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Your site in multiple languages in the easiest way. The Falang component allows you to manage all your content translations, even the content of all your components/modules, on your web site.

The component is so flexible that you can easily add new components at a later date and then translate the new content.

With extensions you can translate k2, aiContactSafe, Docman , Redshop, jDownload, phocaDownload ....

The free version has a backlink to faboba site. You can remove it if you upgrade to a basic or standard version without loosing your translations and parameters.

The Free version has no limitation.

Falang doesn't use the default language system of Joomla 2.5 and 3.0. You don't have to specify a language for each content article or menu item (which results in a huge amount of duplication).

Did you ever ask yourself how you can create a multi-lingual website without copying every single item and re-creating them in the new language? Then Falang is one of the possible answers to this problem.

In case of problems look for the solution in that page: falang’s problems resolution

Falang is a fork of Joomfish 2.1.7 which has been re-written to be compatible with Joomla! 2.5 and now Joomla! 3.0.

+ add joomla 3.3 compatibility
+ add custom path and file type for flag in Falang language switcher
+ fix integration between native multilanguage and falang mix
+ fix sh404 compatiblity
+ fix mijosef compatiblity
+ fix acesef compatiblity
+ add debug params to display translated item.
+ compatible with php 5.4 (remove strict message)
+ add flag (srp-ME)
+ fix quote in title (text) translation
+ k2 extra field field translation (paid version)
+ add rtl support in language switcher module

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Reviews: 1
Dear Stéphane, dear Users,
I own a very complex business website (J! 2.5) with a lot of different submenues in the languages German, English and Russian. Falang works absolutely perfect, is easy to use and the support from Stéphane is excellent and fast. You're doing very well and it is a real enrichment component for Joomla! Much obliged. Thank's a lot for your good job.
Reviews: 3
I have been many days to understand how to translate JReviews, and all other coponenti created propblemi ... Falang is the best, congratulations, really thanks for your work
Reviews: 2
Firstly - it's a fork of the previous best component for translations, that is not that good for J! 2.5.

It works very well, I have more than 10 languages on my tourism site (with human translations, not automatic). I had several problems with them, but it turned out it is a simple mistake on my part.

Install first the Joomla Translations for all the languages you need, then install FaLang, then go to Extensions -- Language manager. Here under the tabs "Installed - Site" and "Instaled - Administrator" you have all the Joomla system languages you've installed. Activate them so they are green.

Then go to the tab "Content". Here you have to manually add the same language codes as the system ones you've already installed, and publish them, and put the module on the right position. Easy. Check the instructions, it isn't scary! :-)

Be very careful with some of the more weird language codes (sorry, :) no offence meant):
Czech (native Česky) for instance has a code "cs-CZ", instead of "cz-CZ". But for the flag image you have to put cz.

And also always write dashes (-) in the language codes, instead of underscores (_) - so be careful about that!

At the end - click Components - FaLang, tab "Trabslation", then choose from the drop-downs on the right a language to translate into and a section to translkate - menus, modules, content (articles).

Best of luck with the FaLang updates in the future. Turns out - a great component for me and for everyone who wishes to have easy to maintain multilingual sites!!! :-)
Reviews: 3
I have been using Joomfish for 1.5 and that work fine. But moving on to 2.5 Joomfish is just dead. For my site in 4 langauges I needed a good translation extension. Falang
does the job perfectly ! And the support team answers within 24h. Excellent service, thank you!
Reviews: 1
It was a great relief when Stéphane provided me with quick solution for a problem I had with FaLang.
Reviews: 6
This extensions is simply grateful.
Fast, and stable.

Easy to migrate from Joomfish (Joomla 1.5 to Joomla 2.5).

And the support (with standard =version) is very very excellent.

Thank you Stéphane!
Reviews: 3
Stéphane was extremely helpful with some technical difficulties I had. Precesely with Moset Tree, Stéphane created a content element to manage the translations of Moset Tree. I had been looking for this feature for months!!! Great job. Highly recomended.
Reviews: 1
Go immediately for the standard version and you get a perfect service and a perfect tool that even K2 translated ! Super service Stéphane
Reviews: 8
I almost decided to use Falang instead of Joomfish on joomla 2.5. Almost.

