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Your site in multiple languages in the easiest way. The Falang component allows you to manage all your content translations, even the content of all your components/modules, on your web site.

The component is so flexible that you can easily add new components at a later date and then translate the new content.

With extensions you can translate k2, aiContactSafe, Docman , Redshop, jDownload, phocaDownload ....

The free version has a backlink to faboba site. You can remove it if you upgrade to a basic or standard version without losing your translations and parameters.

The Free version has no limitation.

Falang doesn't use the default language system of Joomla 2.5 and 3.3. You don't have to specify a language for each content article or menu item (which results in a huge amount of duplication).

Did you ever ask yourself how you can create a multi-lingual website without copying every single item and re-creating them in the new language? Then Falang is one of the possible answers to this problem.

In case of problems look for the solution in that page: falang’s problems resolution

Falang is a fork of Joomfish 2.1.7 which has been re-written to be compatible with Joomla! 2.5 and now Joomla! 3.3

+ fix front-end message on successfull save.
+ fix order number problem in hikashop and front-end edition.
+ set different message for free and paid version for front-end edition.

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Reviews: 5
This component is super. Easy to handle and best of all; it just works!
And if you should need support, it is excellent too. You get answers within hours.
I really recommend this component!
Reviews: 3
Really quick and perfect help with a little bug.
Reviews: 1
I have this extension installed on a business website and a NGO website. It has been very easy to install, use and configure even though I am not a programmer, but I had previous experience with Joomfish.
Recently I upgraded and had a problem on the backend of one of my sites. The support was AMAZING. Stephanie followed up on my emails and helped me figure out it was a PHP problem I had to upgrade on one site.
Reviews: 5
Easy to use, clean component, but most importantly - great SUPPORT! My problem with web template was solved with attention and professional attitude. Thanks, Stephane!
Reviews: 2
Perfect in frontend, select the language (flag) and write in the current language. Easy to use. This is necessary to have in every project joomla.
Reviews: 1
Used to work with the Joomla integrated multilingual tools, I'm very pleased how Falang simplifies the setup of a multilingual site. Support (if needed) is very good. If you plan to add languages to your site, use Falang from the beginning. Problems might show up when the site was designed with the native multilingual system before due to the different concept of the Falang extension. Documentation is a little humbly and could be improved. I will use Falang again in future projects if a multilingual site is needed.
Reviews: 1
Super fast support and very easy to use and configure...
Reviews: 2
I don't write reviews usually but Stéphane really took my attention with his support. as we installed the extension and it worked like charm but we faced a problem with the RTL issue, here is where Stéphane jumped in and in less than 12hr solved it and gave us a site we dream of.
I recommend this Extension to anyone looking for Multilanguage and not only for the extension and technology but the support.
Reviews: 1
Falang was working fine with Joomla 3.0 core but I needed help in order to have it working with a 3rd-party extension I've downloaded.
I paid for support and Stéphan never left me alone until his script was workin fine, not only with the 3rd-party extension but even with the multi-menu-template (complicated setting) I have.

I bought several extension (a lot of) but never in my life I've experienced a support like this.

I now can understand why this guy has this level of ranking. You can't imagine a better support and human respect.
Reviews: 1
Used this component (paid support version... great value) to set up a 3 language site. Works really well and the author is incredibly helpful!

Had some minor issues with K2 fields and the developer jumped in immediately to test and resolve.

Client is very happy, I am as well!

Reviews: 1
I'd purchased this component (falang standard) and had some compatibility problems with my site. Just any emails to the author and all was solved, with very fast response.
About the component I have to say that now translating my site is very easy. Very useful component for multilingual sites!.
Reviews: 2
Amazing support for a terrific component. Needed to translate data for k2 extra fields which component did not seem to do. Sent an email to the developer and received response within 15 minutes, on a Sunday, wow! Explained that this was an upcoming feature to be added but sent me a pre-release plugin which worked without a flaw. Best support experience in a long time.
Reviews: 3
Excellent extension for site and components what not use Joomla built in multi lang support
Reviews: 1
Using Falang Supported Version
Falang is the coolest, easiest, seamlessly and cost-effective way to turn your Joomla based site into a multilingual site, I am using it to develop a multilingual freelancer marketplace, and the support that Stéphane is giving me is amazing, besides the exceptional behavior of the component itself, Stéphane really offers you an outstanding support, he really does care about Falang's behavior.
Reviews: 7
Excellent component and excellent support when we needed that. Fully recommended!!
Reviews: 8
we working with k2 for all of our projects, since Stephan add the possibility for translating k2 extra fields this is definitely the best joomla multilingual component. we love it!
Reviews: 1
A fantastic component! It is easy to install and easy to use. The support must be specially highlighted.
We had massive problems when moving from http to https and we bombed Stephane with our email.
Although the solution of the problem has taken some time, we got always quick replies to our emails with helpful information and a perfect working page as an end result.
Dear Stephane, thanks for your support and your product!
Reviews: 1
I´m using the Joomla 2.5 and the Component Intellectual Property (it´s component for sell properties) with Component Falang. Now I´ve my multilanguage web site but I´ve decided to make a new one instead of old. So, I must to translate my all properties description in my new web OR ask for help from Stéphane in this issue. And he was so kind and imported the whole translation of properties from the old web to the new one, in a very short time.
Thank you Stéphane for your component, time and job.
Reviews: 2
This component really makes life easier. Easy install, easy config and works like a charm! Good support from the developer too. I like the fact that users can install additional extensions for 3th party components. I'm using Falang in combination with FAQBook and JDownloads.
Reviews: 4
I contacted Stephanie for a small bug and she answered promptly. She's been very helpful and Im also satisfied with Falang. I think this is a great component and with this support it will never let us down. Futureproof.
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