-left, bottom-right.

There is also an auto option which places no widget but if the end-users browser language is different to your site language the Google translation bar appears. Thus a totally unintrusive option for most of your site users.

Translates over 70 languages.

Provides translations in most European, Asian and some African languages. Most major markets covered.

This module has backend language localization for English, French and German.

Works with either jQuery or Mootools

No need to register.

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Reviews: 15
This words perfect, I'm happy I finally found one I really liked and was easy to use. Thank you so much!
Reviews: 1
Thanks...Perfect module
Reviews: 1
I don't get a LOT of traffic to my website that doesn't come through in English, but I get a little, so just wanted a very basic, very easy, quick to set up page translator for the few folks who might stick around longer if the site were in their own language. Assuming the Google translations are accurate (and if they're not, it's a google problem, not a program problem), this one does the job. Don't really care much for the non-google designs, but since I'll be using the google translator anyway, no harm no foul. :)

Good module. Nice to find exactly what I was looking for in the first program I tried.
Reviews: 1
This is an excellent product if you want your website to be translated without the hassle of getting a professional translator. It works perfectly on my site and does what I want it to do.
Reviews: 1
I just spent the entire day trying to configure JF (Y'all know which one that is) and seeing as I am not in the business of translating anything into other languages (mostly because I ONLY speak English) I finally un-installed it and went searching for one that would just let me get back to work on my site and then I found this module.

Now I'm wondering why I wasted an entire day on this because with this module I got what I wanted... A simple translator for my site & a whole bunch of peace of mind knowing that anyone who wants to use my site should be able to, now.

I just wish I'd found this module this morning!!!

From download to install to configuration I'm counting less than five (5) minutes!!! Compare that to an entire day and tell me which one you want to use.

If you need a translator on your website and need to get back to doing what you do best then this one is what you need to start with... Don't waist your precious time on anything else. This one right here will do EVERYTHING you're wanting it to do AND MORE!

Reviews: 1
I was hunting round your site for installation instructions, but didn't need any. Just installed the module and it worked a treat. Top Job!
Reviews: 9
Thanks for this. It works very good, after testing another module based on google that didn't work, this does !
Very easy to use, only problem is the injection of span elements in the page that cause display problem.
But I hope solving this with CSS.
Reviews: 6
I think your Module is by far the best way to add multilingual functionality to a Joomla! 1.5.

I have tried several others when building sites for my company's clients - but this one is by far the best as it is simple to manage and easy to use. I think the Google widget option is best - more language options.
Reviews: 2
Well this is also a nice module: really functional, quick, and not dangerous for layout.
At first I tried to use Multilang M17n (tested on Win2k3 Server, Apache 2.2.11 Webserver and MySQL 5.1), and only by installing it was able to mess up all my code! The author says that it's my configuration fault, so I wonder if your Multi Trans works fine because it's well written, or because it's a complete error!! Anyway, apart jokes, your module is really well working and easy to use; only 1 issue:
user should be able to adapt Google logo to menu size, because it's all in a row, and too long! Anyway Google frame works better now, so it's always a nice compromise.
Nice job!!
Reviews: 1
Thank you so very much. It works very well and install was perfect.
Reviews: 1
The module does its job ok. However, the code is not as clean as it could be: instead of , missing type="text/javascript" in some places and usage of & instead of & in the urls ... These are minor issues but should be corrected.
Owner's reply

In the google translation option the above faults are evident but the rendered code is identical to that supplied by google from which it is taken. The above comments don't apply to the yahoo option and only partly to the altavista option.
Whenever I first released these modules I took the view that it would be better to use the supplied code for the widgets as reading through the terms and conditions of the various widget suppliers indicated that there might be small legal problems with making alterations. So taking into account the high reliability in actual usuage I have decided to leave the code as is.

Reviews: 16
If you need to quickly add a very simple translation tool, this module does the trick. Initial screen translation is framed (due to Google) but following links thereafter shows your site in the new selected language. Very easy and intuitive.
Reviews: 17
Last version is really good: it adds "Remove Frames" option so that provider frame disappear after few seconds. Margins options are very good too.

The best solution if you are not ready for Joomfish.
Reviews: 6
Install was a breeze and getting it to work was too.

I'd love to see more flexibility of the look. Specifically, I'd love to be able to enter a module class suffix to make the module fit better with my site(s).

That's the only thing I can think of that can be solved by the coders of the extension. I don't love the frame too much, but that's Google, Yahoo and/or Altavista related.

The flags versus drop down is not an easy one to solve. I like the look of the flags better, but objectively, the drop down takes way less space. Would be nice to be able to choose but I won't lose sleep over that one.

If I could just get the look issue I spoke of fixed, I'd be a VERY happy camper :)

As is, GREAT job! Thanks bunches!
Reviews: 2
So far as I can say, this module is a really great one. It's way much easier to install compare to other multi-lingual support components.
And so far as we can see, this module gives us three option, either Yahoo, AltaVista or Google (in fact you can use three of them together) at least I can see the designers and programmers' efforts.
Besides, three of these are WORKING!!! Sincerely i would like to say it's a great module! and thanks for making this module available!
Reviews: 2
Nice work. Really. :)

Just few qualms:

1. For yahoo! why there is no option for going back to original language? And why the size of the module can't be a little smaller like google one?

2. For Altavista why it opens in another page? And again why the size of the module can't be a little smaller like google one?

But even if I ignore these, its doing absolutely great.

Reviews: 7
Works great! No problems. Yahoo translation works best with my site. Thanks for the great little module!
Reviews: 15
Using moving up to Joomla 1.5.1 I could not find a translator that worked. Author was extremely helpful, suggesting the use of Google rather than Yahoo when wrapper class onfront page caused some errors. Worked best with Firefox as asian language did not display in IE7 (maybe a local issue) The best (only?) available online translator for Joomla 1.5.1. As suggested, flags would be nice rather than drop down text but a great start. Keep up the good work
Maybe it's not the best business package but for the language challenged among us, absulutely great.
Reviews: 2
This is a great component. Very easy to install and it works. Unlike some of the other translators, the display on my pages was not compromised: all the pages look the same no matter what language is being used. The only suggestion I would make is not to use a drop-down box but to have flags of countries. Highly recommended!
Reviews: 4
Installed it this morning on a German site. It translates to English and French. Both languages are OK for personal use, however for business use, I would not recommend it.

Installation and setup are very easy.
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