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The missing T is a joomla extension that helps translaters to spot missing translations in components/modules/plugins language files, and do the translation directly directly from joomla backend, then save or export the files.

It is possible to use google translation and/or just copy strings from original language file to help speed up the process.

This is for now a very simple component, but it should do it's job

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Reviews: 14
This nifty extension has saved me tons of time. Pitty that it isn't being developed anymore, but as the developer states, maybe someone can pick it up and continue development. The developer: " Hi Christoffer,

I haven't been working on it for some time, and as i am not using it myself in my day to day work, i am not planning to work on it again at the moment
The project is open source, so anyone can join or fork though..."
Reviews: 2
you guys made my day my week my month really such an amazing component, i love the way it works and it does exactly what is supposed to do love it so much thank u for keeping it free and i am ready for some donation for the development cost thank u again :)
Reviews: 4
I downloaded and tested j!Language Editor, Localise and MissingT

Compared with the j!Language Editor missingT has a very large functionality.

Compared with Localise there are some disadvantages:
Autotranslation translates all entries. I prefer to choose which entries I'd like to autotranslate.
No text editor available to fix corupt files.
But there is also an advantage: The export function.

Like in Localise there is no possibility to create a missing file.
Also it's not possible to create a override file, so updating joomla can overwrite the changes. Override files aren't even recoginesed. But here in MissingT the export function may help.

All in all I prefer Localise. I'd change to missingT if there would be a functionality to create an manage override files.
Reviews: 1
missing T was great when it's have google translate. now it's so bad because bing translator not so good.

please add again the google translator then we are very happy.
Reviews: 3
This component does exactly what it says. Thanks for your efforts!
Reviews: 1
Missingt is a nice component and I wish there were others of this type or one that would just work correctly.

Missingt - Cannot read new strings added to the language file you are editing. Unfortunately Missingt does not let you add a new string so you do need to edit it outside Missingt but when you read the file again for translation, the string added just does not get read, like if it's not existing?

Missingt zaps all the comments in the file so figuring out where you are in a translation is not easy.

Wish the old Translation Manager would work in 2.5.

Unfortunately, I cannot help, not a programmer but I would definitely buy a good extension to help in translation efforts.
Reviews: 5
Great and easy to work with tool.
It even works without any problem in the 2.5 version of Joomla!
Keep up the good work
Reviews: 1
This component like to work great on 1.6, 1.7, but for 1.5 the Google translate don't work anymore(because google translate now use V2)
Reviews: 5
Thanks to the developers i can have all my extensions translated in a glimpse! Great tool works right out oft the box. Install and start translating all tools in your site that dont have translatioin in your language...its worth Five Stars! Great Job!
Reviews: 16
I have been using missing T for about a year now and everytime I make a new website, missing T is the first extension I istall. Thank you very much, you are making great Joomla even greater!
Reviews: 2
The Best Solution for programming Multilanguages Websites. For Future, how to be upload this Translations for other User?
Owner's reply

I just want to thank you and all the other people that took the time to vote and review the component !

Reviews: 5
You no longer need to translate the language files using a text editor, and every time to go into service. It can all do it yourself!
Reviews: 3
very super component!
Reviews: 4
Very nice!

Let's just add a checker for finding duplicate content in files .. let's sey if german and english files have both the same word, that mean one of them is not translated .. just copied.

Great job guys!
Owner's reply

Good idea ! I included a check in 1.0, so that the textarea will be highlighted in yellow when the 'translated' string is the same as the 'original' string.

Reviews: 3
I was secretly hoping the translation manager extension would come to joomla 1.7, but when it didn't I stumbled upon this one.

All I can say is: WOW. It's even better!!
Reviews: 5
I am very impressed with this component, for me was useful, because I had traslation, but sometimes I got old version, only a portion of traslation was ok. with this component I could debug and put all ok
Reviews: 3
The google translate function help you to translate 300\400 lines of code in 2 minutes!
Reviews: 1
Using MissingT on several Joomla sites almost a year. I stop by to check if there is a newer version and surprised that there are only 10 reviews.
Most of the translating people are not really translaters, they just google it that sometimes you can find ridiculous language files, MissingT saves time and help to correct without diving into all lang.ini files to find out what is where.

Hope Julien will continue with the great job.
Reviews: 1
I have successfully used this extension to translate several language files and to export them from one site to others. It has been so easy that my quality of life increases every time I do a translation.

There is one feature I miss. Several extension creators, like in Jomsocial, include HTML code in their language strings and I do not know any easy way to transfer the HTML code from the English language summary to the foreign language text box.

Owner's reply

thank you andresseo, i will look into it !
Do not hesitate to submit ideas and issues on the support forum and/or on the github project page.

Reviews: 3
Excellent tool, light and easy to use !
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