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j!Language Editor Component

j!LangEditor - This is the Joomla Language Editor component which lets the administrator to edit the langauge files of different languages used for client side.

Updated on 2012-01-10:
The extension has been updated to fix the bugs by Janaf below.
- HTML tags are supported regardless of what tags are used. Since editing is performed in the administrator section, no validations are checked.
- Updated files will be stored in the override directory so that when upgrading the Joomla core will not overwritten the modified texts/language content.

- Download the zipped extension.
- Unzip the package and you will have two zip:
-- for Joomla 1.5
-- another for Joomla 1.6.
- You can now install your desired/required version.

Enjoy editing the language files without opening FTP!!!

Note: It will try to fetch the files of en-GB for the first and if there is no English language then nothing will be listed. You will have to choose the language from the drop down.

In next release, I will try to manage default website language to be loaded by default or set some parameter.

Please do not forget to add a review when you install and use it.

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Reviews: 3
It does its job but I think that since Joomla has "language overrides" integrated, it's quite useless.
Reviews: 4
Compared with missingT or Localise this extension has a very poor fonctionality:
-Poor filter options
-no overview of the translation state outside the file.
-no auto translation (google/ bing)
-simple text editor without any layout

But (and it's a big but) j!Language Editor supports language overrides! Changes are not saved in the orignal file, so after an update they are still there.
Reviews: 1
This extension is great! Very simple to change the language files which are stored in the default Joomla directory.

Although, some extensions use their own language files directory. It would be nice if the was a possibility to add/ modify the default directories.
Reviews: 2
J!Language editor is really simple to install and use but has two flaws imo.

One is that it works on the original language files. As far as I understand, the preferred method would be to save changed files in the Override directory. Then, future updates will not overwrite the changes one have made.

Second I found the hard way: J!Language strips out any HTML tags without warning.

One of my applications was misbehaving. I ended up asking the commercial developer of my extension for support and he found the problem was missing tags in the language file. Then I realized what had happened: an HTML tag had been stripped by J!Language without me knowing. I did not connect the problem to the fact that I had opened a language file, changed one word, saved it.

In the same way, if you add a "
Owner's reply

Hello Janaf,

Thanks for pointing the weak points (flaws in your words). I have just fixed the second problem to support HTML and quotes in the language. And I will update shortly to store the updated files in overrides directory.

Thank you once again for using the extension!.

With warm regards,
Raju Gautam

Reviews: 2
A very handy and helpful Joomla plugin.
Reviews: 4
Simply one of the most useful components in joomla. Should probably be in the core.
Reviews: 4
This is exactly what I was looking for, it´s a must have for translators or anyone with a site in a different language other than english, or even for just editing your already loaded language, it's a great idea, no more FTP, Extplorer, or any other tool to allow you to download and edit your languages. Thank you very much Raju Rachana!

It would be great if the following features could be included:
- Hability to filter languages from Comp, Mods, Plugins.
- To be able to copy from one language to another or new one.
- To be able to edit the name of the language file
Owner's reply

Thank you so much for trying the j!LanguageEditor. Yes indeed it is a must have feature within Joomla. That's what I had thought before development.

I am working out for some of the features including the features you have listed. Will let you know once I add them.

Thank you once again for the review :)

Raju Gautam

Reviews: 3
Great idea: provides easy access and editing of your Joomla! language files with no fuss!