I was migrating an old 1.5. site to 2.5. and read in the forums that it's better to use Falang.
It seems to be identical to joomfish at first, however, I realised that unlike with joomfish, the item aliases that appear in the URLs don't get translated!

This may seem like a minor compromise for a new site, but in my case all my old URLs in the second language would have to change. I'm sorry but that's an SEO disaster, and this matters to me.

I've decided to stick with the buggy prerelease version of joomfish for 2.5 instead. For now at least. I'll keep my eye on Falang too... It will be interesting to see in the near future which one of these two adapts to joomla 3.5 first... going to be quite a race I think.
Owner's reply


Yes you're right Falang don't translate url (soon) but you can use another sef tool to do it. like joomsef , acesef, mijosef....
The version for joomla 3.0 will be launch this week.

Reviews: 1
I've been using JoomFish till a few months ago. For the redesign of a constumer's website I tried FaLang. After a short period of orientation the extension works great. Had a little problems, which I finally got solved with a few hints of the developer.

Would use it again w/o hesitating.
Reviews: 27
Really good component but needs some changes to make things work. Do not forget to set the default language to the language your articles are or you will not be able to make the translation
Reviews: 3
I have bought the commercial license and have few problems to make it work on my sites. Thanks to quick support I have been able to solve it. I did some mistakes because I have migrated my site from wordpress so falang didnt liked the language codes of wordpress. Great component, simple to use and outstanding support.
Reviews: 1
I was using the joomfish as it has two way of translation,I initially face problem while selecting mysqli and enabling the plugin, but now I am used to with falang and I am happy with prompt reply of stephane Bouey as i have 10 reply in 30 minutes as his reply like realtime chat. thank you stephane Bouey and faboba team.
Reviews: 5
similar to joomfish on J2.5, great component and Stephanie gives fast support, I recommend it.
Reviews: 4
For migrating a site running joom! Fish this extension is critical, it retains the simplicity of the desk. And allows easy migration. Simply bravo and thank you.
Reviews: 8
Great extension and timely support by Stephane. Highly recommended!
Reviews: 2
I downloaded Falang because I needed it to use with HikaShop. It seems really good. There aren't automatic translations, apart from the basic shopping cart stuff which has been translated by a previous HikaShop user; you translate all the product information yourself so it's done properly as you want and Falang connects the two, or more, language versions. Magic! I had to contact Stephane once and he was helpful and friendly.
Reviews: 3
Very easy to use translation extension. I purchased the standard version which includes 3 months of support and received extremely quick and helpful replies to my emails.

Thank you Stéphane!
Reviews: 2
I use this extension in a lot of Joomla web that I create for my customers and I never have any problem. It's full recommend for translation on Joomla 1.7 and above.

I send an Excelent! :)
The developer send to me that the Joomla 3.0 version will be compatible very soon.

Reviews: 20
This is a fine product for joomla, works and delivers well on this platform just as joomfish,

however K2 is very poorly supported - and i payed good money for two licenses hoping this would be my savior, the program is buggy, for example some of the K2 fields get deleted if you press "apply" and not "save & close",
also it's not compatible with K2store, which is what i bought this for...

All my concerns were emailed and for every mail i got a one sentence reply - "is not supported" or "can't be done". without real answers to my questions... and for some emails i didn't receive any reply, by far my least pleasent experiences dealing with a developer. I am reserved person so i didn't bother to write angry emails, but for a user who bought two licenses within such a short period of time, i would expect more courtesy and attention to my questions,

i made two multilingual k2 sites with store - i'm not a happy puppy, my next project i think i will opt for zoo + zoolingual.
Owner's reply


Sorry i don't remember your mail but :
- K2 is full supported (with tweak for custom fields)
- The 100998 of the community don't have an content elmement for Falang your right.
- There are some extension who can't be translated with Falang because there are not compatible, i can't do nothing for that but generaly i write to the developper to make it compatible.

Best regards,

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